Not a Death Unmourned
by Estirose
c 2011

Arc sat down at the platform where Doga and Umei had been, only a few moments ago. He hoped that there would be some kind of good afterlife for the two of them, the immortals that had helped them out. He, like the others, had been devastated by the events of a few minutes ago, when the two of them had insisted on the four of them killing them, in order to get the energy for the Eureka key.

Arc didn't care at all about the key, just about the two of them, the ones that had sacrificed themselves for them. He hoped someday that the death, the dying would stop. That the enslavements, the pain, the darkness would end. That the four of them could defeat Xande, defeat the darkness, save the world.

He looked down at his sleeves. He was the one who healed, though he was more scholarly otherwise. Ingus had taken on the books of the scholar, and Rufia the bells of the geomancer, but he had remained the same ever since he could take on the power of healing. Without him, the others would be dead twenty, a hundred times over.

Arc wished he could have saved Umei and Dogga. What good were healing powers if you couldn't save the ones that mattered?

He shook his head, wishing that he knew.

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