Disclaimer: Nick Wolfe belongs to Davis/Panzer (I think I have that right) among others. William Boone belongs to Roddenberry/Kirschner, among others.

Spoilers: First of Its Kind (E:FC), Dead on Arrival (HL:TR)

Author's note: This is a very short Highlander: The Raven/Earth: Final Conflict crossover. This is set some time after the series finale of Raven, and sometime early second season E:FC. The flashback is pre-"Decision".

The Curse All Bear
by Estirose
Copyright 2000

They die. They all die. What did I do to deserve this curse?

Nick Wolfe stared at the grave of one of his newest police captains, though he wasn't a police officer any more. Shortly after William Boone had left the force to become the head of Da'an's security, Nick Wolfe had had an unfortunately 'fatal' accident and had to leave a life that he'd enjoyed. Now, a year later, Nick had snuck back to pay his respects to his former captain, while trying to avoid anyone he once knew.

There were so many mortals in the world, and so many people who deserved to live forever. Of course, Nick was unsure if he'd have condemned William Boone to the curse of his brand of Immortality. He didn't think that his former captain would have enjoyed having to carry a sword around at all times, always fearing for his head.

But still, he'd respected Boone. He'd respected him from the day that they'd met....


"Mr. Wolfe," Captain Boone said as he shook Nick's hand. "Sit down."

Nick had sat down, immediately taking to the man. William Boone had a no-nonsense demeanor that reminded him of his second job on the force, the first one he'd taken after he'd had his First Death. It was when he'd heard of Captain Boone's reputation that he'd applied here to work under him. Boone was looking at his resume and application on his PDA.

"So, tell me about your last two positions on the force," Boone said. "It says here that you quit your first position when you were up for a promotion to Lieutenant."

He'd been asked about this on his last interview, the one that had taken him to work in Everett. But he hadn't been seeking to impress his last employer about his moral values, since it was just after he'd finished his association with Amanda. With this potential employer, however, it was critical. Boone had a reputation for having a strong 'moral compass', and while Nick couldn't match up to that, not after all the 'work' he'd done with Amanda, he felt the need to start over with someone who had strong moral values. Somebody he could be around who could remind him of the man he had once been. "The offer to promote me was contingent on me keeping my mouth shut on how my partner died," Nick responded. "She'd been shot by a corrupt police officer. I decided I'd rather quit the force than be a part of that lie."

"And your second. It seems like your current captain likes you, and you seem to be doing well there. Why do you want to leave?"

"Two reasons," Nick replied. "For one, I'd like to be near where I grew up, Torago. And for another, Captain Roberston is good, but ever since the incident with the cover-up, I've been looking for a Captain with a good reputation. I don't want to have to leave another position because of my moral beliefs, sir."

Boone nodded. "I can understand your reasoning. Now, tell me about your cases. How have you handled stressful situations?"

*end flashback*

It had been close that day. In fact, Nick had come to the conclusion that he wasn't quite what Boone was looking for. However, Boone had later called him up with the news that he was wanted. He'd served three years with the Captain, and he'd wished it had gone on forever. Of course, since he was stuck at thirty-two forever, he couldn't have stayed all that long, maybe a decade or a decade or a half, but still, Boone had been a Captain that he'd had no regrets serving under.

But now, he was gone and Nick went on. The good guys always died young, and those of questionable morals lived forever. It was something he was starting to learn all too well.

It's the curse we all must bear.

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