Note: Written for fic_promptly, prompt: "Fatal Frame, Kirie, the mansion was haunted long before she cursed it". The ghosts mentioned are Long Arms and the samurai that shows up in the Xbox version that I don't have.

Happy Unseen Ghosts
by Estirose
c 2012

The Mansion is haunted. Kirie's not sure who told her this, but she's pretty sure someone did, that it's not just her imagination. It's more likely to be her servant than one of the priests, but come to think of it, one of them could have told her, just to unsettle her and keep her from roaming.

There are two ghosts she's heard of, one long-armed ghost that's eternally searching for his daughter, and one disgraced samurai, who fell in love with someone he wasn't supposed to. Kirie suspects that the samurai's love was a former Shrine Maiden, because that's how the tragedies in her books work, but for whatever reason, the person who tells her things doesn't say.

She can well imagine that the ghosts exist. After all, despite the girls like her, Malice probably does seep through a little at times, keeping these people here when they should be going on. She's surprised there aren't more, but maybe this place is a happy place when she's not looking.

Looking down into the backyard, she catches a glimpse of someone she can't quite see. She wonders if they're happy, or at least more-or-less content like she is. She will do what she needs to do so that there aren't more ghosts here, because that's what she was born to do.

And that's all that matters, isn't it?


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