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The Important Things
by Estirose
c 2006

Godai loved trees.

Okay, he loved pretty much anything, he had to admit. That's because when nature was happy, people were happy.

He waved at Ichijou, who he'd persuaded to take a few moments away from his police work, though he knew the police might call the detective back at any time.

So best to make his friend's spare time as happy as possible. He'd made lunch, good lunch for the detective that sometimes forgot to eat. He'd eaten before he'd met Ichijou at the park; sometimes the Belt was a mixed blessing when it came to his metabolism, and no need to alarm the detective about it. Ichijou worried enough about him.

If Tsubaki hadn't already told Ichijou about his increased metabolism and Ichijou was just pretending... no, Ichijou wouldn't do that.

He picked up a trio of leaves. Red and green and yellow. Changes, inevitable, pretty changes. He picked up some more, gathering quite a collection by the time he returned to Ichijou. The police detective looked at him questioningly, but he merely smiled and started to arrange the fallen leaves in decorative patterns. Green *here*, red *here*, yellow *here*, brown *over here*. Just the right colors in the right places.

"So what are you going to do with it when you're done?" Ichijou asked suddenly.

Godai shrugged. The end result wasn't important; the colors were. The colors were what made his improvised collage special. He was aware that the police detective was regarding him with a confused look, but he also knew that Ichijou would file it mentally as a 'Godai thing'. "I don't know."

Ichijou was still watching him, still trying to figure him out. But Godai knew what was important, and someday he hoped Ichijou would too.

Red. Green. Yellow. Brown. Colors. Things that made people smile.

Those were the important things.


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