Note: For the Toku Prompt-A-Thon, prompt 45 (Souta from a catseye point of view - what's it like for Miu to be Boukenblue's pet after briefly being human?)

The Cat Has What She Wants
by Estirose
c 2007

Miyu had no regrets about what had happened.

Yes, she missed her hands, sometimes. But then again, with hands had brought complexity into her life, brought strangeness into her life. Yes, she had been able to help Souta out - but she was not a human, and she realized that.

And she certainly didn't regret having a warm home and a loving friend. All of her needs were taken care of, and if she couldn't go out - well, she didn't regret that. Outside had been wet, and cold, and though she survived she'd longed for warmth and friendship. Someone to look after her.

She swished her tail, curling up on the bed that he'd left neatly tucked, smoothing the bedcover slightly. Souta never minded that she curled up on his bed instead of her own. Souta was truly a blessing.

When she'd come to live with him, he'd rearranged his own room for her furniture, stuff that he'd bought for her. For several weeks, he'd come home with multiple varieties of cat food, trying to find one she'd liked. A litter box was placed in one corner, screened for her privacy. As a cat, she really didn't care; as a former human she appreciated Souta's touch.

Yes, his room wasn't as big as the wide world outside. But it was comfortable, and it was hers as well as his. She had toys to play with, a place where no cars would attack her, no dogs, no dangers. He petted her, played with her, and made her feel like she was the world to him.

Sometimes, he would take her out to the common room when nobody else - or nearly nobody else - was around. She'd bounce up and down the stairs, run around, and get her exercise. Not that she couldn't get her exercise in his room, but the common room had more variety. Plus, the other Boukenger, for the most part, liked her too. And she was conscious about being well-behaved in their presence.

Everybody adored her, Souta fed her and kept her safe and made her loved. What more could a cat ask for? Yes, there was the visit to the 'vet', which Miyu tolerated; after all, Souta had to go to the doctor too, and nobody before had cared whether she was healthy or not. And she'd had one litter of kittens, so somehow, it didn't seem too bad that she wouldn't have any more. The human in her said that one litter for a cat was good, and her cat-self had no reason to disagree.

It was funny, how her cat-self and her human-self had made her a different being. She would not have been as appreciative of what Souta had offered if she hadn't been human. Yes, she loved him for helping her, but now, she loved him even more, for she knew even more.

She just hoped he wouldn't die out there, fighting the Negative Syndicates. Because that would be terrible, to find someone who loved her and then lose him. Sure, the Boukenger would find some way to keep her, but it wouldn't be the same without Souta. And if the whole team was lost?

Miyu didn't even want to think about it.

So she curled up on the cover, purred with contentment, and waited for him to come back. Because he would, if she believed it. Strange things happened, after all.

After all, she had become a human, and then a cat, and found a person. And that's all Miyu had ever wanted.


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