Disclaimer: Except for Vikki's children, all characters belong to Roddenberry-Kirschner, Tribune, and others. Although Vikki is not of my creation, her personality and name are mine.

Waiting For Hope In The Morning
by Estirose
copyright 1999

The problem with Ha'gel's children was that they were born almost too fast, Vikki decided. He got you pregnant in the evening, and by the next morning you were ready to deliver, your stomach swollen with the child that was almost ready to be born.

Ha'gel had made her stay up as much as possible during the night, content to take turns feeding her and linking her with the child. He confided to her that it was hard for him to stop touching her in this state, even if he was confident enough that her body could handle itself this time. It was one of the most rewarding things a Kimera could experience, this deep sharing between a Kimera, a native, and their child yet unborn. He described it to her as hearing a trio of voices, interweaving their various songs into the rich tapestry that was life. No two children were the same, even two between the same parents.

He had been so pleased, she'd realized, when she'd been the one to ask for the child. He'd felt enough guilt about what he'd done to influence her into engendering Graeme that he'd almost stopped hoping that she'd find him attractive enough on his own. That she'd find him pleasing enough to want another child from him.

Inside her, the child, Hope, twitched quite actively, just waiting to be born, unaware of the danger around her. Vikki sipped at the tea Siobhan had made, trying to tell her daughter not to hurry into it. If only the child could develop at the normal human rate instead of rushing out of her womb!

Not an option here. Not a choice with Ha'gel's children. In a day, her daughter would look just as adult as her part-brothers, and she would only have her memory of carrying her daughter. Even now, she could barely remember Graeme's stay within her.

A wave of pain hit her and she knew that her daughter refused to stay much longer. Resigned, she got up from her bed, went to the door, and called for her family.


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