Disclaimer: The E:FC universe (including Liam) belongs to Tribune and Roddenberry-Kirschner. Rosemary, Marianne, and the story belong to me, though.

Author's Note: This is alternate-universe, revising a portion of "Tackling Lust". It came to me in a rush and demanded writing down. I don't know if this is a final draft or just a working copy, so beware.

Give This Myself
By Estirose
copyright 1999

Rosemary sat in the coffee stand's seating area, feeling lonely amidst the bustle. Tomorrow, she would be implanted, preventing herself from being falsely motivated to serve the Companions. Today, she was checking her patients before turning them over the few days it would take for her to adjust to the CVI. Sipping her iced coffee, she placed her hand over her stomach.

Liam hadn't said a word to her at all since he drowsily lurched out of her bed in order to answer a call from Da'an. It was as if he didn't remember their lovemaking at all. _That's fine,_ she thought. _The need was mine, not his._ They had had their one-night stand, and all was well with the world.

"Excuse me, may I sit here?" a voice asked from above. Rosemary looked up from her thoughts to find a woman about her age holding a coffee. She nodded, motioning towards the table's other chair, as she had several times before when the popular place got too crowded. "I'm Marianne."

"Rosemary," Rosemary offered.

"Big crowd today," Marianne observed. She lifted her cup to her lips and grimaced. "I should have gotten an iced."

"I like mine iced, myself."

Marianne laughed. "I like it hot, but I think today I should have made an exception."

Rosemary sipped her coffee, wishing she'd gone to the trouble for iced tea - coffee wasn't her favorite drink. "Are you new around here? I haven't seen you before."

"I lived here when I was a little girl," Marianne said, sighing. "But my parents moved, and this is the first time I've been back in ages. I missed this place."

"I grew up in California, myself," Rosemary said. "I only came here about a year back. If you think this is strange, try living in Australia."

Marianne laughed again. "Maybe someday, I hope," she said, then frowned. "I'm glad I caught you. I have something to tell you."

"Huh?" Rosemary asked, suddenly unsure as to the company she was keeping. "I'm sure we've never met before."

Marianne smiled serenely. "We have. I know you might have trouble believing this - but I'm your daughter, from the future. I went through the time portal that Dad fell through a couple weeks ago. I wanted to give you and me another chance. You're already pregnant with me, but I wanted to give us both a second chance."

Rosemary blinked, remembering something out of the rush of images she'd gotten from Liam. "The Strandhill exhibit."

"Yeah. Anyway, I'm sorry about Dad ignoring you, but it's better this way," Marianne said, soothingly. "He doesn't remember going to bed with you at all. If he did, then he'd figure things out eventually and that's what I want to avoid. I know you've been looking at him - I've been watching."

"You've been *what*?" Rosemary asked, staring at the woman.

"Well, I had to make sure he didn't remember," Marianne said, defensively. "As I said, I wanted to give both of us a second chance, to have lives as normal as possible. I want to give us back the lives that we never had. I know you haven't - wouldn't - tell him about it, if you had a choice. Well, don't."

"It's that important for you to never know your father?" Rosemary asked, trying to get as much of an idea as she could about this intruder. "Why?"

"I want a normal life. I want to give you and myself a life that I never had - a normal life. You wouldn't understand it, not now, but you might, someday. All I ask is that you don't tell Dad, not ever. Go on with your life. Let your family help you with your pregnancy, for they will. Just - leave Dad out of this. He means well, but... he overdoes things. I only wish to help. Think about it."

At that, Marianne got up with her coffee. "Good luck," she said, finally. "Give this myself a better world."

* * *

Rosemary sat on the couch in her living room and stared at the phone. The visitation from her 'daughter' had made her nervous, the information given made her jumpy.

Was she truly pregnant? Something in her told her so. Liam was the father, she knew that. But, did she want to tell him? Marianne had been right in that she'd decided to take responsibility for any one-night stands like this.

But, if what she remembered was correct, this was no ordinary one-night stand, and Liam was far from any concept of an ordinary bed-partner. The continuation of a species was at stake, and the newest generation of that species might well need her father's help, no matter what she said. Liam had to be notified that he was going to be a father.

She paused. Would she be condemning herself and her daughter to something terrible? Marianne hadn't seemed in ill-health, but she had been insistent. What in this woman's past, her future, had been so terrible that Marianne had left her own time to create a future that was not her own? If this even was her daughter, that was. So much confusion.

Placing her hand on her stomach, she looked at her phone again. Who could help her? Who could she call? Who would understand? Liam would, even if it would take a little explaining. She had no choice; someone would have to be told. Somebody who could help.

Apologizing silently to the being who had visited her, she dialled the phone.


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