For Fic_promptly, prompt 'Fatal Frame, Choushiro (or any), "Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.' - Isaac Asimov"

The Lone Last Thing
by Estirose
c 2012

Like any child growing up, Choushiro had heard the tales of restless spirits forever haunting the places where they died, obsessed with a fragment of memory, all that was left of their life. He'd been fortunate that he'd been left with more of that in his death, everything except the events leading up to his death. And at least he probably hadn't been repeating it over and over.

Or maybe he had. There was no way to tell how many times he had gotten up and chased Haibara around the island before Sayaka had called him to help her daughter. Revenge - for that's what it was, the thing that had kept him around - knew no bounds, even death.

He wasn't afraid of death; he had done good in his life, been observant, helped people. He'd just gotten a little stuck on the way to a peaceful one. And here, he could finally step away from his troubles, get away from his obsession.

Go on, pass to the afterlife, relax.

But as he looked at Sakaya, held her hand, he knew there was something more to do. One last thing to do before he could be at peace. One last complication, one last job. One more chance to do good.

Letting go of Sayaka's hand, he took a step towards the hereafter.


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