Note: For the fic_promptly prompt "Fatal Frame, Box Lady, boredom." I used the term that the requester requested, but the ghost's better known as "Woman in Box" (even though she crawls out of a well at one point).

The Dust Bunnies are Boring
by Estirose
c 2012

"I'm bored," Box Lady moaned to the wandering spirit of Miyako Sudo, who was passing nearby. She'd stuck her head through the wall between rooms.

At least now she had company. The only people she otherwise saw were the three Man In Dark, who ignored her because they ignored everything because they were the most pathetic beings ever.

She remembered Miyako, though the woman had ignored her until Miyako's own death. She hadn't been pleased at the intrusion initially, but at least there was another woman now to keep her company. "I'm tired. Bother somebody else?"

Box Lady was sure that Miyako was as bored as she was. There were only so many times you could pass through a room before it became absolutely tiresome. She was getting extremely tired of her little room that she couldn't really leave. At least the other woman had some ability to move around, though she tended to haunt the rooms upstairs as a rule. Occasionally, Box Lady saw Miyako's boyfriend Masumi, who tended to ignore her existance too.

She didn't care if she was calling them by their given names. They were all stuck this way forever - might as well be on familiar terms.

"Everybody else ignores me, including your boyfriend."

"I wonder why?" Miyako tossed her hair back and headed back up to her room, leaving Box Lady standing half in the wall.

Box Lady made a face at her as she disappeared. A nearby Man in Dark, passing through, smirked.

"Oh, shut up," she said, and returned to her tiny room to sulk.

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