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Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for "First of Its Kind" and "The Joining".

Note: This vignette is a brief Lili scene, set after the end of "First of Its Kind", reflecting upon the events of that episode. It is a bit rough, and short, but I just had to write something to get in my EFC fix. (The local showing of "Atavus" this evening was mostly pre-empted by this little thing called the World Series....)

A Moment of Pause
by Estirose
copyright 1998

Lili walked alone down the streets of Washington D.C., seemingly oblivious to everything around her. So much had happened, so much! The moment she had finished making sure Da'an was okay, she had found herself walking away from the embassy, away from Da'an and Liam and everything that had gone on.

She'd encountered a few people on her way out- Agent Lassiter, there to check in with his boss, Dr. Schultz from the medical center, who was waiting to see if she was needed, some others that had greeted her by name that she'd ignored. Liam could fend for himself and Da'an as well.

Liam. Strange to think of him as Da'an's protector. ~He's no William Boone,~ she thought. Grief crashed down on her as she remembered her friend and wished that he was there, instead of Liam. She knew Will, trusted him. She didn't quite trust Liam. His behaviour at the funeral had shown that he had his own agenda, and nobody but he knew what it was. Somehow she doubted *he* knew what it was. Liam was too new at life, genetic memory or not, to really have a life of his own.

Sometimes she forgot he was so young... his adult looks fooled even her.

Her life was never boring, but sometimes she wished things nowadays weren't so hectic. Barely a week ago, she'd been on the verge of being exposed as a Liberation spy... now she was working for Sandoval, Boone was dead, and she had to keep an eye on someone who wasn't even alive last month.

At least the replicant, the thing that had been Rayna, was now gone. She'd have to find out later how Liam destroyed the thing, but she had a suspicion that it was the same power that Ha'gel had exhibited. It hit her that Rayna was now gone, gone like Sahjit, gone like Boone, gone like so many others. So many lost. So much change. Would the world be recognizable a year from now, or even a few months?

She shivered, but not from the cold, and as if in response, he global beeped. Drawing it out, she saw Sandoval and wondered what else had gone on. But it was only him ordering her back as a pilot, to go back to Boone's office.

Lili shut off her global and turned around to go back to the embassy. Time to throw herself back into her work, and make sense of things, somehow.


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