Note: Somebody, somewhere, requested a fic of Luka with a crew of Ahim and Don, instead of the entire Gokaiger crew. My imagination ran away with me and gave me this.

Little Luxuries
by Estirose
c 2011

Luka stretched, luxuriating in the feel of being on her own, free, and having her own ship. It felt so good, being able to travel wherever and whenever she wanted, to take what she wanted, and live her life in the way it should be.

She walked into the main room. Ahim was already up and having tea, while Luka’s servant Don set up breakfast. Luka had picked them up on different worlds, first Don, then Ahim. They were little luxuries, the two of them, but Luka certainly enjoyed someone else doing the cooking, and Ahim was certainly a good enough bedmate. She gave Ahim a quick kiss before looking over at Don.

“Good morning, Captain,” Don said, giving her a smile. She didn’t pay him in anything other than room and board, and maybe a small trinket or two, but he never complained. He seemed to be perfectly content making sure the ship stayed in order and that she and Ahim had enough to eat. It was simple to keep Don happy, and cheap, and while she’d always look out for herself first, she kept him happy too.

“Good morning, Don.” She mentally noted with some amusement that Ahim was rubbing off on her, or at least her manners. “What’s for breakfast?”

As Don proudly listed what there was, Luka listened with half an ear, paying attention to the other member of her crew. Ahim sat attentively, listening to Don with more interest than Luka herself was. She was a good partner to Luka, more than Luka had thought. Ahim might have been a princess at some point, but she’d adapted to the life of a pirate with amazing ease. Luka didn’t need a partner, but if she’d had, it would have been Ahim.

But having a partner meant sharing her treasure, and Luka wasn’t going to do that. And it wasn’t like Ahim minded. She was content to take tea and gaze out the window. Maybe sometimes ask for something princess-y, but those were few and far between, and they were why Ahim got more treasure than Don did. Ahim might have been a gentlewoman, but at least she didn’t grab Luka’s arm when she freaked out like Don did. Of course, Don was quite good with his guns, so that made up for his other issues. Plus, he made a mean meal.

Both he and Ahim were adaptable, flexible. They were good people, a good crew if that’s what others wanted to call them. Luka sometimes wondered what things would be like if there were more people on the huge ship, but then she reminded herself that she couldn’t have things the way she wanted. Which was much, much more important.

She took the food, ate it, enjoyed their company. There was all the time she wanted for daring adventures and wonderful treasures, and sometimes even a pirate needed a bit of peace and quiet.

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