by Estirose
c 2008

Sugishita Ryuunnosuke, nicknamed Suke-san, liked curry. And he liked it so much that he founded a restaurant. The fact that restaurant became a chain after secretly used as a base for the Abarangers gave him great pleasure, but sometimes he wished that he was still a simple shop owner.

But with the running of the business in Yatsudenwani’s hands, he was back doing what he did best: making curry and serving customers at his now-expanded restaurant. The fact that Yatsudenwani popped in every so often helped, bringing customers in to catch a glimpse of the Toronoid owner. After all, a leafy crocodile with a phone on its head was bound to attract some attention.

And now, Yatsudenwani was not even the most unusual visitor to Suke-san’s shop. That honor went to the blue dog, the alien Doggie Kruger, who came to his restaurant during the lunchtime or the evening, often accompanied by one of his co-workers, Swan-san. The man – dog – could be gruff, but it was good to have police, even alien ones, come by, and the two always had interesting stories.

Sometimes people met at the Dino House too. Swan-san and Doggie Kruger had become friends with a woman named Ozu Miyuki, who was raising a set of children on her own after her husband had disappeared. Suke-san suspected that Ozu Miyuki came to the Dino House to get away sometimes, and it certainly did not hurt her to have such good friends as Kruger and Swan-san. Suke-san always made sure Ozu Miyuki was made welcome especially.

He passed Masaki Miki, who was talking to Makino-san about some project or another. The two of them were a slightly odd pair; Makino-san was in charge of some technical things at S.G.S., while Masaki-san was a high-level executive for SCRTC. But they could talk for an hour about some technical detail that was completely beyond Suke-san’s knowledge, and have a fun time at it.

On his way to the kitchen, he greeted Oboro-san. He knew her from a slightly different context. Not only as a customer, but someone he’d really met the time the Abarangers had met their predecessors, the Hurricangers. When he needed a little bit of technical support – because who knew when the next invasion would happen – he called upon her. In return, she got at least discounted meals, if he couldn’t feed her for free. Good, competent tech support that knew the needs of superheroes was sometimes really hard to find. Good tech support who also had the phone numbers of a couple of extra superheroes wasn’t to be scorned at, either.

He walked into the kitchen, greeting his assistant cook, checking to make sure the curry was done right so that the customers would love it as they always did. For he loved curry, and he loved his customers.

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