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Author's Note: This takes place during third season. Don't ask me when....

Late Visit
by Selma McCrory
copyright 1999

I woke from a dream of burning vampires to find myself in the hospital.

I had been dreaming of Javier burning, helpless to prevent him from turning into ashes no matter what I tried to do.

"I'm here," his voice said to my left. I strained to look over at him. I knew it was just a nightmare, but somehow it was a relief to see him whole and unburned.

"Javier," I said, but my throat hurt. Javier was there by my side in an instant, with water.

"You're okay. Good," he said, sounding unconcerned, as if my continued state of health was of little concern to him.

"Yeah, just occupational hazard," I joked.

His head moved as if he was nodding, but it was hard to tell. It's a little hard to tell with Javier sometimes. After months of knowing him, he's still a puzzle. An enigma. I sometimes call him my boyfriend, and sometimes just my snitch. Depends on how things are going. "Got to watch out for those, Detective Vetter," he said, sounding amused. I think.

That's the hazard of dating a vampire - you never know what they might be thinking or feeling.

He takes my hand, and I feel sleepy again - he can't be doing it, I'm a resister. But still, I must close my eyes for a moment.

And of course, when I wake up, he's gone.


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