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Notes: This is an answer to the 15minute ficlets challenge #150 on livejournal. The challenge word is in there, but I won't say what it is. This is set in the late 6th season of Charmed.

Islands in the Bay
by Estirose
c 2006

It was unexpected and expected at the same time.

Chris Perry Halliwell had been desperately trying to keep his distance from his parents and aunts, but the attempt had failed miserably. He had thought that keeping his distance meant damaging the timeline.

He'd probably damaged it beyond repair, not that he wanted to care at the moment.

The Bay glistened in the late afternoon sunlight. If he looked the right way, there was Alcatraz; farther away, he could see Angel Island. The former prison and the former military outpost seemed abandoned, left behind by society.

Those two islands didn't even exist in his time, destroyed by his brother in a show of power. The fact that they were here reminded him he still had time. Maybe had time.

If he could avoid Leo and Piper trying to parent. Leo wanted to fix things. Fine. That wasn't important now, not to him. Leo had damaged their relationship beyond fixing and maybe if he'd done better Wyatt wouldn't be evil and Chris wouldn't be so alone.

Piper too, had wanted to be his mother, not his Charge. But she couldn't. She didn't see that Chris had come here to fix his brother, not anything else.

She and his father were too wrapped up in his presence to contemplate the truth, the reality, no matter what.

If he didn't get them to listen, to think, they'd be dead. The islands would be gone. He would be alone.

He'd do what he'd have to do. Do the unexpected if needed be. But he had to save his family. Even if they hated him for it.

Even if it made them cling closer.

He had to take the chance.


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