The Fine Art of Sushi and Ryuunosuke
by Estirose
c 2009

Takeru sat back and watched as Genta taught Ryuunosuke the fine art of making Sushi. Or rather, tried to teach Ryuunosuke the fine art of making sushi.

Ryuunosuke was many things; a fine actor, a great fighter, an honorable samurai. But while he wasn’t on Mako’s level, Ryuunosuke was no great cook.  Still, Genta was trying, and Ryuunosuke, if a bit flaily, was doing his best to follow Genta’s lead.

Takeru firmly believed that Ryuunosuke could do anything he wanted if he put his mind to it. Ryuunosuke had the drive, and the dramatic personality to go with it.

But as Ryuunosuke dropped the sushi he was working on, Takeru could do nothing but smile a small, private smile.

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