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Author's note: This is an experimental vignette. I guess I felt like I needed to practice Dr. Park. It is a Liam POV, but since it's dealing with events of "Tackling Lust", I'm sticking it with those fics.

Preparations and Security
by Selma McCrory
copyright 1999

It wasn't until lunchtime that Liam managed to see Dr. Park. The Doctor was very busy, between her own practice and handling some of the medical research for the Liberation. When they were together dealing with Liberation business, she always had a moment for him. He wasn't sure if it was because she had delivered him or some other reason, but she definitely had some maternal feelings for him. Which he didn't mind - his own mother, although alive, had no idea of his existence, and would likely kill him if she knew about him.

But today, they were both constrained by what the outside world knew about them. He was a soldier who worked for Companion Security as the protector to the North American Companion, and she was a doctor who did work for the Companions. They only supposedly knew each other professionally. That was why he'd had to wait, since it wasn't an urgent matter relating to the Companions.

Dr. Park opened the door. "Liam! Come on in!" the Doctor exclaimed, smiling. "We'll discuss things in my office."

Once they were in the office, the door securely sealed behind them, Liam settled down in the extra chair. "Thanks for seeing me."

"Anytime. So, what's this about?" Dr. Park asked, settling back in her own chair. "What couldn't you tell me?"

Liam began to explain what had happened.

* * *

As Liam continued his tale, the Doctor's expression turned startled. She occasionally questioned Liam as to one detail or another, but mostly let him tell what had occurred.

When he was finished, she leaned back again in her chair, her expression somewhere between excitement and sadness. Liam could probably guess why. He was far too young to be having kids, not being very old himself. He looked like he was in his thirties, but he was still less than a year old.

The Doctor was struggling to find something to say. "I just don't know what to make of this, Liam."

"I know. But all I'm asking of you is that you act as a prenatal doctor for Rosemary. You know more about me than anybody else."

"Then I'll do it," Dr. Park said firmly. "I can't say I care much for Rosemary Schultz, but- I'll help with this child. Just because they're yours."

"I think you'll find she's softened. She's definitely not as pro-Taelon as she was when you met her. And - she's bound to me. Some of her views aren't quite her own anymore, because she's seen you through me."

"I hope so, Liam," the Doctor sighed. "Because if she knows-"

"She knows. She wouldn't tell, though. To betray you is to betray me - and to betray me is to betray her child. And she wants that child. Anything to hinder the Taelons right now."

"Have you talked to anyone else yet? She and the child are going to need some protection."

"I've talked to several people. I'm not going to let the Taelons discover Rosemary and her child. Doors is about the only person that I haven't approached yet. And Rosemary's doing her part, too. She's learning how to act like someone with a full CVI, and doing a pretty good job of it too. They'd never suspect her of carrying Ha'gel's grandchild."

"No, they wouldn't," Dr. Park said, "if they way she's been acting lately has been any indication. She'd make a good undercover spy, Liam. Maybe you'd better let Doors know that. He'd be more supportive that way."

Liam shook his head. "Not by much. And I don't think she wants to become a Liberation spy. She just wants to avenge what some of the Taelons did to her."

Dr. Park shook her head. "At least she'll listen to what we have to say now. Okay, have her schedule an appointment, I'll see what I can do."

"Thanks," Liam said, smiling wryly. He held out his hand, but the Doctor got up and hugged him.

"Just be careful, Liam. Both of you."

"We'll try," Liam responded. But what Dr. Park had said echoed in his thoughts as the Doctor led him back out. There had to be more he could do to protect Rosemary and the child. He'd already contacted Dr. Belman to keep watch over his mate, or at least as much as she could. Da'an had indicated that he'd take steps to protect Rosemary and the child as well. Liam didn't quite understand the Taelon's motives, but he trusted Da'an enough to know that Rosemary would be protected. Hopefully, she'd soon have enough protectors to make her head swim- if she knew about them.

Oh, she'd probably be dismayed about how many people knew about her pregnancy, and the father, and how many he'd gotten to protect her. But it wasn't enough. She needed more people to help her, to make sure she lived to give birth to and raise his child. And he could find protectors for her, he knew. He just had to work on it more. There was no such thing as too much security.


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