Disclaimer: The characters belong to Tribune and Roddenberry-Kirschner, among others.

Author's Note: This was written after an episode of "Roswell" ("The Toy House", I believe), which put me in mind of families. I had it set during "First of its Kind", though it could fit anywhere between "The Joining" and "Redemption". It is a drabble (as if you couldn't tell), and was posted on PhilosophySphere on January 20, 2000.

Bright-eyed Boy
By Estirose (Angel Island)
Copyright 2000

In her sleep the woman twitches, one of her hands up on her stomach. It is spring, and the sun shines, the wind ruffling her hair. Her mother sites beside her, smiling as they both watch the chidren play. She picks out the youngest, the bright-eyed boy figuring out an old Rubik's Cube, who is seemingly uninterested in the other kids. A scuffle breaks out, the child puts the puzzle away to break it up, and pride washes over her. When the fighting is done, he sites back down again, intent on the puzzle. In her sleep, the woman smiles.

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