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Spoilers: Redemption, plus the stories mentioned above.

Author’s notes: Esti here. This is the story Deb and I wrote to mesh together her world and mine. It was written in IM for the most part, with one of us taking one character’s dialogue and the other taking the other characters (and splitting up the third character when needed). A crash on her end and two computer shifts on mine had corrupted the file enough that the version here is a reconstruction of the first draft. It is complete (well, unless we tack on something at the end) but is in bad need of revision. This draft is posted by kind permission of my co-author Deb.

by Deb Cebulski and Estirose
copyright 1999

Moira Beckett sat at her kitchen table, drinking hot, sweet tea to ward off the winter chill. Sundays were long and mostly dark, and Moira had made it her practice to cast runes in the short afternoon. She preferred the classic three-rune spread. As usual, Moira checked on the welfare of each of her family members. Moira asked aloud, "What is in my grandson Liam's immediate future?"

Moira shook her bag and drew out three runes. She laid them out and studied them intently. "A sexual act. Hmmm. But no marriage." Moira puzzled over her remaining stones. "A child! Liam's partner is pregnant. Siobhan's grandchild. Hmmm. Too many possibilities--can't tell about Liam."

Moira dropped the runes back into the bag and quickly cast another reading for Liam's child.

"Ah! A baby girl!" Moira smiled. "Definitely a Beckett--I do hope our Liam is ready for another strong-willed female in his life." Moira glanced at the third stone. "Oh my God!" She threw the tea cup and runes to the table as she ran out of the room, screaming for Sean.


Moira stood impatiently in the ticket queue of Dublin Airport. Since the traveling public had embraced the use of the Portal system, the queue was not what it would have been back in the twentieth century. Still, it was annoying to wait. Moira had tried to contact Liam, but his global was forwarding to his email again. She felt that the danger she had foreseen was not an immediate threat, or she would have set aside her qualms and actually used the Dublin Portal.

Moira glanced up as someone tapped her shoulder. "You're next, ma'am." Moira swallowed, and strode up to the counter. "One ticket to Washington, D.C., please."

The clerk smiled. "Certainly, Madam. One-way or return?"

Moira slid her credit card and passport across the counter. "Open return, please."


Moira's plane was halfway across the Atlantic when her global rang.

Moira heard several grumbles from sleepy passengers as she opened her global. Liam's face filled the screen. "Gran? What's happening? Where are you?"

Moira whispered, "Shh...I'll go where I can talk." She carried her global into the lavatory.

As she shut the door behind her, Liam blurted, "Now will you tell me what's going on?"

Moira sighed. "I'm on my way to Washington." Before Liam could do more than gasp, she continued. "I cast the runes for you. Who's the girl?"

Liam frowned slightly. "Huh?"

Moira looked him straight in the eye. "The girl you got pregnant."

Liam's mouth opened and closed. "How did you--" His eyes stared off into space for a moment, then snapped back to look at her. "The runes."

Moira nodded. "I cast runes for your daughter as well. She's in terrible danger, Liam--and so is her mother."

Liam stared blankly at her for a moment. "A--are you sure, Gran?"

Moira sighed deeply. "Liam, you know how much I hate flying--do you really think I'd be doing this if I weren't sure?"

Liam looked away slightly. Moira's face softened. "I'm sorry. I haven't slept, and I shouldn't have snapped at you like that. All I know is that your--girlfriend and daughter are in terrible danger, and that if I'm not there, the danger will claim them."

Liam's forehead creased slightly as he pondered this development. "What time do you land?"

Moira replied, "6:30 A.M. your time, I think."


Liam paced as he waited for the 6:30 flight from Dublin to arrive. He had resisted calling Rosemary up to have her meet him for the flight. Besides, he knew Rosemary and his Gran, and he thought it better for any conversations to take place in a private place.

He was so deep in his thoughts that the tannoy announcement of Moira's flight caused him to pause for a moment. He watched the plane glide towards the gate and found himself involuntarily holding his breath. Soon she would be here and he'd have to face her, answering her questions as to why he hadn't told her about Rosemary's pregnancy.

It seemed to take forever for the passengers to come out of customs, heartbeats lost as he looked for her familiar face. Finally, he spotted her, waving to catch her attention. She swerved towards him.

Gran looked up. "Good. You're here." She glanced around the crowded terminal. "Is it safe to talk?"

Liam looked around, trying to gauge the crowd. It might be safe to talk about Runes - after all, nobody would pay any attention, but he didn't want to get into an argument about Rosemary in such a public place. "I think it might be safer if we wait until we get to the car," he said.

Gran nodded. "As you wish. Now let's get my bag and get out of here."

Liam nodded, deciding that he was lucky that he was due to go to work right after he dropped Gran off. As she strode determinedly towards baggage claim, he managed - barely - to keep up with her. She seemed to almost ignore him as they waited by the baggage carousel, only paying enough attention to hand him her luggage before she headed towards the exit.

Struggling with the luggage, he managed to steer his silent Gran to the car. Only after her baggage was loaded and they were both in the car did she speak.

She glared at him. "So. How long has she been with child?"

Liam somehow managed to not plow his car into any parked nearby. "Three- nearly four - months now."

He could feel the tension in the silence of the car. Gran's voice was soft and flat as she asked, "And you couldn't share this with me?"

"Because there was no safe way to tell you," he responded, just as softly. "I didn't dare tell you over global and I haven't had any official reason to come to Dublin." Liam's eyes were on the road, but he could see his Gran's concerned face out of the corner of his eye.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Do you think I was the one who put that baby in danger?"

"I don't know, Gran. We won't know until it happens," Liam said, trying to console her. "I do know that I've made plans to keep her safe just in case I'm discovered or something like that."

Gran started to cry. "Oh God, Liam. I didn't even think--" She sighed deeply. "If that baby's hurt because of me, I'll never forgive myself. And how would I explain to your, your girlfriend, I guess you'd call her."

Liam reached over with a free hand. "I don't know how she'll react. She's chosen to bear the child because she knows what I am and it means a great deal to her to help continue that. I'm just hoping that her pregnancy has become gossip - as much as it's not flattering, it may save her life."

Gran grasped his hand tightly, and then released it. "I hope you're right. God, I hope you're right." She wiped her eyes. "So, tell me about this girl..."

Liam put his hand on the steering wheel again and wished he could close his eyes and just think. "Her name is Rosemary. She's a medical doctor who works for the Taelons, although most of the time she has to feign loyalty to them, because they hurt her badly. We got to know each other after she'd found this out, which is eventually how she ended up pregnant."

Gran sighed. "I was raised not to hate. Hate almost destroyed Eire--and it wounded Siobhan. But I could hate the Taelons for what they've done to us."

Liam shook his head. "Rosemary feels much the same way. She used to wholeheartedly support the Taelons - now she's working to keep them from doing to other humans what they did to her."

Gran smiled. "It sounds like Rosemary and I have a lot in common. I can't wait to meet her."

"You do," Liam said, smiling a little. "She's off tomorrow - I'll see if she has any plans. But I suspect she won't."

Liam just hoped that Rosemary would take well to his Gran and vice versa. Rosemary had had little tolerance for what she called his 'fussing' - how would she take Gran?

Moira waited at the window for her grandson to bring the car around. She smiled slightly--her grandson dating a doctor, and expecting a child! She hoped that she and Rosemary would get along--and that she would be able to find the threat to her family and avert it in time.

The car pulled up, and Liam honked the horn. Moira trotted downstairs, and they drove off.

Moira glanced over at Liam. He seemed unusually quiet for some reason. "Liam, why don't you and Rosemary live together?"

Liam stared straight ahead. "Because other than a few dates, and - that one time, we rarely see each other. I think Rosemary prefers it that way."

Moira looked stunned. "But what happens once the baby's born?"

"I don't know. We haven't really discussed it," Liam said. Truth be told, he hadn't had a chance to do so. Rosemary was so tired of listening to security precautions that the topic just hadn't come up.

Moira paused for a moment. "What do you want to do, Liam? Do you want to be a father to this child?"

Liam paused, ignoring a green light until a car behind him honked. "Well, yes! I want her to have parents. But...."

Moira wasn't about to give up. She pressed the issue. "But what?" A horrible thought occurred to her. She spoke slowly, as if the words were having to fight to leave her mouth. "Liam, you gave me the memory of your conception. I--I know that Siobhan wasn't initially willing to join with your father." She hesitated, "Did you... is that why she doesn't want to live with you?"

"I don't think it's that," Liam said, sounding uncertain. "I think she's scared, but for some reason she won't tell me. Or, I could be completely wrong and she just feels guilty. I don't know."

Moira sighed deeply. "I think that you and she have a great deal to discuss before your daughter is born. Your daughter needs parents, and you owe it to Rosemary to reach some sort of understanding with her before she gives birth."

Liam nodded slightly. "I'll try, Gran. I've been so worried about her safety that I really haven't been able to deal with what happens after the child is born."

Moira smiled. "I'm sure you've done your best to protect her, but now it's time to talk to her."

Liam rolled his eyes. "Easier said than done."

Moira laughed. "You're probably right!"

Liam parked the car in a parking space outside Rosemary's apartment building. He noticed that Gran had let herself out and was just gazing at the building as if appraising it. Coming around, he stopped by where Moira was standing. "She's waiting for us," he said, gently ushering her along the walk towards the building. As more of the front entrance came into view, he could see Rosemary waiting by the doors.

She swung the door open as they approached. "Liam," she said enthusiastically, giving him a half hug. "And this must be your grandmother."

Once they were all in the building, Liam remembered he hadn't replied. "Right. Rosemary, this is my Gran, Moira Beckett. Gran, this is Rosemary Schultz."

Liam stiffened slightly as he waited to see Gran's reaction. She smiled slightly, and her eyes shifted momentarily to Rosemary's abdomen. "I'm pleased to meet you. Congratulations. When are you due?"

"Um, in another five and a half months," Rosemary said, glancing down at her own stomach. She then directed a 'you didn't-warn-me-about-this' look at him, at which point he shrugged.

Gran apologized to Rosemary. "I'm so sorry that my visit has to be under such difficult circumstances."

Liam glanced over at Rosemary. She had a puzzled look on her face.

Rosemary had a puzzled look on her face. "Difficult? In what way?" Rosemary led them through a spacious, slightly utilitarian lobby to a bank of elevators. For a moment, they stood in companionable silence. Liam stood close to Rosemary, his arm just touching hers.

After a brief elevator trip, Rosemary led her two visitors into her apartment.

It was a good-sized flat, not unpleasant in decoration. Rosemary's tastes seemed to run to growing things and floral patterns, with plenty of cushions. Off to one side there was a kitchen, neatly organized, and several doors led off to presumably bedroom, wc, and closets. Moira and Liam sat on the couch, while Rosemary fetched a tea tray from the kitchen. After tea and cookies had been offered and accepted, Moira spoke.

Moira looked into Rosemary's eyes. "How much do you know about Runes?"

Rosemary looked at Liam, as if expecting a clue on how to react. But if he gave one, it couldn't be seen. "What I've read, and what Liam's told me about them," Rosemary replied.

Moira sighed. "I have certain psychic abilities, which I use the runes to channel. I regularly do readings on members of my family. I did a reading on Liam yesterday and discovered that he had fathered a child." Moira hesitated. "I then did a reading on the child. I discovered that you are bearing a daughter--and that you and the child are in deadly danger."

Rosemary looked over at Liam again, then slowly took a sip from her tea before speaking. "I should be skeptical, but... do you know anything more? I'm not worried about myself, but my child...."

Moira sighed. "All I know is that you and your daughter are in very real danger--and that I have to be here to stop it." Moira reached out and took Rosemary's hand. "I know that you are afraid, but please remember that the future is not set in stone--it can be changed by the choices we make."

"'There is no fate but what we make for ourselves,'" Rosemary quoted. "I knew that I was on a dangerous path from the moment I slept with Liam... but I have made the choice to take that path. However, I'll do much to keep my loved ones safe."

Moira smiled and glanced up at her grandson. "We all will."

Rosemary made a face at Liam, as if this was a sore spot with her. "I'm sure that your group's resources are better put to use finding out the truth about the Taelons than babysitting me."

Moira glanced at Rosemary. "Believe me, I am no friend to the Taelons. They killed my daughter. My only concern is the welfare of my family: my grandson, his--companion, and his daughter."

"I believe you, Moira," Rosemary said, smiling, then nodding towards Liam. "Thanks. It's Liam's overprotectiveness I'm worried about."

Moira laughed. "I'm afraid you have my daughter to thank for that--if you think *he's* overprotective, you should have seen her in her prime!"

"I know that she was a very determined woman," Rosemary answered, though absently as if in the grip of memory. "Whoever she followed. We, um, met when she ended up under my care once. Did Liam tell you that I specialize in medical care for CVI recipients?"

Moira glanced at Liam. "No, he didn't--he hasn't told me much about you." She grinned at Rosemary. "Actually, he hadn't even told me that you were expecting. I wasn't very happy about that." Moira glared a moment at her grandson, and then smiled at Rosemary. "I am sorry for the lack of notice--after that vision I was on the next flight out."

"Well, it's certainly an interesting way to meet in-laws - potential ones, I mean, and what better reason," Rosemary said, giving a small smile back. "As for the pregnancy, we're trying to be quiet about it for several reasons. Most of which are obvious for security and traditional reasons."

Moira smiled. "Under these circumstances, the fewer people that know, the better. Have you decided on a name yet?"

"I've thought of a few," Rosemary said, leaning back in the chair. "We haven't gotten together to decide on one, though Liam knows what I favor."

Liam smiled. "Marianne Elisa for a girl, I remember."

"Marianne Elisa Beckett," Rosemary corrected gently. "You mother made quite an impression on me."

"Marianne Elisa Beckett Schultz. I like it, actually," Liam said, smiling and reaching across to take her hand.

Moira blinked, and tears began to fall from her eyes. "I only wish my Siobhan were here to see this. I think she'd approve of you. I certainly do."

Rosemary released Liam and spoke softly. "I wish I'd known her better, but - she had her duty and I had mine. I just hope her granddaughter turns out just as intelligent and thoughtful as she was." She fell silent for a moment. "I never thought I'd end up with her son."

Moira wiped her tears and smiled at Rosemary. "Neither did I, my dear. After Siobhan passed, I never thought I'd have a grandchild, and in six more months I'll be a great-grandmother."

"We still have to get through the six months, though," Liam reminded them both. "I know you aren't happy with some of my precautions," he told Rosemary, "but they'll keep both you and Marianne alive."

"I know, Liam," Rosemary replied. "I just hate being fussed over. Especially that way. Our child's important, but...."

Moira shifted somewhat uncomfortably in her seat, not wanting to take sides in the debate. Liam spotted the motion. "I'm sorry, Gran--Rosemary and I can discuss this some other time."

Moira straightened up. "Don't worry, Liam--you do have some time."

"Sorry," Rosemary apologized. "I love Liam, but sometimes he drives me nuts."

Liam shrugged, answering Moira. "We do still have some rough spots to work out."

Moira slyly grinned. "I'm not surprised--you are both strong-willed. I'm sure you'll work things out... eventually."

Moira glanced at Rosemary and Liam. "Have you two thought about living arrangements once the baby arrives?"

Liam glanced over at Rosemary, as if apologizing. Rosemary leaned back. "Actually, I was planning to set up things here, and move when she got bigger and needed more room."

Moira leaned forward. "I have something here that may help." She reached into her bag and handed a sheaf of papers to Liam. "Siobhan's estate has been settled, and you are Siobhan's next of kin and heir. For obvious reasons, we can't risk you openly claiming her estate. Your cousin Tara is a chartered accountant, and she set up a blind trust for your benefit. Ostensibly, your cover identity is a lost heir."

Rosemary looked from Moira to her grandson. "I'll let you two settle this. It's not my money, and it wouldn't be even if I married you." She rose. Rosemary strode over to the bedroom and closed the door.

Moira pulled a pen from her purse and handed it to Liam. "All you have to do is sign the Declaration of Trust. Tara will deposit the first disbursement into your account here."

Liam put the pen down. "Gran, I can't take this! You're her mother. The money is properly yours, not mine."

Moira shook her head. "I gave you a copy of Siobhan's will, and it specifically states that the bulk of her estate is to be divided equally between her children. There were several bequests and charitable donations, but the rest is yours."

"I'm not legally her child. Besides, I don't need the money - I get paid well for what I do, and I wouldn't dream of claiming it. What she gave me when I was conceived is sufficient."

Moira sighed. "Legally, you may not be Siobhan's child. However, you are her son, and she explicitly left most of her estate to her children. I was named as her executrix--would you have me betray her trust?"

"No, I would not have you betray your trust, it's just that I feel it's unfair that I get the money. She didn't remember my birth until the last minute or two of her life, and I've certainly not been part of the family. It's the family that she loves that should get it, not a child mostly forced upon her by a desperate alien," Liam said, looking into Moira's eyes.

Moira leaned forward. "Liam, the family discussed this for months. We all decided that Siobhan's wishes should be honored." She shuddered. "The memories you shared with me should tell you that Siobhan loved you. I don't know why you doubt that. You don't have to decide right away, but I want you to know that the money will be there if you need it. We won't touch it."

Liam shook his head. "I just don't want to take it, Gran. I just feel like I don't have a right to it. Besides, I don't know if Rosemary wants a house - and since I think Rosemary thinks housing is her responsibility, I don't know if I have much of a say in it."

Moira gathered the papers and pen and stuffed them back into her purse. "All right, Liam--if that's what you want. I just want you to remember that you can change your mind at any time." She looked up. "I want you to know that whatever happens, you're part of the family. If you ever need anything, I hope you'll remember us."

"I will," Liam replied softly. "I'm not forgetting, I'm just not asking. I'm more likely to need refuge for Rosemary than any amount of money."

Moira nodded. "I understand. If things go bad, send her and Marianne to us. The O'Suilleabhain's are quite widespread, and there are several places we can use to hide them." She pulled out the pen and wrote on a scrap of paper. "This is your cousin Tara's number. Memorize it and destroy the paper. If you're in trouble, call her--she can arrange to smuggle Rosemary and Marianne into Eire."

Liam nodded, taking the scrap and looking at it. "I hope she takes this better than she took my last suggestion. I worry about her, Gran - she's so focused on the child , I think she forgets she's important too. Marianne's going to need her."

Moira laughed. "Give her time, Liam. I felt the same when I was pregnant with your mother. Marianne will always be vitally important, but she will eventually come to value herself. She's too strong not to. Speaking of Rosemary, don't you think we should bring her back out here?"

Liam smiled. "Maybe we should, before she falls asleep in there." He got up and knocked on the door. "Rosemary, we're done talking about money."

Rosemary came out and poured a cup of tea.

Moira looked at her. "I'm sorry about that, dear. I promise I won't raise that subject in front of you again."

"What... oh, Liam's inheritance. I figure you two took care of it," Rosemary said, smiling. "It's just none of my business. How Liam applies it to Marianne he can deal with, but I'm not family." She picked up her newly-filled cup and took a sip of the tea.

Moira sat for a moment, and picked up her teacup. "I understand how you feel on that issue. However, as Liam's companion, you are a member of the family as far as I'm concerned."

"I still don't have a right to say in your financial matters," Rosemary said. "I don't want to be presumptuous in that way, especially since my only connection comes from being pregnant with your great-granddaughter, and I'm the one who dragged Liam into bed."

"You didn't have much of a choice," Liam reminded her. "The hormones-"

"I know fully well what happened, Liam. They may have gone away eventually even if we hadn't slept together," Rosemary snapped. She smiled embarrasedly at Moira. "Sorry. Old debate. We can discuss it later."

Moira grinned. "Don't worry about it. I was married for 20 years--I had similar conversations with John many times."

"I hope we survive that long," Rosemary said, sighing and rubbing her stomach. "Sometimes I have doubts about that. Liam's the optimist, I'm afraid. But he's still overprotective."

"And you'd probably notify the hospital and 'forget' to notify me until Marianne was born," Liam teaser her.

"I don't like the fuss," Rosemary said, smiling. "I can't wait for Marianne to be born just so that you can fuss about her, instead!"

Moira smiled knowingly and sipped her tea.

Liam's global chirped. He motioned for silence from the two women, and stood against a blank wall before answering. "Kincaid here."

Agent Sandoval's face appeared on the screen. "Da'an asks that you report to him immediately."

Liam frowned slightly. "Is he in the Embassy or on the Mothership?"

Sandoval's eyes narrowed slightly. "Da'an is at the Embassy, but requires you to pilot his shuttle to the Mothership."

Liam nodded. "I'm on my way." He slammed his global shut and looked at Rosemary. "Do you think you could entertain Gran tonight? I don't know how long they'll keep me at the Mothership."

"I'll be glad to," Rosemary said smiling. "Moira, have you ever been to Washington, D.C. before?"

Moira shook her head. "No, I haven't. I knew I'd visit eventually--just not so soon!"

"I better go," Liam said. He turned to Rosemary. "I'll call you when I'm done."

"Sounds good to me," Rosemary said, smiling at him. "You just go, I'll take care of your Gran for you."

Liam smiled back. "I know you will. Gran, I'll be back soon, I hope." He started for the door.

As Liam reached the door, Moira called out, "Take care of yourself, Liam."

Liam called back, "Don't I always?"

As the door closed, Moira and Rosemary exchanged an ironic look and laughed.

Rosemary shook her head. "That's Liam for you," she said, still smiling. "An overprotective worrywart when it comes to me, but never thinks about himself. Do you want more tea, Moira? Or shall we just go?"

Moira shook her head. "Why don't we get out for a bit?"

"Sounds good to me," Rosemary said, walking over and fetching her car keys. "One good thing about all that's happened... I never misplace anything by accident anymore."

"So where are we going?" Moira asked.

"I'm going to show you my favorite parts of Washington, some of which are kinda touristy, but most of them aren't. I haven't lived in the area for that long, but even I can find nice places to show a visitor," Rosemary said, opening her door and smiling.

Moira went through the door. "I can't wait."

As they took the elevator down, Moira asked, "Do you have a good OB/GYN? If not, I have a third cousin who's a doctor in New York. I'm sure he could recommend a colleague in Washington."

"Actually, I've got one. Or, more precisely, Liam's got one. Dr. Melissa Park, who delivered him and is one of about three doctors including me who has any idea on how to treat him. You can imagine my surprise when he brought her to me for a preliminary exam about two weeks into the pregnancy," Rosemary replied. "The way he was frantically arranging things, you'd think he was pregnant, not me. I don't mind sometimes on the medical end but sometimes it's like he forgets I'm the one that really needs the say in things. There's such a thing as overprotective and overreactive."

Moira sighed. "Give him time. Liam lost two of his parents before he was two months old. He doesn't want to lose either of you. Once Marianne is born, I think he'll be a bit more secure. If it's any consolation, John was the same way while I was pregnant with Siobhan--if not worse! John tried to prevent me from lifting so much as a tea kettle while I was pregnant. It took a while, but I was able to convince him that pregnancy wasn't a disease, and that I was perfectly capable of doing things for myself." Moira did a double take. "Did you say Dr. Park?"

"Yes, you know of her?" Rosemary asked, puzzlement on her face.

Moira stood still as a memory of Melissa Park standing over her daughter invaded her consciousness. "Oh God. Melissa Park performed the surgery that killed my daughter."

"Surgery?" Rosemary asked before her eyes grew distant. "Ooh, great. Liam, you have the brains of a flea, sometimes." As the elevator dinged to a stop, she said, "I'm sorry, Moira. I would have noticed sooner, but I try not to remember Liam's memories out of respect for him."

Moira stumbled out of the elevator. "That's all right, dear. I'd rather know." She allowed Rosemary to lead her through the lobby. "Has she treated you well?"

"She fusses almost worse than Liam does," Rosemary said, smiling slightly. "Like she has a personal stake in this. I know a thing or two about pre-natal care myself, and she is extremely thorough. Of course, Liam listens to her assurances and still treats me like something's going to go wrong any second, but that's not her fault."

Moira sighed. "Liam shared some memories with me once. I've never forgotten that woman's face. She cost me my daughter--she had better not cost me my great-granddaughter and my grandson's companion."

Rosemary muttered something about Dr. Who and continued at a more audible level as she led Moira towards the parking entrance. "Well, the other is my boss, whom I'm having a slight bit of a tiff with right now, and besides, she's more acquainted with Liam's biology anyway. She's just about the only choice we have, because we don't dare use a non-L - a normal doctor."

Moira nodded. "I understand that intellectually, but a part of me still doesn't trust her."

"That, you'll have to take up with your grandson," Rosemary told her. "I am going to concentrate on ways to convince him that I don't need a bodyguard 24 hours a day. In a way, I'm glad we don't live or work together - otherwise I'd probably strangle him before his daughter's born. Too bad she'll probably insist on him being there for the birth. One fussy person paying attention to me is enough."

Rosemary unlocked the car and opened the door for Moira. "My, this is going to feel quite strange. In Eire, this side of the car is the driver's side."

Rosemary got in and started the car. They buckled up, and Rosemary pulled into the street.

"It's going to be a bit of a drive, I'm afraid," Rosemary said as they stopped for a red light. "This is actually a suburb of Washington, not the city itself. But it's worth it. Meanwhile, feel free to ask me anything. I'm sure you have questions, and I want to take care of any worries you have while you're here."

Moira pondered for a moment. "Do you have any brothers or sisters? Will Marianne have any aunts, uncles or cousins on the Schultz side of the family?"

Rosemary grinned. "Two living grandparents, an aunt, an uncle, and a cousin, just to name the nearest. I'm the family misfit - the rest of them live in California and grow herbs commercially. Well, except my niece, Amber. She's a little young at the moment."

Moira smiled. "Coming from a large family myself, I find the support of the family comforting. I understand it can be somewhat overwhelming, though."

Her companion sighed. "There's a reason I moved away from home, and it was not just because I wanted to go into the medical field. Fortunately, they all belong to a segment of Liam's - group, so we're getting along better now. I'm told if I want to spend some time later on, Dad'll personally drive all the way to Washington. But I've been fussed over so much, I told them just to send over some (names of herbs useful for pregnancy/pain/etc.) and not worry."

Moira laughed. "I understand. There were many times when I was growing up that I wished my brothers and sisters were far, far away. Once we grew up and scattered, I missed them more than I ever thought I would."

"But Marianne will be taken care of, even if both Liam and I die, I'm sure of that. I just hope that maybe we'll be able to give her a few brothers and sisters, if Liam wants them, that is."

Moira nodded. "God forbid, if anything should happen to you or Liam, Marianne will always have a home in Eire."

"Thank you, Moira," Rosemary said, smiling. "I hope not, but if it happens, it's good to know she'll be taken care of. I'm very well aware of what's at stake here, and I'm sure you are as well. I want to live to give my daughter a happy home with her parents both alive to teach her about herself."

Moira smiled. "Well, I will certainly do my best to make sure that my great-granddaughter's parents are around to raise her. Speaking of my great-granddaughter, where do you plan to live once she's a toddler?"

"A bigger apartment once I need it, one with its own bedroom," Rosemary said. "Maybe save up for a house down the road should I be able to afford one. Enough room for a growing kid, anyway."

Moira hesitated a moment. "Do you think you and Liam might marry one day?"

"Hadn't really thought about it, or discussed it. More pressing worries on our mind, I'm afraid."

Moira nodded. "I quite understand--and given the unusual aspects of the situation, I am not surprised."

"Of course, when I look at Liam, 'white picket fence' does not really come to mind. I'd like to marry someday, but I don't want to force him," Rosemary said, her eyes steadfastly on the road.

Moira smiled. "You have to do what is right for you."

"I don't know what is right for me, yet," Rosemary said softly. "I may not know until Marianne's birth... or after. If it's best for Marianne's welfare that we marry, I'll ask Liam, but it's also his choice."

Moira smiled thoughtfully. "I don't think Liam will be ready for a while--he's very young still."

"That's the understatement of the year," Rosemary said. "I sometimes forget he'll only be a few months older than his daughter. Seems too young to be having kids."

Moira sighed. "Maybe it's his youth that makes him so easy to love."

Rosemary smiled. "Maybe you're right." She turned right onto a small cross street. "I'm going to take a short cut here."

Moira nodded and looked around at the scenery. It still felt strange to be on the driver's side--but not driving. In the distance, sirens blared. Out of sheer habit she checked the rearview mirror--nothing there.

Moira then heard a high-pitched whine. She checked the mirror again and was horrified to see a motorcycle at high speed headed straight for them. She opened her mouth to tell Rosemary to pull over, but it was too late. The next sensation she felt was a jarring impact as her body was thrust against her safety restraints.

A moment later, the airbags inflated, filling the cabin with an acrid odor. Moira thought for a moment she would smother against the cloying, clinging bag. She didn't have long to enjoy the embrace of the airbags--another impact at the front slammed her back into her seat.

For an instant, Moira could do nothing but sit there. However, instincts honed by a lifetime preparing for--and dealing with--acts of terror took over. She methodically inventoried herself--nothing seemed to be broken, only bruised. Her seat belt and airbag had protected her. She would hurt for a few days, but she would live. She glanced over at Rosemary--and saw blood coming from her lips.

Moira released herself from her seat belt. She looked up and saw a young man in his mid-30s.

"Are you okay, ma'am?" he called anxiously.

Moira nodded. "I'm fine, but my friend is unconscious. We need help right away--she's pregnant."

Moira's side of the car was barely dented, and the young man was able to force the door open. Moira was stiff, but she was able to leave the car unassisted. She looked over to Rosemary's side and saw a mangled wreck. She didn't have to be a mechanic to see that the frame of the car had bent and that the front of the car was folded into another car. She assumed that the black flames up the road were all that was left of the motorcycle.

The young man had apparently been talking on his global. Moira was drawn away from her contemplation of the tableau by the sound of a global slamming shut. "Help's on the way, ma'am. I'm sorry, but I couldn't get your friend out." He looked uncertain. "I'm sure they'll have her out in no time."

Moira picked her way through the wreckage and went over to the other side. Rosemary's window had shattered, sending shards of safety glass into the compartment. They surrounded Rosemary, reflecting the setting sun and surrounding her with a halo of light. Moira shook her head--don't even think that, you silly woman! Rosemary isn't going to be joining the angels anytime soon, not if I can help it!

Rosemary was slumped over the steering wheel. Her safety belt must not have been positioned properly due to her pregnancy. She did seem to be in an odd position. Moira looked down, but could see no amniotic fluid staining the floor or Rosemary's dress. Hopefully, the baby would be all right...

Moira's eyes widened. Oh Jesus--what if they get a look at the baby? Do Kimera babies look different? Is there something different about the pregnancy? Moira knew that there was no way she could allow an ordinary doctor to examine Rosemary. A strange calm descended upon her, and she knew that this was the moment she had come here for--this was the danger she must avert.

Moira looked up the street. A fire lorry sped down the street, only to be blocked by the flames at the head of the street. A troop of firefighters streamed out of the truck. Moira turned around to see a group of medics carrying a board running towards her.

Moira took a deep breath, and motioned to the medics. "My friend is trapped and unconscious--please hurry!"

Moira thought that the medics had been running before--she was wrong. Within seconds they sprinted up and were reaching through the window, checking pulse, blood pressure, reflexes. One medic trotted in behind them carrying a case. "Were you in the car as well, ma'am?"

"Yes--I don't think I'm badly hurt, but I think you should know that Rosemary is a physician in the employ of the Taelons. She is having a problem pregnancy, and is being treated by Dr. Melissa Park."

The medic nodded. "I'll make sure the doctor at DC General knows that. Now, what's your name, ma'am?"

Moira shook her head. "You don't understand." She groped for an excuse, anything to make this youngster listen. "Rosemary--is a Taelon implant. She *has* to be treated by Dr. Park!"

The medic's jaw dropped and he fumbled for his global. He flipped it open. "Get me in touch with ComTech immediately." He looked up at Moira. "What's Rosemary's full name?"

Moira replied, "She's Dr. Rosemary Schultz."

The medic nodded at her and glanced back at his global. A pleasant soprano emerged from it: "ComTech, may I help you?"

The medic nodded. "EMT Wayne Harris, Washington Metro. I have an injured Taelon implant here by the name of Dr. Rosemary Schultz. Is Dr. Park in?"

The pleasant soprano seemed less self-assured this time. "I believe Dr. Park is at the Embassy. One moment... I will page her."

Wayne looked up at Moira. "Don't worry, ma'am... the Taelons take care of their own. Rosemary will be just fine."

The voice that emerged from Wayne's global was somewhat more harsh than that of the first speaker. "This is Dr. Melissa Park. And you are?"

Wayne nodded deferentially. "EMT Wayne Harris, Doctor. A patient of yours, Dr. Rosemary Schultz, has been in a severe auto accident. Her companion informs me that Dr. Schultz is an implant. Is this correct?"

Moira held her breath.

Dr. Park replied without hesitation. "Indeed, and her companion was quite right to have you contact me. Pregnancy is a particularly delicate time for Taelon implants. What is Dr. Schultz's current condition?"

Wayne and Moira glanced over at the medics, who had temporarily given way to firefighters. Moira shuddered as she heard Rosemary's moans for the first time.

"She's still trapped inside the vehicle, Doctor. If you would like, I will hand you over to one of my colleagues who has been treating her."

"Please do," replied Dr. Park. Wayne ran over and handed his global to another medic, who began rattling off a stream of readings to Dr. Park.

Wayne ran back to Moira. "Well, that's your friend taken care of. Why don't we see how you're doing now?"

Moira sighed.


Wayne examined Moira and concurred with her initial impressions. "I think Dr. Park will want to take a look at you, just to be sure. We're going to be transporting you and your friend to ComTech." Moira's eyes grew cold and distant. Wayne didn't notice, and continued, "It's a good thing you mentioned that your friend was an implant. If you hadn't... well, the political implications wouldnít be pretty."

After he finished, Wayne tried to guide Moira over to the ambulance for transport. Moira looked him right in the eye and quietly stated, "I'm not leaving this place unless Rosemary comes with me."

Wayne began to say something, but stopped. "As you wish, ma'am."

It took the firefighters 30 long minutes to get Rosemary out of the car. During that time, the only intelligible sounds Moira heard Rosemary make were weak cries of "my baby, my baby."

Moira prayed that these would not be Rosemary's last words.

Once the firefighters got Rosemary out, Wayne bundled Moira into an ambulance. Moira refused to be strapped into a gurney, but they made her ride in the back. As they pulled away, Moira caught a glimpse of the crowd of rescue workers that had labored to free Rosemary. Her eyes filled with tears.

Wayne tried to reassure Moira, telling her of the fine reputation of the ComTech clinic. "Only the best doctors are chosen to serve the Taelons. Normally, only Taelon employees are treated there, but Dr. Park insisted that we bring you with Dr. Schultz."

Moira nodded. "I'm sure the care will be good. I'm just worried about Rosemary."

Wayne smiled slightly. "She'll be fine. You'll see."

The ambulances arrived at ComTech almost simultaneously. Wayne opened the back door and assisted Moira down. A white-coated woman was waiting with a wheelchair. She settled Moira into the chair, and then nodded at Wayne. "Thank you, Mr. Harris. We'll take it from here."

Wayne nodded, and tapped at his global. "I've just transferred her chart." He nodded at Moira. "Good luck, Moira."

Moira nodded back. "Thank you, Wayne." The woman wheeled her through the doors.

Moira didn't get much of a look at the ComTech facility. From what she saw, it was clean, bright--and very modern. She was whisked into an examination room. The woman assisted Moira from her wheelchair into a comfortable padded chair. She gave Moira a small smile and said "Dr. Sidemore will be with you shortly." She strode out before Moira could say another word.

Moira slumped in the chair. The false energy of adrenaline had deserted her, and she wanted nothing better than to find a warm bed and crawl into it. She wouldn't allow herself that luxury until she knew Rosemary and the baby were all right.

Moira was on the verge of sleep when the door opened again. A balding man in his mid-forties walked in. "Mrs. Beckett? I'm Dr. Aaron Sidemore." He held his hand forth, and Moira took it. "I understand you've had quite a tiring day, so we won't put you through any more tests than necessary."

Dr. Sidemore had her lean back in the chair as he ran various instruments over her. "Well, I have good news for you--you have some nasty bruises, but nothing serious. You will probably feel sore for a few days. I would suggest that you rest for at least a day, and that you stay in the country for a few more days to allow your body to recover." He smiled. "Do you have any questions?"

Moira sat up straight. "Yes. How are Rosemary and the baby?"

Dr. Sidemore's face fell slightly. "I'm not treating them, so I honestly don't know. Dr. Park is treating them now, and she will be in shortly to brief you."

Moira sighed. "Thank you, Doctor--I appreciate your honesty."

Dr. Sidemore smiled, shook her hand and left.

Moira slumped in her chair again, and she dozed off. Some time later, she awoke to find Liam and Dr. Park standing over her.

"Gran," Liam greeted her. "I got here as soon as I could."

"Mrs. Beckett, I'm Dr. Park, Dr. Schultz's doctor," Dr. Park said, holing out a hand.

Moira briefly clasped Dr. Park's hand. "Let me be brutally honest with you, Doctor. I have no reason to care for you. My grandson has shared some of his memories with me, and I felt every agony you inflicted upon my daughter. However, I will forgive every agony you put my Siobhan through if you can save my great-granddaughter and her mother."

Dr. Park looked over at Liam briefly before answering her. "Rosemary - Dr. Schultz - will be fine. She broke several ribs and punctured her left lung. She's being (been?) stabilized. She'll need to stay in the hospital a few days just to make sure she doesn't lose the baby, and shell need to stay on light duty for a while after that."

"She was lucky, Gran. I'm told that you most probably saved her life," Liam said, his eyes glittering a little as if he was suppressing tears.

Moira drew in a long, shuddering breath and clasped Liam's hand. "Thank God they'll be okay." Moira turned to Dr. Park. "I have to thank you for backing me up, Doctor. Claiming that Rosemary was an implant was the only way I could think of to ensure that she was brought here for treatment."

Dr. Park looked puzzled. "But she is an Implant, Mrs. Beckett. Liam, you didn't tell her?"

Liam shook his head. "I figured that was Rosemary's business, not mine. She tries not to advertise it."

Moira's mouth dropped open, and then slipped into a smile. "I chose that story on instinct. I thought it was a white lie, but it looks like there was more to it than I thought."

"At least this way the Taelons don't expect her to be carrying what she's carrying," Dr. Park said. "That was very quick thinking, though, Mrs. Beckett."

"Rosemary and I slept together a few days before she was implanted, Gran," Liam explained.

Moira looked up at Liam and Dr. Park. "I just knew that other doctors could not be allowed to examine Rosemary and Marianne. That's the danger I was here to prevent. I just thank God that I was able to accomplish it."

"Marianne?" Dr. Park asked, sounding puzzled again. "The baby?"

"The baby," Liam confirmed.

Dr. Park nodded. "It's a nice name. We're releasing you now, Mrs. Beckett, since Liam's here to take you home. You can visit Rosemary in the morning. Both of you. And Liam, not a stitch before that!"

Liam responded to the humor in her voice. "Got it," he said, reaching out a hand to help Moira up.


Liam rubbed his shaqarava almost absently as he and his Gran headed to the room where Rosemary had been taken. He was gratified that Moira had seemed to have slept well, even had caught up on her sleep. And that she'd survived his breakfast. He was almost glad, though, that she wouldn't be there much longer to comment on his dietary habits.

Da'an had quietly given him the day off, saying that he would be all day on the Mothership, so Liam would not be needed until later in the evening. He had thanked Da'an, grateful that he wouldn't have to balance his duty with his concern with his family. He hoped to give Moira some of the tour of D.C. that Rosemary had promised her before the accident, after they visited Rosemary. Turning his head, he asked, "Did you mean what you said, about Rosemary being family?"

Gran glanced up from her contemplation of the flowers in her hand. Her eyes were not cold, but they were piercing all the same. "Liam, you should know better. She's your companion, and the mother of my great-granddaughter. Of course she's family!"

"I'm not quite sure she knows that," Liam said softly.

"When we were talking about her having you over for tea, she was so adamant about not wanting to intrude, due to her 'unmarried state'. Even now I'm not sure how she feels."

Gran laughed softly. "That's because you're a man, dear. Rosemary and I had a wonderful chat before that horrible crash. I think she knows--but if it makes you feel better, I will reassure her. In fact, I need to gather her genealogical data at some point; the Schultzes will become part of our family history as soon as Marianne is born." Her eyes sparkled. "I may even have to purchase a separate book to enter the family history--the Bible was starting to get rather cramped, and that Beckett sheet isn't even the full history--it only goes back a few generations. With a new book, I'll be able to write it out properly." She squeezed his hand briefly. "Don't worry. Everything will be fine."

"I hope so, Gran," Liam replied as they reached Rosemary's room. "I worry about her. If I had any choice, she'd be safe away where nobody could find her, but we both have covers to maintain and hers is offering her a measure of safety, at least."

Gran shook her head. "I'm glad you realize that shutting her away would be a grave mistake. Even if you marry her, you have to allow her time to pursue her own interests and to lead her own life. Now let's go in and see her!" Liam watched helplessly as Gran marched over to the door and firmly knocked on it.

"Come in," Rosemary called, and Moira opened the door. They went past a bathroom and the closet to find her cheerfully laying on the bed, hooked up to half a dozen things. "Hello, you two," Rosemary said cheerily.

Liam trailed behind as his Gran trotted over to Rosemary's side. She held out her hand, and after a moment Rosemary took it. "How are you feeling, dear?"

"Other than I hate being on the receiving end of medical care," Rosemary said, a glint of humour in her eyes. "I'm fine. Or will be, I should say. Dr. Park's been keeping a very close eye on me. If I didn't know that this was because she wants to see the baby born, I would be giving Liam a few words in the ear about overprotectiveness!"

Liam winced slightly as Gran laughed softly. "I'm glad to hear that Marianne is doing well. I think Dr. Park needs a lesson in patience--Marianne will come out when she's ready, and not before."

"I think she's worried about Marianne coming out *before* she's ready, Gran," Liam told her. He turned to face rosemary. "She says that part of your problem was from bending over to protect the baby."

Rosemary shrugged, or at least as much as she was able to. "Pure instinct. This is my child too, Liam."

Liam glanced over at his Gran, who was busily arranging the flowers in a vase. She smiled at Rosemary. "You did what any mother would have done, dear."

"I'm sure, when Marianne is old enough, she'll thank me for it," Rosemary commented. She then smiled wryly. "Should both of us survive till then. Trust me to turn onto the wrong street. Hopefully Marianne will have enough intuition for the both of us."

"You survived, that's what's important."

"I guess so. But... no bodyguards, dear. It doesn't matter if I'm your girlfriend, companion, or whatever I properly am, you have bigger things to worry about than me and Marianne," Rosemary said. She looked over at Gran. "Sorry, by the time you leave I should have it through my head not to raise that issue in front of you. I can't wait until Marianne's born, believe me."

Gran shook her head. "Don't worry, dear--you're family now, and you always will be, even if you and Liam never marry." She smiled. "Speaking of which, do you have a Schultz genealogy completed? I'll need it to complete Marianne's family history."

"I don't, but I know who does. Hand me a piece of paper, I have contact addresses for my folks," Rosemary said, reaching out an arm. "They know I'm pregnant, thanks to Liam's... connections, so you'll have to explain who you are exactly."

Gran handed Rosemary a piece of paper and a pen. Rosemary scribbled a few lines, and then handed both back. Gran looked at Liam. "Is it safe for me to contact them?"

It was Rosemary who answered. "I think it would be pretty safe, actually. I'm not an expert in security matters, but they do own a business. I indicated which ones were their business contacts, in case you want to seem like you're ordering commercial herbs or something."

"Or you could say that you were looking to trace an obscure branch of the family tree," Liam offered. "Rosemary, are they into geneology?"

"My parents? My mom is, kinda. She has a copy of the charts, I belive, so if she was asked, she could answer. It's actually a cousin that's geneology-mad. Does that help any, Moira? I want to offer all the help I can. She's your descendant too, after all."

Gran smiled at Liam and Rosemary. "I think your cousin will be able to provide the information I need. I'm actually doing this for all of us--it's very important to know where we've come from." A wry grin crossed her face as she turned to Liam. "Once things stabilize, I'm going to want your help with your fathers' information. I don't think I should write it down right away, though--I don't want it to fall into unfriendly hands."

"Probably a good idea," Rosemary said, sounding bemused. Liam, on the other hand, paled as he considered trying to extract his family tree on Ha'gel's side.

"One of them should be easy enough," Liam said, trying to make it sound offhanded. "The other might take a few centuries to compile, though."

Rosemary giggled and looked at Moira. "I think you might need an encyclopedia on his."

Moira smiled. "That's fine--it can be a family project. Look at it this way, Liam--you'll have something to keep Marianne busy and out of trouble."

"I'm sure she'll be an absolute angel," Liam said.

Rosemary shot an amused look at Moira. "Doesn't know very much about kids, does he?"

Moira laughed. "He'll learn--John said the same thing when he saw Siobhan. I think he changed his mind after the fifth midnight feeding, though."

Liam looked at the two of them, confused. Rosemary must have taken pity on him, for she said, "Something you'll learn from experience. And trust me, you'll get plenty of experience."

Liam sighed. "I hope I'm up to the challenge."

Moira clasped his hand. "You're not going to be perfect, dear. You're going to make mistakes, but you're going to learn from them. And you'll always have help if you need it." She glanced at Rosemary.

"I'll lend you a few books, Liam," Rosemary said, grinning widely. "That way, you'll be prepared six months from now."

Liam glanced over at his Gran, who was grinning wildly. Her lips kept twitching slightly, and he could tell that she was holding back laughter. He sighed.

Gran managed to control her urge to laugh. "Liam, I think you need some more lessons in childhood. Have any of your friends or co-workers had any children lately?"

He shook his head. "No. None after me."

Gran sighed. "Have you considered parenting classes? If you're truly concerned, I think they might help you." She smiled slightly. "There are fathers without your particular history that worry about their ability to parent."

Rosemary had such an evil grin on her face that Liam realized he was trapped. "I guess I'll be taking them," he said. Gran pulled out a sheaf of papers from her purse.

Liam started to protest. "But Gran, I thought we'd already--"

She shoved the papers into his hand and smiled broadly. "I called your cousin last night. This is all the information she was able to gather on parenting classes in the Washington area."

Rosemary's puzzled expression turned into a grin, but she said nothing. Liam scanned over the papers, noting that they were indeed parenting resources. He could even make out a tiny note at the bottom concerning something for Rosemary that he probably didn't want to know about. Rosemary reached out for them and he handed them to her. "Um, thanks."

Rosemary read over the sheets. As she reached the bottom of one page, she blushed. She smiled at Moira and carefully ripped one portion of the page. She placed the slip of paper in her nightstand drawer and handed the remaining papers back to Liam.

Liam took the papers awkwardly, trying not to drop them. He had a vision of parenting classes, fathering classes, breathing classes, and half-a-dozen other things swirling through his head. I think I've just had my life planned out for me, he thought, dismayed.

Gran came over and patted him on the shoulder. "It's not the end of the world, you know. Your life's not over--you're just going to have to get used to having a child in your life." She looked him in the eye. "That child needs a father, not a sperm donor."

Liam grinned. "I know that. Why do you think I'm protecting Rosemary so much?"

There was a short pause, then Rosemary spoke, her eyes gleaming. "Look on the bright side, Liam. We get to learn this parenting thing together. Besides, I'm sure some things will turn up that aren't in the books."

Moira nodded emphatically. "I didn't want to imply that you would shirk your responsibility. I just wanted to let you know that this is a lifetime job. I want you to have the knowledge you need to be the best father you can be." She reached out and clasped his hand. "I know you can do this, Liam."

He squeezed her hand briefly. "I know, Gran."

Rosemary nodded. "I won't let him forget," she said, as a nurse came in to check on her.

Moira and Liam stepped back as the nurse checked Rosemary's monitors and vital signs. "You're doing very well, Dr. Schultz. Dr. Park will be in to see you in a few minutes." She nodded at Moira and Liam as she left.

Gran sighed. "I think that's our cue, dear." She grasped Rosemary's hand. "Get well soon, dear. I think I'll leave you two alone." She nodded at Liam. "I'll be in the waiting room."

Liam watched as his Gran left, then turned to Rosemary. "You want us to stay?"

Rosemary shook her head. "No, come back later after I've faced Dr. Park. I don't want to intrude on your time-"

"You're not intruding."

"I know, but... I'm sure you have things to discuss. Now go! Shoo!" Rosemary said, making motions as best she could with her arms.

Moira paced in the waiting room. Thankfully, there was no one present to see her fretting. She loved her grandson dearly, but she feared for him. Would he be able to effectively parent Marianne when he had no real childhood experience to guide him? Would the parenting classes do the trick? Would Rosemary be able to help? She sat on the couch and drew the coffee table closer. She drew out her rune bag and began shuffling it.

"Will my grandson Liam be a good parent?" she whispered into the still air.

She drew out three runes and laid them out.

"Hmmm...some initial mishaps."

"Rapid learning--well, I'd expect that."

A voice spoke up behind her. "And then what?"

Moira looked up. Her grandson was standing in the doorway. She glanced down at the third rune and swept them into her bag.

"And then--you'll be fine. Rosemary was right--you're going to have a lot of experience. Marianne is going to be lucky to have you for a father."

"I hope so," Liam said. "I don't want to botch it."

Moira's eyes glowed. "Don't worry. You won't. I know it."


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