So Not The Samurai
By Estirose
C 2009

Chiaki looked around his room that had been given to him when he became a samurai. Not that he really was a samurai; he’d abandoned that training early. He still wasn’t sure what he was doing here, on his so-called lord’s estate, and severing ties with the outside world.

He didn’t like being called. He thought he’d be able to be free of these archaic ideas of lord and retainer. Ryuunosuke’s constant fawning over said “lord” drove him crazy, too.

The kuroko kept his room clean and his clothes neat. They served his meals and assisted him. But he’d trade each and every one of them to go back to his former life where there were no monsters, no demanding lords, no demands for him to be what he wasn’t.

Since there were monsters, though, he couldn’t quit. Abandoned training or not, people needed him. Plus, quitting was for the weak. And he was not going to be weak in front of his so-called “lord”, Takeru.

So Chiaki stayed, as much as he didn’t want to. Because he couldn’t walk away. Because he was needed.

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