Disclaimer: The characters here belong to Tribune and Roddenberry-Kirschner. Spoilers: Slight ones for "Redemption". Author's note: This is yet another drabble (please forgive me). I guess I wrote it because this was the mood I was in at the time. It was posted on PhilosophySphere on June 13, 1999, under the nick Angel Island.

Somber Birthday
by Estirose
copyright 1999

In the quiet Irish night, a figure climbed over a churchyard fence, carefully landing in a small barren patch in one corner of the cemetery. The intruder made small, sure steps towards one particular area, and then stopped at one particular marker. A gloved hand touched the stone while the figure kneeled before it, silently regarding the writing on it. Like a ghost, the figure stayed there for several moments, finally depositing a single rose. Getting up again, he whispered, "Happy Birthday, Mom." He looked up at the sky, wiping a tear, then departed.

High up above, a star twinkled.

Earth: Final Conflict fanfic