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Spoilers (kinda) for the (in-edits) "Visitation"

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Mutual Peace
by Estirose
copyright 1999

She knew it had been a mistake to let Liam 'move in' with her for the week. At the time, it had seemed a useful way to find out how much her child's father was going to participate in said child's life. Now, baby Marianne would be lucky if her father survived until her birth.

Rosemary winced as Liam attempted to load the dishwasher, remembering his protests about being the guest and being there to do thing for her now that she was some eight months into her pregnancy. She'd already directed him to the wealth of material pointing out that it wouldn't kill her or the baby if she got up and did things sometimes. Never mind that she'd managed on her own for months beforehand. Even that accident months ago had not managed to put her too unable to take care of her own affairs.

She wished she could send Liam to his Grandmother's for the next two months, for his grandmother could handle him fine, and in areas where she could not. But Liam was a Companion Protector, and she didn't see Da'an letting him off for that long. In fact, she had a sneaky suspicion that Da'an was not beyond keeping his Protector right where he was just so that nothing would happen to the baby. Da'an no doubt had his own reasons for wishing this pregnancy to go on.

Well, she'd deliver this child and everyone could pay attention to Marianne instead of her. Everybody could stop asking when she and Liam would move in together to take care of the child. And, most of all, she could extract herself from Liam's family, which was all too willing to take her in as well as Liam and Marianne. Not that she didn't like Moira, but she still hadn't argued his family into understanding that she wasn't one of them just because she was pregnant with Liam's child.

Behind her, she could hear the dishwasher starting up. Liam would be returning any minute now to pay attention to her, or at least as much as he could manage this morning before he was scheduled to take Da'an up to the mothership. She wished she could find a way to get him to give her space without hurting his feelings. Or at least stop hovering.

Next time she wanted to strip someone's clothes off, she'd wisely take a vacation in Australia or something. It was definitely time to swear celibacy, even if it felt like she was locking the barn doors after the horses had left. But if that saved her from situations like this... well, she knew better what not to do next time, should she find herself in the same situation.

She would definitely not let herself be talked into letting the father of her child move in for a week. Especially when said father had only been in existence for a few months longer than his daughter. Granted, this was a situation that probably wouldn't happen to anyone very often, but still....

A male hand intruded into her thoughts, clutching a mug of tea. "Here," Liam said, handing her the tea. She inhaled it, recognizing it as the blend her mother had recommended to help her through some of her difficulties. "How are you feeling? Better?"

She shrugged. "The nausea's gone away. Nothing to worry about."

He sat on the bed next to her in a thump. "That's what you've said for the last few days."

"Liam, I'm the doctor. You're not. Trust me on this. I'm fine."

He continued to frown at her, a look that she'd seen do wonders to get things his way, and resolved to not let him get away with anything. "I'm taking you to Park now. I've already called her up, and she's expecting us."

"Liam!" she yelled, resisting his attempts to pull her up. "This is my bloody body we're talking about. Couldn't you let me run it on my own?"

He sat back down again, still holding onto her. "Look. This is not a normal pregnancy, no matter how normal it appears. She told you to report any symptoms to her, whether or not you felt they were important."

"She doesn't know what she's looking for. For that matter, *you* don't know what you're looking for."

"Maybe you don't either," Liam replied. "Look, humor me, okay? Go."

"Very well," she said, realizing that she wouldn't get any peace if she didn't. For his peace of mind, she'd go. And for her sanity, she'd insist he leave when the week was up. Child or no child, she couldn't put up with him for long.

And for the child's sake, she must for the next few days. Sighing, she let him guide her out of the bedroom.


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