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DeeDee's New Life
by Estirose

DeeDee relaxed into the airplane seat, still holding the data file in her hands. Before her was the life of one Elisa Leighton. A fictional person. The person that she now was.

Only a few hours ago, maybe a day, she was still in that horrible mental institution Ronald had put her into. Drugged into non-responsiveness, not caring much about the world around her. Then Ronald had reappeared in her life, wild-looking, desperate. He'd apologized for what he'd done, took her away from that place.

This was the Ronald she remembered- the intense man that had captured her heart. She'd enjoyed being married to him. Then he'd become obsessed with the Companions, and she'd lost him to them. Well, them and that CVI that turned all his attentions towards them. The thing that ultimately was responsible for him putting her in that place.

But this time, his intensity was aimed solely at her safety. Even as far as going to the resistance with all the information he'd gathered as an implant. He hadn't been concerned with himself, just worried about her. She inwardly still cried at his intention to make sure she was safe before he died.

The resistance had saved him. The resistance had saved her. It had been a horrible price to both of them - Ronald was an implant again, serving the Companions once more. She was, as far as he was concerned, dead. She'd seen them reimplant his CVI, and she'd seen one of them, one of Ronald's coworkers, tell him that she was dead. She was crying for him, for the person he had been, for the person he would be again.

A person whose world had no room for DeeDee Sandoval, wife. The resistance hadn't had to tell her that she'd be back at the mental hospital, or worse, dead. She knew. It didn't make her watching her husband learn this any easier though, or watching the reimplantation.

DeeDee Sandoval was dead. Elisa Leighton, widow, wasn't. She had to live her life, let Ronald go.

She didn't know if she could, but she'd just have to try.

-The End

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