This is two different fragments of the same story, the beginning and the ending. Since I'm trying to be as complete as possible, here they both are.

Alternate Universes
by Estirose

One minute Tori was fighting with the others in the center of Blue Bay Harbor. The next... well, she could be forgiven for not recognizing where it was. All that she could tell was that there were a lot of asian people about... at least the writings on the buildings confirmed she was in Japan... or at least someplace where there would be a large amount of kanji.

And she was demorphed. Thankfully. She didn't know how the residents of this place... wherever it was... would react to someone in a costume with a full-fledged helmet. Probably think she was some entertainment venture or something. She wished her ninja uniform didn't look so out of place, though.

She activated the 'comm function on her morpher. "Cam? Shane? Blake? Anybody?"

But nobody answered. She wondered if her morpher had been damaged in what ever had happened, and stood up, determined to find out where she was. Maybe the morpher didn't work so far away, even though Shane's had worked when they'd been on that sinking island.

She walked over to the nearest person and politely asked where she was. The guy stared at her but answered with something that made no sense to her. So she asked for where the center of town was. Maybe they'd have some tourist information there. In English.

The man gave her directions. She thanked him, painfully aware that the center of town was likely to be a long hike... or worse. She made her way slowly, hoping the guys would find her, and soon.

* * *

About a half hour later, she was still walking into the center of town when she heard the multiple gabblings. Instinct honed in her ninja training caused her to turn around to face... kelzaks. Knowing that she might well be the only person in the area able to fight Lothor's interchangeable minions caused her to charge into battle with the beings, and she was able to down some of them. She was getting tired, however, and when two of them managed to toss her into a bush and entangle her, she thought it was the end.

Until the others arrived.

It was her team, but not her team. They moved wrong and never had her team spoken Japanese as fluently as these five. Yellow rescued her from the underbrush and spoke gently to her, but too fast to understand. He was holding her, taking her away from the battle. *He thinks I'm a civilian!* she thought. *I'm not a civilian.* She started struggling.

Yellow started speaking even more gently. "Let... me... go!" she exclaimed, forgetting about trying to communicate with him with her rusty spoken Japanese.

"Go. It is dangerous here," he answered, slowly, as if he didn't trust what he was saying. Probably his English was as bad as her Japanese.

"Not for me," she said. "Let me go!"

It startled him so much, her disobedience, that he let her go momentarily. And that was all that was needed. "Ninja Storm! Ranger Form!" she called, letting her morph complete. She charged into battle, heedless of the stunned Yellow Ranger.

The kelzaks were defeated easily by her team's duplicates, including the still off-base yellow. Green Samurai slipped away, but the rest of the team's visors slipped open to reveal a whole set of asian faces, babbling at her. Yellow came last. "Who are you?" he asked in English. Two of his teammates started babbling at him instead. Yellow shook his head and said something into his morpher.

Just as suddenly, she was in a cave.

The four forms shimmered into four guys that she didn't recognize. Red and Dark Blue had lightened hair, while Dark Red had spiky hair that somehow, along with his face, made her think of Blake. Yellow, on the other hair had rather poofy hair. That's the best she could describe it. Poofy.

"Are you all right?" Yellow asked.

"Who are you?" Red asked at the same time, having gotten the clue to speak English at her.

"My name is Tori, and I'm fine," Tori said, powering down. "Ninja Form!"

The four males gaped. Including her rescuer.

Red barked an order, and Tori found herself being escorted through the cave until they reached an opening. A woman was sitting in a normal office-type space. She chattered at Tori's rescuers/captors for a moment, and Yellow answered. "Hello," she said. "You must be tired from your journey."

"Yes, thank you," Tori answered. It was the first non-order or interrogation that she'd had.

"Please, sit down. I am Oboro." The woman smiled. She barked something at Red.

"I am Kouta," said Yellow unexpectedly.

"Hi," Tori said. "I'm Tori Hanson. Pleased to meet you." She figured giving her name wouldn't hurt.

Yellow smiled at her. "I am Kouta Bitou."

"You're arranging your name in the western way?" she asked, knowing that he would normally use his family name first.

"Yes," Kouta said, seemingly happy that she knew this.

"I am Yousuke," Red said, introducing himself.

"I am Ikkou," Darker Red - Crimson? - said. "This is my brother, Issou. We are of the Ikazuchi school."

Tori took that to mean that they were Thunder ninjas like Blake and Hunter, but didn't ask. Issou merely stared at her. When he saw her staring back, he looked away.


The five Rangers sat at the table, enjoying their meal. "What a day!" Shane announced, and various and sundry heads bobbed in agreement.

"Especially for Tori," Blake said, looking proud of his girlfriend. "Not every day you get catapulted through space and time to end up in an alternate universe Japan."

Tori shrugged. "It wasn't a big. They were kinda nice there," she said.

"Yeah, but the language barrier...."

"I lived," Tori answered, taking a bite of her pizza. "Wonder if Nanami got home safe?"

"Hey, if you got home, she got home," Shane assured her. "That lady was *tough*."

"Little weird to see her in your Ranger uniform, though," Dustin added.

"I have to say, it's even *weirder* to see a bunch of guys that you don't even know in you guys' morphed forms rescuing you from the local version of kelzaks," Tori said. She sipped at her soda. "I mean, here was me, nearly panicking because I had no money, couldn't speak the language worth anything, and couldn't reach you guys, and suddenly 'you' show up. Speaking Japanese. And calling me Nanami, at least until I demorphed and scared them."

"Must have been scary for you too," Blake said, putting a hand on Tori's arm.

"Not like Nanami was overly prepared to deal with suddenly-American teammates any better," Shane pointed out. "Nor was her English that great."

"Better than my Japanese," Tori retorted. "My spoken was so rusty that everybody had to speak English around me. Most of them didn't seem to mind, except Issou. He didn't seem to like me very much, and I don't know why."

"Issou?" Shane asked. "Who's Issou?" He looked genuinely confused.

"You could say he's Blake's counterpart," Tori said, motioning at her boyfriend, "But Issou isn't anything like Blake. Of course, he didn't seem to like me very much, as I said."

"So, who were the others?" Hunter asked. "I think Nanami named them off, but it's not like she spent a huge amount of time around the five of us. She mostly spent time around Cam!"

"Speaking of our resident computer genius," Tori said, "didn't he say he'd be here by now?"

"Still fixing the computers, I guess," Dustin contributed. "Nanami leaving really blew out the systems."

"He's gotta start leaving some of that to CyberCam," Shane said. "He's overworking himself again."

"You *trust* CyberCam?" Hunter asked in amazement.

"Not outside Ops," Shane said. "But at least he's there so that Cam doesn't think he has to be. We really need to drag him out to do more stuff. Cam, that is. Can't imaging how *his* counterpart handles things. If he has one."

"Two, actually," Tori said thoughtfully.

"Two?" Shane asked. "Who could put up with two Cams?"

"Hey, we put up with CyberCam," Tori pointed out.

"Barely," Shane pointed out.

"You were saying?" Hunter asked. "About Cam and two other people?"

"One of them's Oboro - she's kinda like Cam, same kind of attitude, and like Cam, her father got turned into a rodent. A hamster. The other's some guy named Shurikenger... Kouta and Yousuke say that they don't know who he really is... a different looking guy morphs into him every time. He was one of the ones who came in to 'rescue' me, but he left shortly after. Looked exactly like Cam's morphed form, though. Spooky."

"I bet," Blake said, putting an arm around Tori's waist. She didn't seem to notice.

Anticipating Shane's next question, Tori said, "They're the Yellow and Red Rangers in that universe. Yousuke reminded me a little of you, Shane, and Kenta a little of Dustin. But not much."

"How about mine?" Hunter wanted to know. "We know everyone's but mine."

"His name was Ikkou. He kinda... well, he vaguely looked like Blake, but he most definitely wasn't!" Tori told him. "He spent the whole time I was there either asking me about my battles or talking to Oboro about what they'd need to do if I had to stay there, according to Kenta. Yousuke and Kenta were sure that I'd get to get home, and they were arguing with Ikkou...."

"At least we got you back," Shane said. "I liked Nanami, she seemed nice, but I couldn't relate to her."

Tori nodded. "If they'd had to, most of her teammates would have gotten used to me, but... I was glad to go home."

"I think Nanami was too," Blake said.

"Dude, she spent most of her time avoiding you," Dustin pointed out. "Like she didn't know what to do with you."

"Hey, she didn't go for my magnetic personality. It happens," Blake said, looking defensive. "At least she didn't spend most of her time here pinching *me* and pulling my hair like she did Cam."

"I bet it's because she's seen so many people morph into Shurikenger," Tori said. "Probably to her, he was just one more identity." She bit into a new slice of pizza.

"Wow," was Dustin's verdict.

"Just don't do it again, okay?" Blake told her.

"I won't," she promised. "I don't ever want to go through that, ever again."

Blake hugged her, and the group went back to eating pizza.

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