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Author’s note: Takes place in 48. Obviously, spoilers.

Waiting in the Hallway
by Estirose
c 2010

Takeru waited in the hall as Kaoru talked to the others. He had to admit, that it was a good solution – one that would keep the other Shinkengers happy, and one that might save the world.

Kaoru had admitted to him that she hadn’t expected such loyalty to him. Such devotion. Even as the others knew that he was just a poor shadow, someone to keep Kaoru safe, they looked up to him as leader – him, who had tried so valiantly to keep them from being called. He had sworn to her that they would come to love her as they loved him. He just hoped they would be given the time.

She’d looked at him as if he’d been a stupid child, and then proposed what had to be the most shocking decision of all: Takeru would be a Shiba. A true Shiba. The ninteenth lord, a child by adoption. And nobody would be able to argue with it.

And since she was his lady, he’d gone along with it. He’d allowed her to adopt him, allowed her to place his name in the scrolls. Allowed him to be Shinken Red, to lead his vassals into danger, allowed him to do what he’d been born to do, and adopted to give him the power to do.

He looked over at the kuroko, saw the hand signal. Strode forward.

After all, Takeru was truly a Shiba now.

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