Disclaimer: The characters mentioned in this fic belong to Roddenberry/Kirschner, among others.

Author's notes: Although not precisely a challenge response, this vignette came about from a complaint by a poster named Jeanne on the PS fanfiction board about how people tended to write/comment upon 2nd/3rd/4th season stories, especially those which vilified the Taelons and/or focussed on Liam. So, in the tradition of my fic "Pause", here is a fic set first season.

by Estirose (Angel Island)
copyright 2000

You lean on the balcony that is part of your office, watching the people below. Your work as Da'an head of Security and Interspecies Relations is never done, but, imperfect being that you are, you need the break.

Sometimes, you wonder how life would have been if you had accepted the CVI in the first place and never been offered the chance to live with your free will. Would you have turned out like Sandoval? He seems to live in the embassy. Would you sleep, breathe, and live Da'an and the Companions? Probably you would have.

But, thankfully, you are not. Despite the risk, despite everything, you are grateful to Doors for offering you the chance to view the Taelons with eyes unbiased by the imperative to serve them. It's almost worth having to deal with Doors.

For this freedom, the freedom to see things unfettered, unbiased by a thing that's integrated itself into your brain, almost anything is worth the price.

Well, almost anything. Doors can be worse than the Taelons sometimes. Sometimes you wonder if he is merely paranoid, not understanding the Taelons the way you and Lili have a chance to know them. Even Lili is unbending from her anti-Taelon position. Certainly, the Taelons are doing things that horrify you, just like they would probably horrify anyone. But maybe, maybe you can influence them.

Sometimes you think you're getting somewhere with Da'an, getting him to understand humanity better. Sometimes you think that hitting your head against a brick wall would be more productive.

But you must understand them. For humanity, someone must understand them. For the sake of the people passing you below, someone must understand. And someone must explain. Maybe you will be the one.

You stand up just as your global beeps, reminding you of your responsibilities. So much for your break.


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