Author's note: Mutsuki insisted. And again, thanks to Nalanzu for help with the translations.

Sight Unseen
by EstiRose


The older man turned towards the younger one, looking at the bundled up teenager. "What?"

Mutsuki hesitated. "Tachibana-san, um...." He looked at the older Rider. "Have you ever been to America?"

Tachibana shook his head. "No, why?"

Mutsuki looked at the tree outside Kotarou's window. "I don't know if this really happened... but I 'remember' going to America, when the Spider possessed me."

"That's impossible," Tachibana said, though a note of doubt creeped into his voice.

"I know." Mutsuki's voice trembled, as it so often did when he spoke about the Spider's possession of him. "But I remember it. I remember meeting these strange Riders... Rangers, they called themselves. But Rangers don't exist... do they?"

Tachibana shook his head.

"Maybe I imagined it all," Mutsuki said to the window. "I think the Spider was still fighting with Shima-san, and I think I did imagine it all. He paused. "But what if I didn't?"

"Didn't?" Tachibana echoed.

"If the Undead exist... why can't other worlds?" Mutsuki asked.

Tachibana shook his head again. "You were right. You must have been feverish."

Mutsuki looked at him. "I hope so... if not, I'm sorry for what I did to them." He got up. "Tachibana-san, I'm going to try something."

* * *

Tachibana watched as Mutsuki held the folded note reverently. The teenager had written it in English with help from an online translation program, and Tachibana had to admit that he had no idea if the translation was correct.

But then again, Mutsuki was so convinced that he'd walked into America, into another world, that it would do no harm to let him try to send the note to the other world. Then, maybe, he'd realize he was probably imagining things, going through the final fits of losing himself completely to the Spider.

Mutsuki held the note out to the open air, as if expecting someone to pick it up. The note dropped out of his hand...

... and vanished into thin air.

Tachibana stared.

Mutsuki looked at the air where the note had been, and turned towards Tachibana. "Let's go back," he said, turning towards his bike.

Tachibana, still staring at the empty air, backed up, following. Maybe Mutsuki hadn't dreamed it after all.

*  *  *

"I'm getting a signal again," Hayley said. "It's..." she blinked. "Something very small went through that portal that happened a few months ago?"

"Something?" Tommy asked. "Something what?"

Hayley shook her head. "I don't know. But you might want to find out."

Tommy nodded, heading out in his truck, and then hiking into the area. He was certainly glad that the whole mess with Mesogog was over, and that he could go into these woods without encountering a tyrannodrone, Zeltrax, or Elsa. "Hayley, where is it?"

"Sixty meters to the south from where you are," Hayley said.

Tommy nodded, following her direction and his own scanner. Finally, when he reached the place, he looked around.

A piece of paper fluttered onto his shoe.

He opened it cautiously. "The me it is do. Kamijou Mutsuki am. We was not we. It was not completed."

"What in the world...?"

* * *

"So, what was it?" Conner asked.

Tommy held the letter out to him. "I'm waiting for Cam to send me back a translation."

"That's good," Conner said, looking at the note, Kira peering over his shoulder. "Because the English makes no sense, and the Japanese...."

Hayley's computer beeped, and she smiled. "One translation, coming right up."

The three Rangers looked expectantly at her.

"'I'm sorry. I'm Kamijou Mutsuki. I was not myself. Sorry.'"

"So, that was an apology?" Conner asked.

Hayley nodded. "Yeah."

"So, he was like Trent," Kira said, nodding.

"Yeah, he was," Tommy said. "Now we know."

"Now we know," Kira echoed.

-The End.

Mutsuki's letter:

("Gomen Nasai. Kamijou Mutsuki desu. Ore wa ore dewa nakatta. Sumimasen deshita.")

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