Listening & Trying
by EstiRose

Zero One had saved them again.

Keita had to admit that when he started with Under Anchor, he hadn’t expected to befriend the cellphone, though maybe “befriend” was perhaps the wrong word. Zero-One was very independent, and Keita often didn’t understand how the being thought.

At least Zero One was hanging around now, though sometimes the cellphone liked causing stress in Keita’s life. Keita wondered if the cellphone enjoyed provoking reactions, or if he – for he did think of Zero One as a “he” – was expecting to be betrayed again.

Slowly, Zero One was becoming part of Under Anchor again, though grudgingly both on his end and Under Anchor’s. In the meantime, at least he was listening. Trying. Not giving up. Yet.

Keita was grateful that the cellphone was at least somewhat on their side.

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