This kind of goes with the 10-part fic "Dungeon by Dungeon, Fight by Fight", and is a "missing scene"-type fic. It fits around chapter 2 of that fic and features Minwu, Firion, and Maria. It's a Minwu POV fic, because despite how much I love him as a character, I've never written his POV. (And there's barely any fic for FFII, even less for dear Minwu, who deserves more.)

There are tiny spoilers for early quests, but I tried to keep it vague.

The Danger of Youth
by Estirose
c 2011

"…And what were you planning to do without me?" Minwu asked, looking from one youth to another. Firion, Maria, and Guy were young, brave warriors, but youth brought with it its own problems, among them the knack for wandering off without proper aid and protection, convinced of one's own immortality.

Guy just looked at him, but Minwu wasn't too concerned with him. He didn't think that Guy was behind this plan, he just followed along. It had to have been Maria and Firion, one or both, that had decided to try to take off without him, their healer.

They might know a little of healing themselves, but he was the one that could get them out safely. Firion was the best of three, but even his healing was a little bit weak, at the moment - Minwu guessed that he cast at level 2, at best. If the three of them were to live to be what he thought they'd be, they'd need to survive those dangerous days where they thought they were more competent than they actually were.

Minwu wasn't an adventurer himself, but he'd do what he needed to, for Princess Hilda and the kingdom. And that included watching over a bunch of young, fairly untested warriors whose destiny seemed tied to his. And making sure they didn't do anything stupid.

He continued to look gently at the three youths, hoping that someone would confess. He'd raised his own brood, all healers and white wizards themselves, and he was familiar with teenage hijinks, though admittedly his own children hadn't attempted to sneak into an enemy-controlled mine like these three were trying to.

"Go rescue the men of this town… I guess." Firion looked down. He reminded Minwu of his oldest son, in some ways, impulsive until he settled down.

"We didn't want to put you in danger…." Maria added, looking down herself with an occasional glance at Firion.

Guy said nothing.

"Firion, Maria." He waited until they looked up at him. "You need me, as I need you. Besides, while I practice the white arts, it doesn't mean I'm defenseless. While my main role in the King's court is healing, I can, and indeed have, bashed in a few heads with my staff in order to defend those I am bound to protect. You've seen me in action; why do you think I suddenly will become defenseless once we enter the mine?"

The two of them were throwing glances at each other again. They and Guy made a fine team, and he was sure that they were exactly what was needed to save the world from the Emperor and his schemes. They just needed a little bit more wisdom, that was all.

"I will tell you a story sometime," he said with a slight smile, "Of an ancestress of mine that was a great White Wizard… and she was very fond of bashing enemies' heads in with a hammer." He looked at each of them again, hoping they had figured out that they weren't leaving him behind.

They couldn't leave him behind. Not with the destiny he had foreseen.

"But in the meantime," he said, "We have a town full of men and a young woman to rescue, do we not?"

"You forgive us, then?" Maria breathed, looking up.

"Of course I do," Minwu said, knowing that they couldn't see the smile under his veil and careful to make sure that they heard it in his voice. "I was once brash and foolish, too. I understand. But I trust you not to do it again."

"We won't. I promise." Firion was looking up too, determination in his eyes, as well as an an apology. Guy still stood there, waiting patiently. "And… we should go."

Minwu smiled wider. "Indeed we should." And like a shepherd with his flock, he ushered the three young people out of the inn.

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