Disclaimer: The Kimera, Taelons, and Marianne's father Liam all belong to Roddenberry-Kirschner, among others. Marianne, her mother, and anyone else belong to me.

Author's Note: Marianne was concieved during "Tackling Lust" (that is, her parents concieved her in that story) and shortly thereafter walked into my imagination and said, "Hi, I'm Marianne, I'm a pediatrician. How are you?" She insisted on bothering me until I wrote this. This takes place a couple decades after "Tackling Lust" in the same timeline. It may yet be retitled, if I ever come up with a good title....

by Estirose
copyright 1999

It's drizzling outside. Dark. Thank goodness my patients can't see the sky outside. It would depress them. It's depressing me. I've taken this moment out to relax so that I can put on a big smile for them. Someone has to.

I checked my email this morning. Once again, one of my half-sisters wondering if I'd like to join them off-planet. They can't imagine why someone would want to stay here when we have the stars. Why someone would stay here when out there is far more welcoming.

I'm far too human to go, I'm afraid. The others, it was safe for them to be what we are, but I had 'never reveal what you are' pounded into my head for as long as I could remember. I've had to be so human, deny my Kimera blood to stay alive. I'm proud of being Kimera, I just got used to being human.

Very few people know that I'm not entirely human. Leftover wariness, I suppose. Or maybe it's not that big an issue to me. *I* know I'm Kimera, so what? The difference is not all that important.

Out there, it would be important, and I think I would hate that more than anything. I'm sure that if I wished, I could have a Kimera partner. But I don't know if I'd feel comfortable with one.

I guess it's part of the identity I've formed. I'm Marianne Schultz of Earth, perfectly average pediatrician, nothing out of the ordinary at all. Good girl, never got into trouble, a neat, tidy young woman with a liking for medicine and kids. The kids are my way of dealing with a Kimera urge to breed. I suppose I'll have my own someday, but I have yet to find a partner I care for. Any mating I'll have will bond me to my partner forever - I want to make sure I have the right one.

In the meanwhile, I'll just take care of my kids - the ones who need me. Good old Dr. Schultz who always knows the right thing to say. I've had a lot of practice.

I've never wanted to stick out. Part of it has always been the fear of being discovered for what I truly am. Part of it, I guess, is that I didn't want to be singled out - I remember a conversation one night with a computer programmer in Australia about how much he hated being singled out as smart. And I am smart. Smart enough to survive.

I have to call Dad tonight. I feel like talking to him anyway. He was going off, last I heard, to breed again, giving humankind yet another child with Kimera blood. I've lost track of how many half-siblings I have. Little sis is the only one that I share both parents with.

Better call mom and sis sometime too. Hard to believe that my little sister is in fourth grade now. Hard to think that mom was discussing yet another sibling with dad last week.

Well, at least I'll have even more practice, like I need it.

Meanwhile, I better get back. One of my patients is crying, and I must make her smile again.


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