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Spoilers: Thicker than Blood

Author's Notes: Just a quick Liam fic, posted on PS. The ending is a direct (or indirect) turn away from Liam's dropping hints about himself in tag's brilliant "In Seach of the Truth". The "wake up human" is an indirect reference to Deb Cebulski's "The Choice".

Sole Parent
by Selma McCrory (Angel Island)
copyright 2000

"He's just a surrogate!" Renee had exclaimed when Liam had called Sandoval his father. But Liam knew better; Sandoval was not just a gene donor. Sandoval made up part of the being called "Liam", an inseperable portion of who the young being was. He had two fathers, one mother, and nothing could ever change that.

Problem was, Renee had not taken well to the revelation of Liam's true ancestry, so he wasn't sure if she'd ever understand that. Liam was aware that some parts of his ancestry shocked people in the know. They often cropped up like potholes in his path, causing him to stumble when he least expected to. He should have expected Renee, Doors' confidant, to have as much problem with Liam's ancestry as Doors did.

Now that Sandoval was safe, cured thanks to Liam's anonymous blood donation, Liam knew he'd have to make acceptance of his ancestry better; he wasn't sure if he wanted a relationship with his scheming father, but he didn't want the older man turning against him because of what Ha'gel had done. In a way, his donation could be construed as making up for what Ha'gel had done in the process of taking his body and leaving him no memories.

Leaving him a son that, up until yesterday, he didn't know about. A son that he was no doubt wondering about. Giving the blood had been a calculated risk on Liam's part, a risk that Sandoval might go to the ends of the earth to find his child. Privately, quietly, but still with a persistience that was frightening as much as something he longed for. He had lost two of his parents, and some part of him yearned for that third one.

Augur had had some words about that. He said it was simply a child's desire to know where he came from, something that was ridiculous for Liam because he knew who Sandoval was from his memories. He didn't need to be told that Sandoval wasn't the world's nicest person. The only good side nowadays was that Sandoval wasn't under his MI's control anymore. Or was that a bad side?

It was too bad that Siobhan Beckett didn't remember her own son until just moments before her death. Of course, if she had remembered, that would have been a bad thing, as Augur had pointed out. If what the Liberation had put in hadn't killed her, she would have felt compelled to turn in her child to the Taelons, to be experimented on and used as a weapon. No matter how she felt about family, nothing could override the control of the MI.

Sandoval, who Liam had known was not close to his own family, probably would have done the same thing. Family ties were nothing compared to the importance of the Companions. If Liam was a resource or a threat to them, then Sandoval would have taken care of it. Liam tried to grasp Sandoval's memories, unable to decide if things would have been any different had the MI'd Sandoval learned he had a son. He would have reported it, of course, but would he have tracked his child down?

Probably he wouldn't. Both ways, Sandoval could be a danger to him. But, as Liam knew full well, Sandoval was the only parent he had left in the world. He could not let Sandoval die if he could help it, join Liam's other two parents in the afterlife, whatever it was called.

He could not let his father die. But could he risk the potential joy/threat of Sandoval discover who his son truly was?

Maybe not, if it meant his death. The part of him that was Kimera urged him towards survival and procreation, the welfare of the Kimera before the individual's desires. It wasn't as soul-crushing as the MI of the Implants, but he knew full well that his body might obey even if his mind didn't. The Taelons had picked up several things from their Kimera ancestors, the Commonality and the forcing of the many over the one being one of those 'gifts'.

He, despite overwhelming Human genes, was as subject to the many's directives as they were. It was another depressing thing in common with the Taelons. Despite the disappearance of his Shaqarava, most of the other traits that he recognized as Kimera had not disappeared. Personally, he would have taken the Shaqarava and gotten rid of some of the other parts of his ancestry instead.

But he had no choice in the matter, unless he woke up magically one day to find himself pure human. He doubted that was going to happen, though it would make his life easier by a long shot. He wouldn't have to deal with the xenophobes not trusting him because he had non-human ancestry.

Rubbing his eyes, he resolved to ask Augur to help make Sandoval discovering him more difficult.

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