I wrote this and posted it on my Dreamwidth, but this is a slightly expanded version. It's AU to some of the events of the "All My Lullabies" series, and is a quick idea of what Hanako would do if Gai got disillusioned and showed up on her doorstep.

Dead Women Tell No
by Estirose
c 2011

Hanako's surprised when he shows up shortly before she goes to bed. She doubted that he'd ever come back again, not after what happened, but he's there at her doorstep. "I need your help," he says. His scarf is in disarray, and it's clear he left ship in a hurry.
"Gai?" she asked. "What's the matter?"
Her nephew looks at her with red-rimmed eyes. "It doesn't matter. Can you get me to safety?"
What had they done to him, finally, to make him lose faith? She's not sure she wants to know. "They'll track you down. They did before."
"I made sure they can't." He looks at her, and she realizes he knows the dangers of this as well as she does. She knows that she'll be the first one they go to after he goes missing, even if - especially if - they can't track him. "Everything they used... I left on board ship. I wanted to make sure they couldn't find me."
"I'll do what I can." This is her area of expertise, and she'll do it well. She has false documents, always has, just in case. She won't ask questions that Gai won't answer. "How long do you think it'll be before they find you?"
"I don't think they'll look until late morning. I, um, sleep late."
She nods. "That'll give me time then." They'll come looking, but it'll be delayed by them assuming that he's out for a walk until they realize he's missing. She realizes after a few minutes that one of the things that Gai must have left behind is his transformation device, and her heart sinks. To see him give up his dream for this... even as she doesn't want him in danger, she wishes it wasn't happening.
She sends him off on a train early the next morning, hoping that the money will get him far away from where his former teammates would ever look. She's done it before. She hoped she never had to, for him.
She almost welcomes when his teammates arrive. Almost welcomes their sabers. A dead woman can't tell tales, after all. Even as his captain barks at her, she refuses to answer, thinking of how far he is, how safe he is.
Hanako might never see him again, but it's worth it to keep him safe.

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