Disclaimer: Liam and Dr. Park, both mentioned in this fic, belong to Roddenberry-Kirschner and Tribune, among others. Rosemary belongs to me.

Author's note: This is just a quick piece that occured to me this evening. It follows "Preparations and Security" and is Rosemary's thoughts on the matter.

Adjustments and Past Errors
by Estirose
copyright 1999

Rosemary sat uneasily in the chair, waiting for her appointment with Dr. Park, Liam's choice of a pre-natal doctor for her. It was the latest of a flurry of things that had happened since she'd woken up pregnant with his child. She was cheered that her baby could not have a more devoted or caring father, but a little tired of being the center of his attention.

But then, it wasn't every day that one carried the future of a species. The continuance of Liam's line was critical, for if he died without a heir, the Kimera died with him. It was the one thing that kept her from protesting Liam's actions. That, and she felt tired, even after eating for two.

Liam remembered a very different Dr. Park from the one she knew, and she must trust in his judgement. Park had delivered Liam, and was the only one who knew anything about the biology of human-Kimera hybrids. She was the only choice. Which didn't mean that Rosemary was too glad to be there.

Still, it meant too much to Liam, which meant that she had to put up with Park for as long as was needed, and Park would have to put up with her. She was aware that she hadn't made the world's best impression with either Park or Belman. She had to make up for that now, for the child's sake. Park would do anything for Liam, including dealing with her, but there was no need to make it more painful for either of them.

Holding her hand over her stomach, she looked down, contemplating the life she knew was growing inside her but wasn't visible as of yet. So much responsibility! How had she, the maker of so many errors, get handed this job?

She would not foul this up. She couldn't. Far more than her was at stake.

Hearing her name called, she got up to face her future.


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