I saw this in the FAB watchlist, and got instant plot bunny. Oh, and yes, Natsuki is definitely a girl in some ways.

That Time of Month
by Estirose
c 2008

"Masumi, Natsuki is bleeding!" The exclamation came from behind a big rock, which Masumi was studiously avoiding peeking behind. Natsuki hadn't been feeling so well, and she'd suddenly felt the need to change her clothes, and he wasn't looking when she did that.

"Bleeding? Where?" Some injury that he hadn't noticed, or something else? He felt... well, not precisely responsible for Natsuki, but it helped when she stayed healthy.

"Between Natsuki's legs," Natsuki whined. "Natsuki didn't think she hurt herself right there!"

"Um." Masumi had a vague idea of what she was talking about, but if it was what he was thinking of, he had no clue about how to deal with it. And asking Natsuki would be useless; he hadn't known her for a month, and he hoped that if it had happened in her memory, she would have known what to do. "Does it hurt?"

"A little," Natsuki said. "Masumi, Natsuki doesn't know what happened."

"It's... um...." He tried to figure out what to say that didn't sound entirely stupid. "It's a girl thing." At least that's what he hoped it was; he didn't know how well Natsuki would take to seeing a doctor.

"A girl thing?" Natsuki asked. He could almost see the frown that came through in her tone. "It's a bad girl thing."

"Um. I don't know," Masumi said. "I think it'll stop in a few days." This was not something he thought he'd ever have to worry about. Rescuing Natsuki had definitely made things more complicated.

"But Natsuki wants it to stop now!" Okay, now she was probably pouting. Masumi had a vague idea that there were things to stop Natsuki's clothing from being soiled, and there was birth control, but he had no idea who to ask, and no clue on how to explain that Natsuki didn't know what being a girl meant.

Masumi pinched his nose. "Natsuki, I don't know how to make it stop." That was probably cold comfort, but he really didn't. "But I do know it will go away. Eventually. We'll just ask someone about what you need to do, okay?"

"Okay, Masumi," Natsuki said, sounding a bit relieved at his answer. And he would ask, because if he didn't, she would keep complaining. And he just wasn't that good at girl things.

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