Disclaimer: Liam and the universe belong to Tribute, Atlantis, and Roddenberry-Kirschner, among others. Rosemary belongs to me.

Warning: Mild profanity.

Author's Notes: I was switching between writing "Shifting Gears", "Through The Valley", and "Seeing Beyond the Ego" when this came through. It takes place roughly between two parts of "Tackling Lust".

Rosemary's Diary Entry, 6/28/04 (specially encoded)
(as transcribed by Estirose, c. 1999)

Dear diary,

I promised myself long ago that if I was ever foolish enough to sleep with a guy I barely knew, and got pregnant as a result, I wouldn't tell the father about the child. As a medical doctor, I know it takes two to tango, but I wasn't about to marry just so the child would be born in wedlock or because it needed a father. If the child needed a father figure, I could always go home and live near my folks.

Of course, reality is sometimes farthest from one's wishes, right? When I made that decision, I hadn't counted on Liam.

A whisper of Liam's memories dances through my mind. The last thing I counted on was the true nature of my one-night stand. Getting pregnant by a two and a half month old human-alien hybrid was not exactly what I had in mind when I made my plans. Not to mention that said two-month- old can't have sex without getting his partner pregnant. Well, he said that his family was really fertile, didn't he?

Of course, I don't think either of us had much of a choice. Biology is a funny thing, actually. Give your hormones enough oomph and you pass a point of no return. This works for aliens as well as humans, apparently, but it had heavier effects on me than it did on Liam. I'm guessing it's because he's very young, not adult.

Sheesh, I'm glad that nobody can turn me in for having sex with a minor. Liam is supposed to be in diapers at this point, not protecting Companions, flying shuttles, and sleeping with women almost two hundred times his age. Can you say 'age gap'? Liam won't be even a year old when the child is born.

Makes me almost wish he had no way of knowing. Except it would be very dumb on my part, given that the child is probably a fair amount biologically like him. Yeah, that would be a smart move, Rosie. How do I think I'd handle those parts like him?

Note: no more one-night stands. They just get you in trouble.

I don't know if I love Liam at this point. I get along fine with him, but that's about it. Well, what do you expect? It was only supposed to last one night. Oh, bloody heck. Learn to think before you leap, you idiot. No, not you, diary. Me.

Between Liam and the partial CVI I carry around, I feel so, so bright. I stumble into things blindly and never think one whit about the possible consequences of my actions. It's a wonder I'm in the field I am. How can I be so good with my patients and be absolutely so bad with my personal life?

I wish I knew, diary, I wish I knew.

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