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Is Living Well
by Estirose
c 2012

Kei had never expected to marry Mafuyu's sister. Sure, they weren't that far apart in age, but he'd just never really looked at her until after they'd been through the whole adventure with the dream mansion. They'd woken up about the same time, him on Yuu's - Rei's - couch and Miku in her bed, and Rei had made tea for both of them.

The way Miku had looked when she'd described her adventures, her vulnerability, all of that had attracted him. Hinasaki Miku was stronger than she looked, as gentle and compassionate as her brother, and had gone through a lot of the same things he had. Discussion about ghosts and rituals had developed into discussions about other things, and one day, Kei found himself proposing marriage to Miku.

And Miku had agreed, with the provision that Mafuyu approved too. So they went to Himuro mansion, picked through the ruins of rooms and underground passages to the gateway to hell, just so that Kei could ask Mafuyu if he could marry his sister. It felt odd that he could see his dead friend, but it was one of the side effects of what had happened to him, and at least this way he and Miku shared something in common. He could understand when she could see what others couldn't see, because he could see it too.

Mafuyu had been amused. Kei felt odd, knowing that of the trio, Mafuyu had been the one with the sixth sense, and now he was the one that had it.

Their kids had been perfectly normal, no sixth sense, nothing extraordinary whatsoever. He could see Miku's relief, even as she bemoaned the fact that they'd never know their uncle Mafuyu. But it was a small thing, because they weren't near the mansion anyway, and it had been demolished long ago, including the entrance to the place where Mafuyu and Kirie were.

If he and Miku could have bought Himuro mansion, if they'd had the resources, they would have. Kei missed his friend, and Miku missed her brother. But nothing could be done about that. It was a small regret.

The two of them had had good lives, in the end. Miku continued to go out with Rei on photoshoots until a few months into her first pregnancy, and he'd found a better-paying job. They lived in comfort, in love with each other, and they had family - both of the blood, in Kei's sister and surviving niece, and in spirit, with Rei. They'd written two books together and raised two well-adjusted, normal kids. One of the grandchildren had their sixth sense, but between Kei, Miku, and Mio, she seemed to be doing better than Miku ever had when she was growing up.

In the end, Kei didn't regret any of it at all. Not the Manor, not their losses, not anything. Because he was happy and Miku was happy, and that was all that mattered.


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