I saw this ghost that was new in DCB, and I ended up writing a ficlet about her. She kind of looks like Woman in Box, so I kind of mixed her into this vanishing ghost’s story.

The Inarticulate Contraption
by Estirose
c 2013

Their visitor left a strange contraption. She isn’t sure what it was, so she took it into the Servants’ room, her room, and played around with it. Nothing she does really works, but she keeps trying, hoping that it will prove useful somehow. Maybe she’ll trade it if it doesn’t work; maybe someone else can get it to function, now that the Folk Historian had been taken away for whatever reason by the Kurosawas.

Nearby, her baby gurgles, and she smiles. Maybe it doesn’t matter if the contraption works. Maybe it would just look nice somewhere. She should keep it, because it is an odd thing, pretty in its own way.

Yes, that’s what she will do! She’ll put it somewhere where nobody else can admire it. The masters never go into her room, will never see the thing she’d appropriated from their departed guest.

She puts it to one side, picking up her baby and cooing at her. Her daughter is the most precious thing to her, and she’ll do anything to keep her safe. Maybe her daughter will get lucky, marry into one of the major branches of the families, live in one of the grand, central houses. It’s too bad that Mr. Kurosawa had girls, but maybe one of those girls will marry and have a boy for her girl!

Swaying her daughter gently, she smiles at the contraption. It should bring her luck, and at the very least, it’s something to look at. The world is good, and she is happy.


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