I’ve shipped Umeko/Mikoto ever since Deka vs Aba. Recent Gokainger events made me think about this pairing once more, and write it. Spoilers for Deka vs Aba and Gokaiger 18.

Ghostly Mouth to Solid Ear
by Estirose
c 2011

“Mikoto,” Umeko said, grinning. Her on-again, off-again boyfriend – mostly because he’d died before she’d ever met him, and it was terribly awkward to explain why one’s boyfriend tended to wink out when he got bored – was sitting there on her sofa as if it was totally normal. “It’s nice for you to visit.”

He was smiling, the enigmatic smile of the doctor who had eaten the canary. Which meant that something was going on, though Umeko had no idea what, and hoped that it wasn’t too destructive. His quest for excitement had been what had gotten him killed, from what his teammates had told her. “I thought you might want to know,” the ghost said, “That we’ve found someone to temper those wild pirates of yours.”

She wondered if he’d been haunting Dekabase when her team had been comparing notes about the Gokaigers. Technically speaking, they weren’t breaking Earth law or intergalactic; their feud was with the Zangyack Empire, and therefore, they didn’t fall under the space police’s jursidiction. Unofficially, the Dekaranger team watched them with concern, as they weren’t always careful about paying attention to what they were doing.

“Really?” she exclaimed, hopping in his direction. Maybe he would stay for a few hours.

“A young man who decided to save someone by getting himself run over,” Mikoto said, looking for all the world like he was relaxing on her couch. “He reminds me a lot of Ryouga, actually, all enthusiasm.” That was a good sign; she’d met Hakua Ryouga and the man was a good team member. “And hope,” MIkoto added. “But I don’t think he’ll be boring, either.”

One didn’t attract Nakadai Mikoto’s attention by being boring, she knew that. She was happy that he found her just as interesting as she found him amazing. “How?”

He laughed again. “Let’s just say that his drive to save the universe will be to this world’s advantage, especially with a device to help.”

A new Gokaiger, one who looked out for Earth. That’s what he was talking about, Umeko realized. One that might be more law-abiding than his teammates, though that was questionable. But anything that would make their  job easier was a good thing. “What’s his name?” she asked, curious.

“You’ll meet him, soon enough.” And with that, Mikoto disappeared, leaving her apartment and her couch empty.

Oh well, she thought after pouting for a second. She treasured any time she had with Mikoto, and this time was no exception. And Boss would be happy to know the news too, as would Ryouga.

She skipped to where she left her phone, smiling all the way.

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