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Author's note: Here I hit the third generation of the Schultz family. Thankfully, Sharilyn isn't as noisy as her sister Mish'ele, so I will be able to get some of my longer stuff done so that the two people who read this series stop being annoyed at me.

Shari's Letter
by Estirose
c 1999


I write this for my children, and my childrens' children, and those even farther down the line. I leave you an explanation of what I am, because I cannot tell anyone else. I know that my child, my hopefully first of several, has no Kimera ability, so I must write this down that you may know your heritage.

For the record, my (maiden) name is Sharilyn Rebecca Schultz-Short, one of my parents' many children. I am the second eldest, and the last one not to have all three parents in common with my siblings, lacking my parents' Kimera mate, Ra'das. Which is why I actually had a childhood, of course; Ra'das' genes would have made me a fast-grower.

A fast-grower, in case you're wondering, is someone who grows at the normal Kimera rate - that is, reaches physical adulthood within a few days of birth. I'm a slow-grower, taking after my human ancestors. I am actually the closest to human of the hybrids, since I am only 1/12th Kimera. Nobody seems to mind, if that's what you're wondering. I am Kimera, no matter how long ago my last Kimera ancestor was. Ancestry is a state of mind.

I was born on ship several months after the Taelons removed the remaining Kimera hybrids off Earth. I found nothing unusual about growing up on a ship, no more than you are finding growing up on a planet. In both, there are places you can't go, and people. I had my big sister, Mish'ele (a fast-grower), my parents (including Ra'das), my maternal grandparents, and, for a short time, my great-great-grandmother. I had playmates, and I saw nothing odd that most of them were bigger than me. Okay, I do admit that I sometimes envied their larger size - wouldn't you?

Kimera culture places hybrids in high esteem. I was never despised for what I was, just taught as best anyone could teach me. First my world was my parents' room, then the living areas, and eventually the entire ship. I was allowed to explore what I wanted to be to my heart's content. (This is typical of Kimera education - we already have access to the ancestral memories, so the emphasis is separating from those and discovering what we are.)

My mother has longed for Earth, but I and my siblings never knew a planet until our parents settled on New Kime a century ago. Yes, last I knew they are still alive, all three of them, thanks to life-extending technology. I do not know what I'd do without my memory. I have their memories - but they are not just their memories.

I am Kimera. I am also human. Part of me remembers getting muddy one summer day - one of my mother's memories - but the corridors of the ship I grew up on is much more real. I know every door, every corridor, every person aboard it. It is my home, no matter where I live now.

And I am far from home. I'm not even supposed to be here, but I've known since I was a child that it was time to come back. Perhaps one might say it's my mother's frustrated desire to go back home to the planet of her birth, but I don't know. I've always been a romantic.

If you get a chance, maybe someday you'll meet your family and they'll give you what I cannot. I regret my need to hide my true self from the family and authorities. Maybe after I'm gone, you'll be free to acknowledge that part of you that comes from the Kimera.

Let me remind you now that you are Kimera, like me, and it's nothing you should be ashamed of. Though you may never enjoy your ancestors' memories, or have the joy that functional shaqarava bring, you have a richness inside you. Guard it well, my descendants.

Shari Robertson

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