Author's note: A while ago, I wrote an original Kamen Rider story called "Kamen Rider Memora" under the nick "MezzoAlto". I made reference to this fic rather obliquely in "Scent of Roses in December". This tiny fic has Gai trying to get the Great Powers of what he thinks is a Sentai team, but is really a Kamen Rider (Lily Compton) and her best friend (Eileen).

Not Speaking The Language
by Estirose
c 2011

Gai looked at the two women, grinning widely. Now that his amnesia was gone, he just had to find out about this American Sentai team his Aunt had mentioned. His visit to the wilderness park had resulted in running into these two, only one of which had transformed, but he was sure there were others. There had to be!

"So," he said, "tell me about your sentai team."

The two women looked at each other, confused, and spoke too fast to each other for Gai to understand. But Gai was patient; if they had a Great Power, then his team needed to know; that's how he convinced Marvelous-san to take a brief trip to America.

The younger one, the one who had transformed, spoke. "Sorry, I don't speak much Japanese."

He grinned. She spoke a little, that was great! He'd teach her and she'd give them her Great Power and all would be well with the world. So, determined to not give up, he tried again.


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