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Second half of the series. In particular, it reveals Ren's secret.

Dogged Persistence
by Estirose
c 2011

It was his choice. His choice and his alone.

Ren knew that he was going to die. Knew that he was going to come to an untimely end. Die before his life was really begun.

So he ran.

Ran from America, ran from his friends and his teachers, ran to Japan where nobody would find him and nobody would bother him.

Ran to where he was a nobody in an amusement park, spending his last days having fun. Making things fun.

He was weakening, yes, he was tiring, yes, but he had to keep going and enjoy life to the fullest. Even if it meant fighting for his life.

It was why he'd been chosen as Ultraman's host, that persistience. And now he had even more reason to fight. To stave off death.

He smiled as he rode his bike.

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