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Back to Action
by Estirose

They landed.

Jason blinked as the teleport ended. It was dark in the corridor, and it took a few moments to be able to see Tommy as more than a shape. His old friend frowned, looking at the corridor as if he wasn't quite sure of where he was.

"Come on, Jase. We don't have much time."

Tommy walked down the corridor, with Jason following. He wasn't familiar with this portion of the command center, and the speed of the entire thing wasn't allowing him much time to think.

He couldn't believe that all this was happening. He'd arrived back home only yesterday. Today, all he'd planned to do was unpack and get over his jet lag. Yet he couldn't resist the call back.

He was needed. Tommy hadn't had time to fill him in on the details, but it seemed he was the best candidate, Billy seeming to be ineligible. He'd have to get the whole story later. Right now, his friends needed him.

"Let me make sure that everything's all right," Tommy said.

Jason noticed they'd stopped outside a door. Tommy opened it and went through. Tense, worried voices came to him. His teammates to be.

Tommy again. Quiet, reassuring. "The new gold ranger's right here."

That was his cue. Jason stepped through the door, looking around at the room and the people in it.

Zordon and Alpha were there, of course. Tommy, of course. The rest of the team greeted him with smiles, although Billy's looked a bit sad. He recognized Adam and Rocky, who were still on the team. The two girls must have been Tanya and Kat, the new members. The identical triplets that were in the corner were probably Trey.

WELCOME BACK, JASON, Zordon said from his column. It wasn't as big as he remembered. The rest of the team took that as a moment to crowd in and greet him.

"Hey, guys," Tommy said, interrupting the reunion. "Remember what he's here for?"

The rest of the team nodded and fell back. The three Treys stood together, one of them holding a staff casually by his side. The Rangers stood on either side of him.

"Prepare for the transfer of the golden power," one of the Treys said.

Jason stepped forward, looking around at the rest of the team. They seemed so tired, so eager. They probably needed all the help they could get. Which was why he was there. He couldn't back away. He tried to remain as calm as possible. He didn't know what to expect, although it was probably like when his powers had to be transferred. Certainly there was little ceremony when he first became one. He gave a small nod. "I'm ready, guys."

One of the Treys held the staff up. Jason prepared himself to reach for it. Then the alarm sounded. Jason tensed, and released a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding.

"Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!" Alpha exclaimed.

"Man, I don't believe this!" Tommy added.


Jason could practically feel Tommy's hesitation. He knew that Tommy was debating whether to go with only five people, or wait for the powers to transfer. "Go ahead. I'll be there as soon as I can, bro."

Tommy nodded slightly. "You got it. It's morphing time!"

Jason watched as the rest of the Rangers morphed and teleported out. Billy stood next to him. "Are you ready?" Billy asked.

"I think so," Jason replied.

They stood there for a moment in silence.

"Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! Billy, the Rangers are in trouble!"

Billy straightened, all businesslike. "We have to finish the transfer before the golden powers are lost," he said, patting Jason on the back.

Jason stepped forward once more, and the Trey holding the staff raised it upwards again.

One of the Treys spoke. "I, Trey of Courage, give forth the spirit and fortitude the golden power possesses."

"And I, Trey of Heart, embrace you, Jason of Earth, with the kindness and empathy the power holds."

"And I, Trey of Wisdom, place in your hands the knowledge and experience of my people of Triphoria. Use it well."

Jason reached out for the staff, hoping he knew what he was doing. All the good and bad parts of being a Ranger came back to him, the pains and the joys. He hesitated for a moment before grasping the staff.

The power flowed out of the staff, flowing into him. He couldn't really compare it to anything, not even his first morph in the desert nearby. Maybe it was close to that. Maybe. He felt energized, ready to take on the world. "Yeah! I can feel it!"

The Trey holding the staff let go, and the three parts of Trey gathered together. "You now have the power, drawn from all three of my essences. May they aid and protect you in the future."

Jason nodded, feeling honoured to be the recipient. "Thank you for trusting me with them."


"Right," Jason said. This was what he missed. Helping his friends. Helping his planet. "It's been a long time. Back to action!"

He teleported out, ready to fight.


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