Believe in Some Way
By EstiRose
C 2011

He was so useless.
Gai leaned on the bridge railing, staring at the water below. He'd always dreamed of being part of a Sentai team, finally gotten his wish, and what had happened? One mishap after another. It was hard being on a team and having to let them down, be the weak one in their chain. Sometimes he had to wonder if things would have been better if he'd let Marvelous have the Cellular and returned to his normal life.
Sure, he was a good fighter, but not without his device, which currently sat in an Action Commander's stomach. And even if he got it back, he was quickly beginning to see that he was of absolutely no use to his teammates. Marvelous-san knew it too, because Gai was still an apprentice, not a full pirate.
And what had his choices gotten him? A price on his head from an intergalactic empire and a team that would be better without him. Maybe letting him be crew was a mistake on Marvelous-san's end.
He had every confidence that his team would get the GokaiCellular back for him; that's what good guys did, after all, and his team were good people despite everything. After that was done, he'd make sure they had somebody compentent. Somebody who was not him.
He suddenly wondered if there was a way to find Hyuuga.
Then he tried to imagine Hyuuga living with a bunch of young, impetuous space pirates. Even if he'd make a wicked GokaiSilver.
And Gai would still be wanted. He'd still die if the Zangyack caught him. Morbidly, he wondered how they executed those they wanted dead.
Gai wasn't suicidal; he very much wanted to live. But he also wanted his home and team to live.
Maybe he'd get better. He'd have to get better, be less of a fail and a better pirate and everything, but it was hard. It was hard to believe that he could be the Sentai member that he'd always wanted to be.
He took a deep breath. Yes, that was it. He'd get better. He'd make it. Even if it was hard to believe, he'd make things better. He couldn't fail. He'd get through it somehow.
Somehow. He'd believe, because he couldn't not believe. Couldn't not go on, even if he hurt. Even if he was failing, he wouldn't give up. Even if he felt like it so much at the moment.
Sighing, he straightened up, hoping that he'd find some way to believe again.

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