The characters are Saban's, not mine. I am using them without permission.This is one of two vignettes I wrote after seeing "Song Sung Yellow" (probably for the millionth time). It's set before the events of "Song Sung Yellow".

By The Sea
by Estirose

Rocky was late. Probably stopped to have breakfast three times on the way to the ocean, Adam figured. Sometimes he wondered if his friend suffered from tapeworm. Maybe he had a large stomach. He'd be worried more if Rocky suddenly stopped eating.

Adam watched as Tanya gracefully climbed the rocks. He himself was waiting by the car, leaving his beloved to pick the perfect places to shoot her video.

He was supposedly the director, but Tanya had wanted to go alone, so he'd let her. She knew how to defend herself. Had to. Rangers had to know how to fight.

Adam knew he'd been lucky to find her. Lucky to meet her. They would never have met if it weren't for Ranger business. She would have been a great friend in any case.

He hadn't planned on falling in love with her.

Still, he supposed, it was better this way. One less person to lie to. Monster attacks always disrupted their lives. Every so often, they were deliberately designed that way. Destroy the Rangers' personal lives, destroy the Ranger, destroy the team.

He couldn't imagine falling in love with someone normal. Normal as in just worrying about school and whether she was going to make it into Harvard or MIT or someplace else. Not worrying if she was going to survive the next monster attack, or he was, and what cover story he'd have to come up with this time to explain where he'd been.

Sometimes he hated Zordon's rules. Still, would he have noticed Tanya otherwise? He hoped so.

Tanya had replaced one of his best friends on the team. He fully expected to resent her for that, even if it was Aisha who had sent her. Instead, he'd ended up liking her. Helping her when Shawn broke up with her. Ended up falling in love with her. Tanya, with her beautiful eyes, wonderful voice, and ability to fight despite what little training she'd had.

He was so lucky, so lucky to have her by his side. He knew he'd love her, and that she'd love him. They were together.

Tanya came up and sat down beside him.

No words were needed.


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