Disclaimer: The characters belong to BVE and VRP, not me. Well, maybe the mentioned Sarah does.

Author's Notes: Set in the "Breeze" universe. Thanks to Beth who helped me with this.

Alone in a Crowd
by EstiRose

"Dude, this is, like, the third time you've been sitting here." Dustin dropped down onto the ground to sit by Cam. "Have you even moved?"

"Yes, Dustin, I have moved." Cam's voice was rough and sarcastic. "I just like sitting here."

"Aren't you afraid you'll be hit by someone coming through the portal?"

Cam sighed and put down the device he'd been working on. "Not ever since I rigged up something to beep me when someone comes within a few feet of the waterfall side of the portal."

"Oh, yeah, right. After some of those reporters came close and you had to shut the portal down for a while. Cool with me."

"Thank you."

"So, what'cha working on, man?"

"A project, nothing worth mentioning."

"Dude," Dustin said, raising his eyebrows, "Did your dad eject you out of Ops again? 'Cause I don't think this is really a controlled environment."

"It isn't." Cam looked over at him. "I need to be near the portal because this device affects the portal."

"Hey, as long as I can get back through...." Dustin replied, pointing at a portal.

"Don't worry."

"So, what'cha trying to do?"

"If you must know," Cam said, "I'm trying to create a stable trans-dimensional portal."

"Dude, if you're trying to get to *that* dimension again, you're nuts."

"Maybe I am. At least it'll be quieter."

"Hey, I'm all for some peace and quiet and less reporters, but... you sure you want to go there?"

"Yes," Cam said, picking up the device again. "I want to go somewhere where nobody knows who I am and what I look like. That's rather hard when you're the sixth member of the Ranger team that saved the world."

"Hey, it's not like the rest of us don't have it tough."

"I know, I know. You have to take all of your work home."

"Yeah. And it's not like motocross racing or surfing are nighttime sports. Neither's skateboarding, really. And you *know* how much the reporters want to get a piece of Hunter and Blake. Or Blake and Tori together."

"Yes, I know that everybody wants to know how Blake and Hunter helped defeat the villain who killed their parents."

"Right, dude. So it's not something that the rest of us aren't having happen to us."

"I know. It's just...."

"Hey, as I said, I understand." Dustin smiled. "It's just... I'm getting a little worried about you."

"Nothing to worry about," Cam said. "I did this all the time when I got tired of staring at Ops walls, before Lothor came. Dad can tell you all about it."

"Right, dude. Just remember to come in when it rains."

Cam rolled his eyes and when back to what he was doing, while Dustin got up. "See you later, dude."

* * *

"Anyone notice that Cam's been spending a lot of time around the portal lately?" Dustin asked the assembled Ranger team. The five of them had taken to hanging out at the restored Academy, the only place where they really had any peace.

"He has," Blake confirmed. "Sensei's been putting me on lunch runs every day for the last few weeks. He's told me this is normal for Cam, but I have to wonder."

"Not just you," Hunter said. "Sensei's finding excuses for me to go out there too every day, probably to check on Cam. I can't even get him to tell me what's going on. I wonder what he's building?"

"Trans-dimensional portal device, he said," Dustin put in. At his teammates looks, he added, "That's what he said!"

"How'd you get that out of him? I've been asking him for weeks!" Hunter exclaimed. "Every time I go out there, he just mutters."

"Right place at the right time, dude," Dustin said. "Guess he wanted to tell somebody."

Hunter just shook his head.

"So... Cam's trying to go to another dimension." Shane randomly peeled an orange. "He say where?"

"Only one place we know of," Tori answered.

"Dude, given the last two times, I don't believe he wants to go!"

Tori just looked at him. "Why not? There, he's just a face in a crowd. Here...." She grasped Blake's hand.

"Still, somebody should keep an eye on him," Hunter said.

Shane smiled. "How about you?"

Hunter smiled back. "Why not?"

"Dude, like he'll want to have someone hanging around him," Dustin said. "I mean, he wouldn't even tell you what he was working on!"

"And he does talk to you better than he does with anyone else," Tori said. "Despite how you met."

"Yeah, major bad first impression, dude," Dustin said. "Major not good taking him hostage and then kidnapping his dad."

"He and I had a nice little talk before Blake and I joined the team," Hunter said. "We're cool now."

"Cool enough to not have him mind looking over his shoulder?" Shane asked. He looked over at Hunter in concern. "If Cam doesn't want to be a people person, he's really not a people person."

"I know," Hunter said, "And I know that. I'll try not to be obtrusive." He smiled, getting up and heading off in Cam's direction.

* * *

"Hey, Cam," Hunter said.

Cam looked up in annoyance. "Hunter. Did Dustin send you?"

"Kinda," Hunter said. "You could say that I got elected to speak for the rest of the team."

Cam sighed and closed his computer. "And what does the 'rest of the team' want?"

"Make sure you remember to eat, drink, and sleep."

"Hunter, I'm not that obsessed," Cam said, wrinkling his nose. "You and Dustin have just never known me when I was putting the technology together that you guys used every day. This is normal."

"That was before you had teammates," Hunter countered. "Cam, the six of us have gone through so much together? you've gone through a lot with us before you even became a Ranger. We get worried."

"You get worried, you mean," Cam countered.

"Yeah," Hunter said, "But I'm not the only one." He reached for a dead branch nearby and started playing with it.

Cam shook his head. "What will it take for you guys to realize that I'm okay? That I don't need a babysitter?"

"I don't know," Hunter said honestly. "Would you mind moving in with me and Blake?"

"Into your quarters?" Cam asked with surprise. Since the Thunder Academy had yet to be rebuilt, the Thunders were still living in the Ops guest quarters.

"Yeah. We do have some room," Hunter said. "There's a place to put a cot and everything."

"Are you asking me to be more social?" Cam asked.

"Yeah, but I know you're not exactly one of the social types." Hunter grinned. "So? maybe a few days' sleepover?"

Cam sighed. "And that will make you happy?"

"It wouldn't hurt," Hunter said. "Plus, maybe it'll give you a chance to know you a little better. You gotta admit, even as a Ranger you've been kind of an enigma. Never mind that you were support staff before that."

"Right," Cam said. He made a face.

"Come on, it won't be so bad," Hunter told him.

"Famous last words."

* * *

"So, dude, what'd he say?" Dustin wanted to know.

"He's agreed to sleeping over- I'm still hoping he'll move in permanently."

Shane paced. "We don't really need to babysit him all the time. Just remind him to eat his veggies."

"Right," Hunter said. "Sensei said that Cam cooks for himself a lot. That Cam's a better cook than Sensei is. It's just when he forgets to cook that's what we have to watch out for."

"Cam *cooks*," Dustin said, looking like he couldn't believe his ears.

"Ask Sensei," Hunter told him defensively.

"Uh, no, I trust you, dude," Dustin said, holding up his hands. "So, when's the sleepover?"

"Soon as I can find a cot and get Cam moved in." Hunter smiled again.

* * *

Cam sighed as he packed up. Sure, his quarters were near the ones that Blake and Hunter shared. Sure, he wasn't going far. But it was daunting.

He'd never shared a room. He'd been an only child, and found being solitary preferable to being with people. And with Hunter and Blake? Well, at least they weren't Dustin. And Tori wasn't allowed alone in the room with Blake. Cam didn't know how much relationship he could take when he couldn't get away from it.

"Cam, you ready?" Hunter asked.

"Just about," Cam said.

"Don't worry," Hunter said. "We've gotten used to each other. What can go wrong?"

"You have to ask?" Cam muttered. He finished packing the clothes he needed.

* * *

It wasn't just a cot. It was a second bunk bed.

The room that Hunter and Blake shared was relatively large. Still, stuffing a second bunk bed in seemed ridiculous. "Why the second bunk?" he asked Hunter.

"Well, I'm hoping that you kinda like it," Hunter admitted sheepishly.

Cam rolled his eyes. "Hunter...."

"Okay, it's a foolish hope. But give us a few days." He indicated the desk. "I know you like to spend a lot of time sitting down, and...."

"Thanks," Cam said. Maybe the next few days wouldn't be too bad after all.

* * *

"Cam, what are you doing?" Hunter asked. It was three am, and Cam had woken up unexpectedly with some inspiration on another project that had been driving him batty.


"At three AM?"

"Hunter, you wanted to get to know me. This is me. I get up at odd hours of the morning and code."

"Oh, you mean like someone who's inspired to write at odd hours of the morning."

"Exactly." Cam stretched. "I'm going to be up for a while. Get back to sleep."

"Okay." Hunter paused. "Uh, Cam?"


"I can see why you don't live with a roommate."

* * *

The Rangers, sans Cam, were sitting together over the breakfast table. "So, how's the Cam project going?" Tori asked.

"Hey, he's an okay roommate," Blake answered. "Not the most social, though. He was up before me, and I got up at 5 this morning."

"Must not have gotten back to sleep," Hunter mused. Blake just looked at him.

"What do you mean?" Shane asked.

Hunter shrugged and sipped at his orange juice. "Cam. I woke up around 3am, and there he was, sitting at the desk, coding like crazy. He has the world's quietest keyboard."

"Yeah, he showed me it a few months ago," Blake said. "He'd spilled some juice on it."

When four sets of eyes riveted on his face, he added, "It was this keyboard - kind of a travel keyboard - where you could spill juice or food on it and it wouldn't kill it, because all the keys were coated in plastic. I asked him to let me plug it into the computer in our room. I never got the hang of typing on it, but it was really, really silent. I bet he was using it last night so he wouldn't wake me or Hunter up."

"I woke up anyway," Hunter said.

"Well, you're not the world's heaviest sleeper, either, bro," Blake said. "I don't think he could find a keyboard quiet enough for your sensitive ears."

Hunter playfully hit his brother. "I resemble that remark."

"So, *anybody* seen Cam today?" Shane asked.

The others shook their heads.

"I'll go find him," Hunter volunteered.

"Dude," Dustin said, "Cam takes 'avoiding people' to a new level of art."

"Plus," Blake added, "Somebody had breakfast before me this morning. Sensei wasn't up yet, so...."

"Got it," Hunter said. "Hope he shows up for lunch. Or dinner."

"Dinner, most like," Blake said. "You ever noticed he knows these woods *really* well?"

"Well, he did kinda grow up here," Dustin said.

"Right," Shane said, shrugging. "If he doesn't show up for dinner, *then* we'll worry."

* * *

"Cam still bothering you?" Tori asked lightly as Hunter rounded the area of the invisible Portal.

"Lack of Cam," Hunter said. "I don't know why, but I feel like he needs protecting." He kicked up a leaf, as if checking to see if their missing teammate and computer genius was hiding under it.

"He doesn't," Tori said. "You know as well as I do that Cam can take care of himself."

"I know!" Hunter declared. "It's just that... I can't seem to get that through my head."

"Because the first time you met him," Tori said, "You caught him and held him hostage."

"Right!" Hunter exclaimed. "I know that Cam's older than I am, but ever since that day, he's always seemed like he needed protecting. Like he's younger than he is. So I've been treating him like a younger brother - younger than Blake, even - ever since. I know he hates that sometimes, but it's... it's how I think of him."

Tori nodded. "It didn't occur to us that Cam knew how to fight until after you guys left the first time."

"Oh, yeah, the plant monster. Shane told us about that." Hunter sat down. "I remember, when Blake and I came to Ops the first time, how fast Shane pushed Cam behind the three of you." He smiled sheepishly. "To think I thought he was defenseless because we caught him by surprise...."

"If you hadn't, you'd have known earlier than we did that he could fight," Tori said. "He wasn't precisely Mr. Social in those days."

"He isn't really Mr. Social now," Hunter said. "But he's trying. Now that we're his friends instead of the Rangers he has to support, he's eased up. Just not enough."

"I don't think he ever will," Tori said sadly.

"No," Hunter agreed. "Cam reminds me of one of Sensei Amano's students when Blake and I were kinda young. If it was the weekend, or some parts of the year, she used to be really friendly to us. The rest of the year, especially December, we barely got a word out of her. We accepted that as part of who she was."

"What happened to her?" Tori asked, sensing the past tense in Hunter's tone.

"She got shot," Hunter said, simply and sadly. "She was a post office employee, and someone shot her. All her Ninja skills were impressive... she saved a lot of people... but at the cost of her own life." He shook his head. "It was difficult for her to get to classes, but I think being a Ninja, training as one, helped her remain sane. She said that training at the Thunder Academy gave her the worldview she needed to get on with the outside world. I miss her."

Tori placed a hand on Hunter's shoulder. "I bet you do."

"It's not that I'm worried that Cam will do something like that," Hunter said quickly. "It's just that he reminds me of her. I learned later that the reason she was so distant during December was because of Christmas. I never thought of that because... well, neither my foster parents nor Sensei Amano celebrated Christmas."

"Neither does Cam," Tori said.

Hunter nodded, not wanting to discuss it further. "I just hope that he's okay."

"He will be," Tori said, "Because he knows we'll all be there for him. Even if I have to smack Shane and Dustin over the head a few more times."

Hunter chuckled.

"Well, sometimes those two *so* deserve it," Tori told her teammate.

Hunter nodded. "Sometimes I feel the need to thunk Cam a few times over the head, too. Of course, he's the one that forgets to eat and types at 3 am. I don't care if he has the world's quietest keyboard or not...."

"Hey, hey," Tori said, holding up her hands. "This is Cam, he's eight years your elder."

"So?" Hunter asked.

"He so doesn't like mother henning."

"Well, if he...."

"Hunter," Tori said firmly. "*Let Cam be.* If you annoy him, he'll withdraw."

Hunter looked ready to argue, then paused. "You're right. I'll have to give him some space. I just worry about him."

"He's not as vulnerable as you think, Hunter."

Hunter crossed his arms. "I hope not."

* * *

Cam returned back to the main Academy grounds after a quiet, restful afternoon of programming. He thought he might have found a key to the portal, but it was hard to test so far away from the portal location. For that, he'd have to expose himself. At least in the metaphorical sense.

Having teammates could be irritating. Unfortunately, Rangers *had* teammates. Invaluable in battle, but sometimes... well, he wished Shane hadn't insisted on team bonding exercises. Or that Hunter hadn't dragged him to them.

Oddly enough, he'd gotten used to Tori. Mainly because she seemed to have the most sense of the bunch. Shane and Dustin... took a little longer, but not too offensive. Not most of the time. Unless Shane was feeling leaderly, or Dustin being a total goof. Then he had to separate himself from them.

Blake... apart from that one love spell, he was okay. He was Hunter's shadow, Tori's boyfriend... the charismatic one of the Thunders. He barely registered sometimes, because he seemed to always be with Hunter or Tori.

And then there was Hunter. The one who had, upon joining the Winds, had immediately 'adopted' him. He knew it was because of how they'd met.

He had not expected the enemy to infiltrate Ninja Ops, and especially not because of Tori. But he should have. He'd been returning from the storage room with a replacement part for the Ops computer when he'd been confronted by the figure in Crimson. He'd tried for a few kicks, but the confined space and his surprise had prevent him from doing much more than that, and he was soon being hustled out to the main part of Ops. Navy had been standing there, blocking his view of his father.

"Hold onto him," Crimson had told Navy. "I want to restrain him so he doesn't cause us any problems. He's weak, but...."

"Right," Navy had said. The other Thunder Ranger had held him while Crimson restrained him in some way. He hadn't known how... he had just been unable to separate his wrists until the Winds had arrived to rescue him.

Hunter had pretty much adopted him after that. Oh, he'd been careful not to show it, but Cam had known. He had seen Hunter acting towards him in the same way that Hunter acted towards Blake.

At least it hadn't been until the end that he formally adopted Cam as a brother. A third Bradley. Blake and Hunter's younger brother, Cam's protests notwithstanding.

He liked Hunter, but sometimes he really wanted to tell the Thunder Ranger where to stick it. Especially with this new phase of 'turn Cam into a Bradley'. He knew only too well that Hunter wanted to make things formal.

Sometimes he wished Hunter would channel his insecurities somewhere else. Like not at him. But that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. And it seemed the more Cam ran, the more Hunter worried.

The more the team worried, true, but Hunter was the worst. Shane and Dustin wouldn't worry about him anyway. Tori knew when to stay away. Blake would follow Tori or Hunter.

It was a good afternoon to talk sense into Hunter.

"Hunter?" The voice was Cam's, but slightly hesitant, as if Cam was having second thoughts about addressing the elder Bradley brother. He relaxed against the couch in the shared living room.

Hunter swung around. "What's up?" he asked, getting up as he saw the other approaching.

"I wanted to talk to you," Cam replied. He held his laptop at his side. To surprise Hunter even further, Cam dropped down in the chair next to Hunter's.

Hunter sat down. "You want to talk to *me*? What for?"

"I just want to talk," Cam said, placatingly.

"You know, Cam, when you say that, I worry." He couldn't help it; Cam *never* came to the eldest of the trio for just a talk.

"That's what I wanted to talk about," Cam said. He adjusted his glasses. "Your worry fits."

"Worry fits?" Hunter asked, swearing that Cam looked sane. Yep, combed hair, tidy glasses, morpher around neck... Cam looked sane. "I don't have worry fits."

"Yes, you do," Cam shot back. "You have abandonment issues."

"What?" Hunter asked. "Okay, you've been overworking. Let's take you inside. You'll feel better in the morning." He got up again, vaguely aware that the other could take him on and win easily.

"And that's exactly what I was talking about," Cam said, not getting up. It was as if he was standing his ground while sitting down. "I know you mean well, and so do the others, but I did get through most of my life without teammates... or adopted brothers."

"How did you ever manage?" Hunter asked, with a touch of humor.

"Very well, thank you," Cam said.

"I still managed to get the best of you way back when," Hunter offered. "Y'know, when I was still in my 'easily-suggestible phase', as you called it."

"You mean your 'duped by Lothor' phase," Cam said mildly. It was hard for Hunter to decipher his expression, but Hunter tried.

"Hey, we were upset, and Lothor knew exactly how to play us," Hunter said. "We admit it was really stupid that we would believe the guy whose army eradicated our academy." He paused, remembering what it was like. "I ever tell you how it was when we got taken out of those bubbles?"

"Vaguely," Cam said. "You got taken out of those bubbles, and next thing you knew, Lothor was persuading you that my father had killed your parents."

"Sort of," Hunter admitted. He closed his eyes, remembering when the world had shimmered back into being. "Choobo was the one who let us out of the bubbles. He gave us some water, tried to seem sympathetic. I suppose the water was drugged or something, 'cause the next thing I remember is that Lothor was smiling at me, and Choobo was urging us to listen to him. And then Lothor went on about how the sensei of the Wind Academy had gone after our parents because he hated the Thunder academy and its graduates... his eyes kinda went pupil-less, but I must have been under the influence of something, 'cause that didn't seem strange at all."

"And that's when you started thrashing the Winds?" Cam asked, seemingly fascinated despite himself.

"They were our enemy at the time," Hunter said. "Besides, we made a bargain, and I like to honor my bargains."

Cam nodded. "I know."

"So, you were saying?" Hunter asked. "About managing without brothers or teammates."

"I said that I was doing it very well before I became a Ranger," Cam said dryly.

"You just didn't know what you were missing," Hunter said to him. "Look, Cam, the road known as life is a whole lot easier when you have someone to do it with. I don't think I would have done so well if I hadn't had Blake, and vice versa."

"*I* did," Cam repeated. "Look, I'm glad that you and Blake get along so well, and I can somewhat put up with being adopted. But it's not going to change me, Hunter. I am who I am."

"If you were someone different," Hunter replied, "Then you wouldn't be Cam." He looked at the brother he'd informally adopted seriously. "Let me be a big brother for a while, all right?"

"Hunter, that's exactly what I don't need right now," Cam said, exasperated. "I don't need to have a big brother. What I need is an escape."

"From what?" Hunter asked, mystified.

"Out there," Cam said, indicating the forest with the city beyond. "I want to walk down a street without anybody recognizing me. You know what happened the last time I went out with Sarah? She may not have cared that I'm famous, but the press does!"

"So? We all have to put up with the press," Hunter pointed out. "And the rest of us have to finish out the school year, don't forget. You think being famous is bad? Try being a teenager and being famous."

"I know," Cam said. "Look, I didn't mean to say that the five of you don't have your own problems. It's just... if you haven't noticed, the Winds practically live here now. It's getting crowded."

"We have plenty of rooms, since the Academy building returned more or less intact," Hunter said. "It's not like we're all living with you."

"It feels like it," Cam grumped.

Hunter leaned forward. "Look, we're all gonna have to live with being famous. You too. Until everything dies down, why not spend time with people who know you so well? It's not like we're going to invade your privacy."

Cam looked over at Hunter suddenly. "That's the problem."

"What's the problem?" Hunter asked. "Look, dude, you've got me totally confused here."

The Samurai looked over at the plant. "Hunter, you had a lot of friends growing up, right?"

Hunter thought about all the people that he had known growing up. "Not really."

This seemed to throw Cam off a little bit. "So, who did you have?" he asked.

"A lot of acquaintances. Blake was the kid who charmed everybody out of their trees; I was just his broody older brother. It wasn't until I got on this team that I had anybody really close; wasn't my style."

Cam nodded, as if in acknowledgment. "So it was just you and Blake, growing up."

"Yep," Hunter answered. "Blake helped me get through everything, and I helped him. Brothers help each other, y'know?"

"I noticed," Cam said dryly. "You're real close."

Hunter nodded. "Yeah. Got a point?"

"Just that you two are used to being with each other. You're each others' best friends. You grew up together. Same for Shane, Tori, and Dustin. They've been friends for what seems like forever."

"Yeah," Hunter said, "And so?"

"Have you ever heard the term 'fifth wheel'?"

"Yeah," Hunter said. "Have Blake and I been making you feel like one?" He examined Cam carefully with his eyes.

"No," Cam admitted. "Nor have Shane or Tori or Dustin."

"So, why do you feel like a fifth wheel?" Hunter asked. "I mean, you're part of our team. You shouldn't feel like you're not a part of it."

Cam fiddled with a remote. "Introverts gather energy when they're alone. Extroverts gather energy when they're with other people."

"Okay," Hunter said, inspiration hitting him over the head with a sledgehammer. "Are you saying that we're crowding you?"

The look in Cam's eyes confirmed he was right. "I'm an introvert, Hunter. I have to be alone, be away from people. I don't mind being with the team, but that's why I didn't want to be moved in with you and Blake. I need my space. I need my room. And I need time to be away from people. I understand you're concerned, but...."

"But?" Hunter couldn't resist asking.

"Don't hover. Any of you."

"Is this an only child thing?" Hunter asked. "Don't know how to share your toys?"

"If I didn't know how to share," Cam shot back, "We wouldn't be here."

"Touche," Hunter said. "So, is it an only child thing?"

"No, it's a *me* thing," Cam answered stridently. "I'm a Ranger because I wanted to be a Ranger. Doesn't automatically mean I want to spend all my time around my teammates, unlike you and the others."

Hunter shrugged. "Get used to it. It's gonna be a while before the press goes away."

"It doesn't mean you need to be in my face," Cam said, getting up and starting to pace. "Look, I don't mean I'm not social. I just need to have a lot of alone time. I'm not saying that I'm going to avoid people. I just need to be alone, to concentrate. It's not wrong, it's just me."

"So, what do you want?" Hunter asked.

"It's pretty simple," Cam replied. "I'll be social when I want to be."

"At least surface for meals," Hunter wheedled. "Otherwise I reserve the right to show up with a plate."

"If you didn't," Cam said, "You wouldn't be Hunter." He sat back down again. "I can do meals if you'll leave me alone for the rest of the time."

Hunter smiled. "Deal."

* * *

"So, what'd you have to do?" Shane wanted to know as the five of them relaxed on Academy grounds, at an informal picnic lunch.

"He does whatever he wants to do, we leave him alone, I bring him lunch if he's feeling anti-social, and he eats with us if he doesn't," Hunter answered. "Hoping that he'll decide to be more social. If not... well, he wouldn't be Cam if...."

"He wasn't a smart-mouthed loner," Shane finished, the corners of his mouth quirking up in a small smile.

"Hey, Cam can be a neat guy... he just isn't *like* us, and all he wants is us to respect that." Hunter shrugged. "We might never understand him, but at least we can try. It's either that or lose him."

"You mean he'll withdraw," Tori said, nodding as if in understanding.

"Exactly," Hunter said. "We'll just have to see how everything goes. Maybe he will find a way into a new dimension."

"Hey, just as long as he takes us with us," Dustin said, muching on a sandwich and talking between bites.

"You mean 'us with him'," Blake said to him.

"Mh-hum," Dustin said, mouth full.

"It would be kinda nice to go on a date with my girlfriend without having to avoid the press."

"I'd just like a safe place to hang around than here," Tori said. "We can find our own private place."

Blake nodded. "Sure, but I'd like to see a move in the theatre, not on video for once."

"And if anybody can open a portal there, It's Cam," Hunter reminded them.

"So, leave Cam alone?" Shane asked.

Hunter nodded. "Agreed?"

Four heads nodded, and Hunter leaned back. Maybe he had Cam's measure this time, maybe he didn't. They'd all have to see.


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