I already wished Bear a happy birthday, but I thought I might write a bit of (belated) birthday fic for him as well. Or at least I’d try to. He and some others introduced me to this lovely manga called +Anima.

An Eye for an Idiot
by Estirose
c 2010

Husky swam down in the river, partly looking for fish, partly to get away from Cooro. His companion… well, Cooro might have rescued him, but he still somewhat resented being with the other +Anima.

When he’d dreamed of being rescued, he had thought it would be wonderful. He’d be swept away by someone who knew what they were doing, had the maturity to understand what he needed. Someone who he could trust not to keep him like the Ringmaster had.

Instead, he’d gotten noisy Cooro. Cooro, who made wacky plans and rescued him by flying away. And then practically dropping him! Cooro, who had more enthusiasm than common sense. The crow +Anima didn’t seem like he had a care in the world, unlike Husky. Husky could see he’d have to be the practical one until he found someone who would take Cooro off his hands.

Which might be easier said than done. Too many would exploit a +Anima, and he wasn’t going to leave Cooro in the hands of someone like that. He wouldn’t repay what Cooro had done with slavery.

He sighed internally. It would be so much easier if they could find an older +Anima, but he wasn’t going to get that lucky, was he?

So, gathering fish, he hoped that maybe Cooro would calm down after they ate.