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Author's Note: After "The Solemn Dance", before "A Happy Family".

The Flower-sender
by Estirose
copyright 2000

Liam got off the phone with the florist, having sent yet another set of flowers to DeeDee Sandoval.

He didn’t know if Sandoval had noticed, but he had clearly seen the woman darting through the doorway in Sacramento. Of course, it helped that he knew where the Liberation had possibly sent DeeDee off to, although it was a bit of a surprise that he’d run across her at the event.

Of course, Sandoval had noticed DeeDee as well, and so it was no mystery to Liam why his father had taken off after her a few minutes later, narrowly avoiding the woman signing certificates at the gold panning exhibit. He was well aware that his father still was in love, in a way, with his supposedly dead wife. Liam himself was enchanted by the woman, by the prospect that he might have a mother in some form someday. Or at least maybe someone alive that he could adopt as one. Lili and Park tried, but they were colleagues. DeeDee was not.

That Sandoval had returned shortly thereafter, none the worse for wear, left Liam surprised... and confused. Hadn’t the man wanted to spend time with DeeDee? But then, of course, it occured to Liam that now was not the time, not if Sandoval wanted to keep his amazingly alive wife a secret.

But he hadn’t seen Sandoval even dealing with her since. No portal trips, no nothing. He'd thought that Sandoval had gone off the evening after the event to find her, but the Implant had shown up for work normally the next day. If Sandoval was spending time with DeeDee, he didn’t know.

This was why he’d started sending her flowers, just to keep the romance alive. Until DeeDee and Sandoval could be together again. He didn’t think either of them would mind.


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