Disclaimer: Characters belong to Roddenberry-Kirschner and Tribune.

Spoilers: "Truth", "Atavus" and "First of its Kind", "Crackdown" and "Crossfire"

Author's Notes: These three drabbles were written quickly as examples for a Drabble contest on PS. Each one focuses on a different season.

Three Untitled Drabbles
by Estirose (Angel Island)
Copyright 2000

Drabble #1

Lili stared down at Boone and Sandoval, silently willing Boone to put the gun down. Sandoval's hiring of Judson Corr wouldn't change anything; what was done was done. While she could understand the new Implant's rage over Sandoval's actions, if he killed Sandoval it would be all over. He would be exposed for his lack of Imperative and reimplanted, and then they'd know about Belman. They would know about her. And then they would know about Doors and the Liberation. Setting her shoulders and steadying her gun, she hoped that she could take care of Boone with the first shot.

Drabble #2

As Siobhan Beckett, his mother, passed him summarily in the halls of the Taelon Mothership, Liam Kincaid mentally stopped himself again from running to catch up and making a fool of himself. As Lili had reminded him, he dropped far more hints that were healthy for his mother, and he also knew that he preferred her alive over dead with no memory of him anyway. He had yet to convince Park that she should give Beckett a CVI with no Imperative. All parts of him screamed out that it could be done. Of course, nobody was listening. Nobody ever listened.

Drabble #3

She would back Doors up, be there to protect him, whatever he did. Although she thought his presidential bid was plain idiocy, she supported it both as a friend and as a member of his company. Now, with everything going on, she would move into her second job. The second job that was perhaps more important to her than her real one. Calling on her friends, she was soon able to locate Doors’ general area, slip into a costume and fake implant, and become one of the dozen of Volunteers raiding the area. She just hoped she wasn’t too late.