Final Fantasy II dialogue guide
version 0.2.1
by Estirose
c 2011
This dialogue/script guide was primarily written so that people participating in the Yuletide fandom exchange could check it out/check the canon without having to play through the whole thing. I created it primarily by capturing screenshots and transcribing the dialogue from those. This is from the iOS version of Final Fantasy II (not to be mistaken for Final Fantasy IV, which was named II for a while), and conforms to the GBA/iOS spellings. It includes the main game, but neither of the bonus dungeons.

I've tried my best to capture every piece of dialogue I ran across, whether from main character, side character, or random townsperson, but I can't guarantee I got them all (for example, a certain character's death scene is a bit hard to capture because it doesn't use the paging mechanic from the rest of the story). However, I did try to get things like the Mysidia library and a plotline involving a temporary PC and a location we visit earlier on in the story. The entire storyline has some odd punctuation and capitalization choices that were grating on my nerves, so I took the liberty of fixing capitals on non-proper nouns after elipses and capitalizing proper names, but otherwise the dialogue should be unchanged from the game.
I can't really copyright the dialogue, since it's not mine, but I'd appreciate it if you did not copy this guide to your site without asking or claim it as your own. Personal use is fine.
0.2.1: Typo cleanup, general cleanup, added picture.
0.2.0: Dialogue through end of game. Added pictures.
0.1.9: Dialogue through end of Palamecia quest.
0.1.8: Dialogue through end of Mysidia quests, with a side trip to Deist. Pictures added.
0.1.7: Typo correction, added pictures.
0.1.6: Dialogue through the retaking Fynn storyline and the setup for the Mysidia-related quests. Typos fixed. Picture added.
0.1.5: Dialogue through the beginning of the retaking Fynn storyline, picture added.
0.1.4: Dialogue through end of Hilda-Firion encounter (gulp), picture added.
0.1.3: Corrections to the Dreadnought dialogue, added through end of Deist quest, picture added.
0.1.2: Dialogue through the pendant discovery, some pictures added.
0.1.1: Dialogue through start of the Deist storyline.
0.1.0: Initial version for the web; dialogue through Leila's introduction.

Our heroes: Firion, Maria, and Guy. 
(Firion, Maria, and Guy, the main heroes of Final Fantasy II)
[An opening sequence displays a town where people and animals are walking around. Suddenly, a guy appears with knights and sentient flames. In a throne room, the knights appear, threatening a woman (Hilda, who you'll meet  shortly) and two men (Scott and Gordon, who you'll also meet shortly). One man disappears almost immediately, a woman and a second man resist, and ultimately, the woman flees with her guard. The remaining man is surrounded by knights. In a clearing, you're given control of four characters (Firion, Maria, Leon, and Guy) for a short battle; they're defeated almost immediately. They're found by some more of the guard, or at least three of them are.
In a room, Hilda and a man in a turban stand over a collapsed Firion. The screen flashes twice, then Hilda speaks.]
Hilda talking to Minwu, text "We cannot sit idly by and watch. We must act."
(Hilda and Minwu talk)

Hilda: Will he live?
Minwu: He will. I sense a strong life force within him. He should regain consciousness shortly.
Hilda: We found them like this on the excape from Fynn, fallen from terrible wounds. By the time we brought them here, I feared it was already too late.
Minwu: His life is not in danger. This sigil will strengthen this life force. We should let him rest now.
Hilda: Of course. We'd best be off to the meeting. I imagine they're already waiting for us. If the empire is allowed to complete the Dreadnought they're building in Bafsk... their attack will begin in earnest. We cannot sit idly by and watch. We must act.
[Exit Hilda and Minwu.]
Firion: Where am I? Leon! Maria! Guy! Where are you?
[Firion leaves room and goes into a hallway. Two other figures are waiting.]
Maria: Firion! You're alive! I-I thought... I'd thought you'd...
Firion: I'm fine, Maria. You alright too, Guy? But wait... where's Leon?
Guy: Princess of Fynn save us.  But... Leon not here.
Firion: I see.... Don't worry, I'm sure he's okay.
[The three walk together into the throne room. For game puproses, they merge into Firion's sprite.]
Hilda: So you've regianed your strength? Very good. Your life force is strong indeed.
Firion: It was you who saved us, wasn't it. Thank you. Forgive me, Your Highness, but there is something I must ask of you. Please let us join your rebel army!
Hilda: I could never allow such a thing. You know nothing of battle. You would only be throwing your lives away. You should return to your homes.
Maria: But we have no homes. Not anymore. The imperials attacked, and our parents... our parents....
Hilda: I am truly sorry, but even so, this changes nothing. I cannot permit you to join our army. If you have nowhere else to go, you're welcome to stay here in Altair. If you know our password, you should be able to live here well enough. The password is Wild Rose. Remember it well.
[Here, you have the option to learn the term "Wild Rose". If you ask Hilda about it, this is the dialogue]
Hilda: The Wild Rose is the symbol of the kingdom of Fynn. It represents our hope for a future that flourises in both strength and beauty. But what will become of Fynn now? I've heard that the empire's captives have been taken there and suffer even as we speak. Maria, your brother Leon is missing, is he not? It's possible that he's being held in Fynn as well. But Fynn is far too dangerous now. The Emperor's beasts still stalk the streets. Gaining entrance to the city will not be easy. The man at my right is Minwu, the white wizard who tended your wounds. Speak with him before you leave. He may be of some assistance.
[Heading over to Minwu is a logical choice.]
Minwu: I see your destiny clearly. The future it holds seemed closely intertwined with my own. You will begin by jouneying to Fynn. That is the first step towards realizing your fate.
[Ask him about "Wild Rose"]
Minwu: Heh, heh, You've wasted no time using the password. Heed well the information it will bring you. You can learn much of value by listening. I offer you one more bit of advice before you depart for Fynn. Those who have fallen in battle can be revived at a sanctuary. Should one of you fall before you reach Fynn, go without hesitation to the nearest sanctuary.
[There's nothing more to ask Minwu, so time to wander about a bit and stock up. We wander about and end up finding the King of Fynn, who's in his bed.]
King of Fynn: An arrow struck me in the back during battle, leaving me in this state. Perhaps I really ahve grown old. My daughter, Hilda, now serves as regent. You should speak with her.
[Heading outside. Hm, the guy who's walking around fast in front of the hall seems like someone we should talk to.]
Paul: I'm Paul, greatest thief in all the world! They've yet to invent the loot I cant't burgle or steal! The imperial coffers have kept my purse fat with gil lately.
[Ask him Wild Rose]
Paul: I never steal from the rebels, you can be sure of that. My home was in Fynn, too... I can't even go home now that the empire has occupied the city.
[And the guy up at the top near a bunch of buildings. If you paid attention to the opening, you might recognize him as one of the people in the throne room when it was invaded.]
Gordon: My name is Gordon. I was once a prince of Kashuan... now I'm nothing but a coward.  When my brother, Scott, fell in battle., I abandoned my kingdom and fled here.
[Ask him Wild Rose]
Gordon: So, you've asked to take up arms in the struggle? I'm so afraid that Hilda will turn me away that I haven't even asked her. I've been stalling here. I'm just a spineless coward. Go ahead, laugh. I deserve it.
 [Some adventuring later, at the gates of Fynn]
Firion: It's just as we've hears. The city is crawling with imperial soldiers. We have to be careful. Make sure not to get too close.
[In Fynn's pub]
Bartender: Whoa, where do you think you're going? Customers aren't allowed behind the counter! These imperials are as ill-bred as they come….
[Ask Wild Rose]
Bartender: Aha! You're with the rebels! You'll find a secret door in this wall. There's a wounded soldier back there. Go see if you can help him. Hrm? What am I going to do?  I've had it with this place. You guys can take it from here. Don't let us down!
[Go to secret door and find a hidden room. A man is resting in a bed. He looks vaguely familiar if you've paid attention to the introduction.]
Firion, Maria, and Guy talking to a dying Scott.
(Maria, Firion, and Guy talk to Scott)

Soldier: Are you… going to turn me over to the empire? At least have the decency to kill me first. I don't want… them to take me alive.
[Ask Wild Rose]
Soldier: So, you're  rebel soldiers… are you? My name is Scott. I am a prince of Kashuan. Firion: Prince Scott? We were told you fell in the battle. Thank goodness you're still alive!
Scott: I am, but not… not for much longer. I'm afraid I must… ask a favor of you. There's something you must… must tell my brother, Gordon. Tell him I know he has… great strength. He must… learn to have more faith in… in himself. I also have a message for the king. Tell him the reason Fynn… Fynn fell so quickly is that… Count Borghen betrayed us. He's been mad a… a general in the imperial army. There is one more thing. Tell Hilda… tell Hilda that I love her. No. No, don't deliver that… last message. The confessions of a dying man… they would only bring her pain.
Maria: My… my brother, Leon. Have you heard of him?
Scott: I'm sorry… but I have not. I wish I could be of more help. Here. I want you to… to take my ring. I'm sure it will be of use. Maybe it's all this talking, but… I've grown extremely tired. If you'll excuse me, I… I just need to rest. Just for a little while. (dies)
[Back to Altair and to Hilda… and pulling Scott's ring out for Hilda.]
Hilda: That ring belonged to Scott! Is he… is he alive?
Firion: He gave us this ring in Fynn… just before he lost the last of his strength.
Hilda: Did he… did he say anything?
Firion: No… nothing. Your Highness… please. The ring belongs with you.
Hilda: No. Keep it. It suits men of courage. You infiltrated Fynn and returned to tell the tale. You've proven yourselves quite capable. It would seem I underestimated your strength. I would have you lend that strength to our cause. There is a magical metal known as Mythril, and we need strong warriors if we are to obtain it.
[Learn and ask Mythril]
Hilda: We lost Fynn because we were ill-equipped. The empire fought with weapons and armor made of mythril. I have charged Josef, a man living in Salamand, with the task of finding a source of Mythril. I do not know the cause, but we've been out of contact with him for some time now. Would you go with Minwu to Salamand to look into this?
Minwu: I heard my lady's words and have waited for you since. To reach Salamand, we must first pass through the port town of Paloom. Take my canoe and let us be on our way.
[Minwu joins the party, and we show Gordon the ring]
Gordon: That ring! It's my brother's! He really said all those things? About me?
[Asking Gordon about Mythril]
There was a mythril sword in Kashuan that had been handed down through the ages. My brother was very fond of that sword…. It truly was a magnificent blade.
[In Paloom]
Sailor: Now, there's a fine lass. Want to go out with me?
Maria: With you? Not a chance!
[In Salamand, in a house]
Josef: You have business with me?
[Ask Josef Mythril]
Josef: M-mythril? I haven't found any yet. I do have a few leads, but… I don't plan on sharin' what I DO know with a bunch of perfect strangers. I'm gonna need you to do a little something to prove you are who you say you are. There're a bunch of people from Salamand who are being forced to work in the cave at Semitt Falls. Rescue them, and we'll talk.
[As Josef Wild Rose]
Josef:  You're here for Lady Hilda? A little short in the tooth, aren't you? You kids can't fool me.
Paul reintroduces himself in the mines, while Nelly and others stand about.
(Paul, Nelly, and the male villagers of Salamand)

[So, into the mine, and some adventuring later, we come across a room full of people.
Nelly: *Sob* *Sob*
Paul: Firion, it's you! You remember me, don't you? Paul, greatest thief in all the world? Am I ever glad to see you! This is Josef's daughter, Nelly. I think that dastard Borghen's been holding her hostage to threaten Josef. Princess Hilda told you to bring her back som Myhtril, right? Well, that's normally where I step in. I figures out this was where the mythril was coming from easy enough. So I thought I'd get the jump on you guys and nab the mythril before you could get here. Only I messed up and got caught. ME, of all people! Well, I know when I'm in over my head... so long! But don't worry, I'll take everyone here with me. Thanks for saving us. I owe you one!
[Go off, get mythril, fight boss, not in that order, return to Salamand]
Nelly: Thanks for saving me.
Josef: It looks like you managed to save my daughter. Thank you. That cowardly Borghen had been threatening Nelly to get to me... Forgive me, If there's anything I can do to help, all you gotta do is ask.
[Getting more information]
Josef: The cave behind Semitt Falls used to be an old mythril mine. The deepest parts of the cave still have mythril deposits.
[About airships]
If you wanna know about airships, there's a man named Cid you should talk to. He lives in Poft. I don't think there's anything he doesn't know about them.
[Back to Altair, though, for the moment!]
Hilda: The empire also suffered heavy losses at the battle of Fynn. They're building the Dreadnought in Bafsk to help compensate for those losses. A man named Cid, the former captain of Fynn's Order of the White Knights, built an airship, a ship that sails the skies. But the airship captivated him, mind and soul, and he soon left Fynn. We are poorer for his absence. I am told he now lives in Poft, granting travelers passage on his airship...for a price. He then uses the money to make further refinements to his airship. Or so the story goes.
[About the dreadnought]
The empire is using the people of Bafsk to build the Dreadnought. The Dreadnought itself is a massive, heavily armed airship.
[Go off to Bafsk... actually, too early in the sequence]
Dark Knight: What are you doing just standing around? Move!
Captain guarding area: Fools! If I get caught talking with you while the Dark Knight's here, I could be killed for dereliction of duty.
[Okay, back to Altair...]
Hilda: The Dark Knight overseeing the Dreadnought's construction was most capable. Fortunately for us, he's tending to other matters now. The theft of the mythril has likely knocked the empire off balance. I would like you to journey to Bafsk.... if w'ere to stop the Dreadnought from being completed, this might be our only chance. We have a man in Bafsk. He's found a way to reach the dreadnought. I want you to destroy it. At the very least, find a way to delay its completion. I have full confidence that with you and Minwu on the task, it will be accomplished.
[And back to Bafsk, at the right point!]
Borghen dialogue
( Traitorous Borghen dreams of glory in Bafsk)

Borghen: What's this? Back to work! Work, I say! If we finish even a day sooner, my glory will be that much greater!
[Remember that captain? We go back to him]
Captian: General Borghen took command of things in Bafsk a short while ago. Things have gotten much easier than they were under the Dark Knight.It's hard to believe a bumbling idiot like Borghen could become a general in the imperial army! Oops! Um, you didn't hear that.
[Tell him "Wild Rose"]
Aha! You're one of us! I had to be careful about what I did while the Dark Knight was here looking over my shoulder. But the "great" General Borghen is anything but. He's just a domineering blowhard.
[Ask him about the Dreadnought]
So you're theo nes they've sent to destroy the Dreadnought. Don't worry, I'm on your side. There's an entrance to the sewers up ahead. It's a back way heading to the Dreadnought. Be careful.
[Some adventuring through the sewers later....]
Dark Knight: You're too late! The Dreadnought is complete!  I've been working behind the scenes to see the project through to completion. End your resistance. Kneel before your Emperor. It is the only alternative left to you. Consider what I've said. When the time comes, we will meet again.
Borghen: Heh, heh heh. Looks like you came all this way for nothing. See for yourselves!
[Dreadnought launch cutscene, obtain pass from the chest, return to Altair]
Hilda: Many were wounded in the Dreadnought's attack. The shock has even caused my father's condition to turn for the worse. I hate that my father has to see this... he knows... he knows his death is near.
Maria: Is there nothing you can do, Minwu?
Minwu: All those who live must someday die. It is our fate. Still, it is my duty as a white wizard to ease the pain of those who suffer. I shall remain here and devote myself to the care of the wounded. I take my leave of you.
The fate of the world rests on you, Firion. Waste no time in destroying the Dreadnought.
[Minwu leaves the party.]
Hilda: My father's condition has improved a great deal thanks to Minwu.
[Some asking later]
Hilda: Many lives were taken in the Dreadnought's attack. How are we supposed to fight something so terrible?
[To the King's chambers]
Minwu: The king's illness goes far beyond the physical. There is little I can do.
[Ask him about the Dreadnought/airships]
Minwu: The Dreadnought is a massive airship. It is likely they both function on the same principle. Cid gave up all he had for his airship. His rank, his honor, his family... everything.
[And talk to the King]
King of Fynn: So many perished in the Dreadnought's attack... Perhaps it would be best if we surrendered to the empire.
[Asked about airships/Dreadnought]
No one knows more about airships than Cid. He was such a fine knight, once. Ah, how men change....
[And random inhabitant(s) of Altair....]
Girl: There's a man in Poft named Cid who just might know if the Dreadnought has any weaknesses. Cid was the first person to ever build an airship, and the Dreadnought's really nothing but a big airship, right?
Woman: The dreadnought attacked ,but at least our hideout is still safe.
Party talks to Cid.
(Cid offers advice on how to get rid of the Dreadnought....)

[Off to Poft to talk to Cid....]
Cid: What you wanna do is blow up that thing's engine. Do that, and you can bring down the whole overgrown tub. [And talking about Sunfire]
Controlling Sunfire is a tricky business. Let the flames get too high, youi got a runaway on your hands. The engine'll blow sky high.
[Back to Altair]
Man: Prince Gordon's disappeared. I wonder where he could have gone.
Old Man: Please, Lord, save our King.
[And talking to Hilda]
Hilda: Sunfire is the crest of the Kingdom of Kashuan. Its flame still burns on the ground floor of Kashuan Keep. Scott and Gordon have told me many stories concerning the flame. The finer points of the tale are not known to me. However, I seem to recall that the flame cannot be passed to just any torch. Firion: CId told us that we might be able to use Sunfire to destroy the Dreadnought!
Hilda: Then there's no time to waste! You must depart for Kashuan Keep at once. If you hre Cid's airship, the journey should not take long. That leaves only one question. What can you use to bring the Sunfire back?
[Well, that's a good question, so let's go ask around.]
Minwu: Every three eyars they celebrate a Festival of the Flame in Kashuan. During the festival, the Sunfire is passed to Egil's Torch while the brazier is cleansed. King: Scott sealed the gates of Kashuan Keep to protect the Sunfire in the event they were defeated in battle. You will need the Goddess's Bell to break the seal. The whereabouts of the bell are known only to the Kashuan royal family.
Minwu: Gordon would know where the bell is kept... but I have not seen him lately.Someone close to Scott or Gordon may know where to find it.
[Guess who's in the area and close to those two? Yep, back to Hilda....]
Hilda: I've heard Scott and Gordon mention the bell.The gates of Kashuan Keep open only to the voice of a Kashuan or the ringing of that bell. The bell rests deep within a cavern on the snow plains. It will not be easy to retrieve.  So it is your intention to enter the snow caverns? Very well. If only Gordon were here, there would be no need for you to risk such danger... but he isn't, so you must. There is nothing I can do but pray for your success. Josef knows the snow plains like the back of his hand. You should seek his counsel.
[That sounds good. Let's head back to Salamand and see Josef.]
Josef: The only way to reach the snow cavern is on my snowcraft. I keep the snowcraft hidden in the mine. There's a blue stone on the first floor that marks the spot.Look behind the stone and to the right. The secret room's there, and the snowcraft is inside. I'm sorry I couldn't help you find the mythril. So, I want to make up for that by pitching in now. What are we waiting for? Let's go!
[Joseph joins.]
Nelly: Come back soon, Daddy!
[Go to the falls and follow the instructions.]
Josef: The snowcraft is in here.
[Pick up Snowcraft, head through snow area, go through dungeon, find cavern of giant beavers in mid-dungeon....]
Giant Beaver: Snook snook chit?
Guy: Guy speak beaver.
[Guy asks about bell]
Guy: Secret passage in wall to right. Monster guard bell. Bell in wall.
[So, heading down to the bell]
Josef reacts to the appearance of the Adamtoise
(Josef commenting upon the dungeon boss monster)

Josef: That's an adamtoise guading the bell! Stay on your toes!
[Defeat monster, claim bell, go upstairs]
Borghen: Curses! You've already gotten to the Goddess's Bell! First you ruin my standing with the Emperor, and now this! The Emperor will never forgive me for messing this up!If I ever go back to the empire, he'll have my head! But I'm still a soldier. If I'm going to die, you're coming with me!
[Fight Borghen]
Borghen: Heh heh. I may have lost, but don't think that you've won! I've booby-trapped this cave... just a little parting gift from me to you! I'll be waiting for you in Hell! Urngah!!!!
[So, Borghen triggers his trap. It's a boulder, rolling down the convenient stairs. Josef tries to stop it.]
Josef: Dammit! Go on! Get out!
Guy: We not leave you!
Josef: I can't... hold it... much longer! Run! It's up to... you now... Firon. My sweet Nelly....
[Joseph loses grip, boulder rolls]
Firion: Josef!
[Josef dies, we return to Salamand]
Woman: Josef's dead, isn't he....
Other woman: No... not Josef... don't let Josef's death be in vain. You have to get that bell to Kashuan!
Girl: Poor Josef... I'll look after Nelly in his place. I know that would make him happy.
(note that this girl's been moping about the outside of Josef's house, too shy to ask him anything.)
Nelly: Daddy... daddy isn't coming back, is he....
[So, we head to get a ride on an airship.]
Cid's Underling: Can I interest you folks in a ride on Cid's pride and joy, the only airship of its kind in the world? No matter how far, we'll have you to your destination in the blink of an eye!  Of course, transportation of this fine caliber comes at a cost. Interested?
[So, we pay for an airship ride to Kashuan]
Underling: Heh, heh. Thanks, buddy! Tke airship'll be waiting for you outside.
[Off to Kashuan! We pass by the Sunfire, but we can't do anything with it yet, so we use the bell to open the gate. And guess who's beyond the gate... it's the missing Gordon!]
Gordon is surprised to see the heroes.
(Gordon greets the heroes inside Kashuan Keep. The green means he's talking about a significant object.)

Gordon: I came to retrieve the Sunfire. I thought I was the only one left who could open the door. I'd meant to look for Egil's Torch, but it's a monster's den in here. I can't keep going on my own, I can't return empty-handed....I don't know what to do next....
Maria: You know your way around the keep, right? Do you think you could help us find our way through?
Gordon: I'm sorry. The keep is riddled with secrets. I wouldn't know my way around any better than you. But I do want to fight! Will you let me come with you?
[Of course, we let him join the party, and we get through the place until we hit the guardian....]
Gordon: I'd heard there was a monster guarding Egil's Torch... now I've seen it with my own eyes... a red soul!
[So, we get the torch, light the flame, and head out. There's a cutscene of an airship being swallowed by the Dreadnought. We'll find out the meaning of it in a moment. Back to Altair! Except our princess seems to be... well, not there.]
Guard: Cid's airship has been captured by the Dreadnought, and the princess with it!
[Well, that explains why she's not on her throne. Let's go see Minwu and the King.]
Minwu: The princess always felt badly about always sending you out on such dangerous assignments. She thought the least she could do was to meet you at Kashuan Keep on Cid's airship. The amount of supplies needed to keep a vessel of that size running must be enormous. It will have to set down somewhere eventually.
King of Fynn: Please... please rescue my daughter.
Guard: You must rescue the princess!
Another guard: It looks like the princess is trapped inside the Dreadnought. Please, you must rescue her!
Old man: It appears the empire has a supply base far to the north of Fynn. The Dreadnought may be docked there now.
Girl: If the Dreadnought attacks again, we're finished!
[Okay, we go to find the darned Dreadnought. It's very much to the north of Fynn.]

Guard: Well, what do you want?
[We want to get on board, so we haul out that pass we picked up in Bafsk and show it to him.]
Guard: Oh, I'm sorry! W-welcome aboard! Well, it's time for the next watch. If you'll excuse me....
[So, after a bit of exploring, we find Cid and Hilda. Time to talk to them.]
Hilda: Firion! I meant to meet you at Kashuan Keep, but things didn't go as planned... I'm sorry. Thank you for coming to rescue me.
Cid: Let's safe the tank yous for later. I'll head for the airship with the princess. You find that engine and toss the Sunfire in, got it? I"m gonna get the airship ready for takeoff, and I don't plan on waiting around long!
[Find the engine, toss Sunfire in]
The Dark Knight reacts to Firion's actions.
(The Dark Knight is none too pleased by this quest. For some reason, Maria thinks he sounds familiar.)

Dark Knight: What have you done? The engine!
Maria: That voice...!
Firion: There's no time, Maria, the ship'll blow up any minute! We have to get to Cid's airship!
[So, we get off the now-Destroyed airship and get dropped off at Altair.]
Guard: It's just terrible. The king's condition has taken a sudden turn for the worse.
[Let's head to the king's chambers....]
King: Gordon... Minwu... and Firion....I have one last request of you... please, listen carefully.... Gordon, you've grown so strong... I want you to lead our army! Do all you can to help Hilda....
Gordon: My Liege... I swear it on my very life.
King: Minwu... you know of the legend... the legend that speaks of an ultimate magic...I'ts been sealed away, and the seal may only be broken when the world stands at the brink of destruction...I believe that time has come. Do you agree?
Minwu: I do. The time to break the seal binding the Ultima Tome is upon us!
King: Firion... I would have you go to Deist, home of the dragoons. I was told that all of the dragoons were slain in an attack by the empire. Yet I refuse to believe there could be no survivors in so noble a group. If we are to stand against the might of the empire, I am convince we will need the dragoons and their wyverns. If you combine your efforts... the day of our victory... will come. This I ask... of each of you! Take care... of Hilda....
Soldiers: Your majesty!
Gordon: We should save our tears for another time. We must carry out the king's last wishes. We each have our duties... let them not go unfulfilled!
[So, well, Altair is not on a port, so we head for Paloom, the nearest port.]
Male Sailor: Heading to Deist, are ye? Can't help ye there. Try someone else.
Female Sailor (Leila): You folks lookin' for passage to Deist, are ye? Well, this be yer lucky day! Just so happens me ship was about to leave for Deist. Be ye wanting a ride?
Maria: Doesn't this seem a little too convenient, Firion?
Firion: Maybe it is, but there aren't any other ships going to Deist. We're just going to have to trust her.
Leila: Me name's Leila! I'll be waitin' outside the city for ye. We'll weigh anchor as soon as you're set to go.
[We set off for Deist, but Leila has other plans.]

The pirates led by Leila surround our heroes.
(Leila has a point. In fact, several points. Eight of them in fact. Nine, if you count hers.)

Leila: Trustin' pirates doesn't say much about the space ye got between yer ears. We'll spare ye yer lives, but your loot be ours now.
[Firion and crew get ready to resist]
What's this? Is it a fight ye be wantin'? Ye really ARE stupid. Get 'em, boys!

[Well, they picked on the wrong party! The pirates are defeated.]

Leila: Enough! I know when I'm beat. Go on, then. Do what you're gonna do an' be done with it.
[What our heroes are going to do is have a small conference, that's what they're going to do.]
Leila: What are ye up to? Ye want to fight the empire TOGETHER!? A bunch of outcasts like us, fightin' right alongside the likes of you… I think I like the sound of that! To yer posts, boys! Whether it be Deist or the bloody edge of the world, we'll get ye there!

[So, Leila joins our heroes' party, and of course now in-game, her ship is under our control. Time to head off to Deist! We enter the castle there, and encounter a child.]

Child: Go away! Don't come any closer!
[He runs off, and so we follow him.]
Child: I'm gonna tell my mom!
[So, he runs off again. We come across him and his mom on the second floor of the castle.]
Child: What's the big idea? You're not the bad guys. I thought the empire had sent its soldiers after us.
Child's mother: I hope my son hasn't caused any trouble. If he has, I do apologize. My husband was a dragoon. The imperial soldiers killed him along with the rest. My son and I are the only two left. In the room behind us is the last surviving wyvern. It seems to be trying to tell us something, but I cannot speak its tongue. If we only had one of the pendants, we would be able to understand it. The cavern of the wyverns lies north of this castle.
[Asked about Dragoons/Wyverns]
Child's mother: The dragoons fought valiantly, but the empire knows no honor. They poisoned the wyverns' water. The wyverns writhed in agony until at last their breathing stopped. With the wyverns dead, the dragoons were picked off one by one by the empire….

[So, um, let's go try asking the wyvern anyway.]
Wyvern: Sssss… Yraaaa….

[That didn't get us anywhere. Let's go find that pendant! Some adventuring later, we find the pendant and return to the castle to speak to the wyvern.]
Firion: We seek your aid in destroying the empire, our common foe. Will you help us?
Wyvern: The empire's poison already courses through my veins. I will not escape the fate that befell my brood.
[Asked about wyverns]
Wyvern: I have one last request to make of you. Take this egg to the cavern north of here and submerge it in the Life Spring. It is the last remaining wyvern egg. If it is not submerged in the lifespring soon, it will wither and die.
[So, um, now we go and see if we can wring more information out of the child's mother.]
Child's mother: I've heard that the lowermost regions of the cavern hold the Life Spring, the place the wyverns used as a hatchery.
Child: The wyvern's right in there. It's sound asleep right now. My mom says it's going to die soon, but that's not true, is it?

[Well, we're going to avoid that question at the moment, and go and put the egg in the spring. We come back.]

Child's mother: The last wyvern is dead. But the egg you placed in the spring remains. Someday it will hatch, and the wyvern will spread its great wings and soar through the sky for the rebels. The wyverns can't thank you for what you've done, so allow me to do so in their place. We are... grateful.... (sob)
Child: The wyvern... it's dead....

[That was awkward. Let's head back to Altair and talk to Gordon and Hilda.]

Gordon: Hilda's been acting very strange lately. I try to speak with her, and all she does is laugh. Could the king's death have disturbed her so deeply? I just don't know what I can do to help her. Would you try speaking to her for me?

[So, let's go see what's going on.]

Hilda is acting weird.
(Gulp! Firion doesn't know how to react to this.)

Hilda: Firion... there is something I would like to discuss with you.
[Everybody has a quick, silent discussion while Hilda's back is turned.]
Maria: We'll be waiting outside.
[And... everybody leaves. Except Firion. And Hilda. Who's moving to her bed.]
Hilda: Come to me, Firion.
Firion: Your highness....
Hilda: Why are you just standing there? I don't enjoy being teased.
Firion: Um....
Hilda: Now you're mine, Firion!
[Hilda transforms into a snake monster. A lamia of some kind, to be exact.]
Firion: What have you done with the Princess!?
Leila: Not so fast, ye scurvy snake!
Firion: Leila, how much of that did you see?
Leila: Enough to know that ye shouldn't be lettin' yer guard down among fetching young ladies, I'd say.
Guy: Where real princess?

[Well, here comes someone to tell us exactly that! And a certain Prince hot on his heels!]

Guard: I've terrible news! We've just heard a tournament is being held in Palamecia... and Princess Hilda is the prize!
Gordon: I'm coming with you. I... I want to help you rescue Hilda.
Leila: Don't worry. I know just how ye feel, Cap'n. Me an' me boys'll manage yer army. I run a tight ship. No need to fret over us.
[We wander about and chat with a guard or two]
Guard in King's Bedroom: The princess... an impostor? I wonder how long that was going on....
Guard in Throne Room: It sounds like the Emperor himself will attend the tournament. This will be our chance to defeat him.
[And sometimes just asking random people helps]
Sailor: Goin' to the tournament? The coliseum be sounth of Kashuan, at the eastern edge of the Palamecian Desert. Ye'd better watch yeself.

[Nobody worries about leaving a sea pirate in charge of the rebel army, and instead everybody and Gordon head off to Palamecia on Leila's ship. Apparently Firion and co have learned how to sail. After a few random encounters, we get to Palamecia stadium and enter the tourney.]

The emperor opens the tournament.
(We'll soon find out who the Emperor means by 'victor'.)

Emperor: May you fight well this day! To the victor goes Hilda, princess of Fynn!
[So, we have a quick fight with a monster, and back to the Emperor.]
Emperor: Nobly fought! Now let's give you your just reward!
[As the text notes: "(Now is your chance to slay the Emperor!)", so we go to do so.]
Emperor: Here is your reward. A reward befitting rebels, Firion!

[So much for slaying the Emperor/rescuing the real Hilda! I guess all of our adventuring has made us a bit infamous with the Empire.]

Dark Knight: Hmph. Throw them in a cell.

[And so they do. Firion and co wake up in a lovely Empire jail cell. But wait! There's a noise, and then....]

Paul: Lights out!
[Okay, -1 Captain. Paul unlocks our cell.]
Paul: This is for rescuing me from the mines. I pay my debts. Now get out of here before they catch you!

[Wise words. But we still have a princess to rescue, and after some adventuring, we find her. We think she's the real one this time, and open the gate.]

Firion: Princess Hilda! Hold on, we'll get you out of there!
Gordon: Hilda, are you all right?
Hilda: Gordon? I never thought to see you here....
Firion: Gordon, take the princess and go. We'll draw the guards' attention while you escape.
Gordon: Thank you, Firion. Be careful.

[So, they get out of there, and so do we. And... heading back to Altair! Except there's a soldier standing just at the entrance....]

Soldier: The rebel army has arisen! Our first move will be to retake Castle Fynn. Prince Gordon and Princess Hilda have set pitched camp near Fynn. You should head there immediately to lend your strength to the cause.

[Well, that's not a bad idea. We heal up and head towards the camp. Amazingly, leaving the army in Leila's charge seems to have done some good.]

Hilda: Firion! Maria! Guy! I owe you my life. It would appear you also deserve credit for destroying the Dreadnought. I don't know how I can ever thank you enough.
[If you ask her "Wild Rose", this is how she responds.]
Hilda: Do not fear. I am the true princess. What's this? I could swear you were blushing.
Gordon: You're to be the heart of our attack. While we hold the bulk of the imperial forces at bay, you'll slip in and kill the castellan.
Soldier #1: We've breached the castle gates! The enemy is in disarray. Now is our chance.
Soldier #2: We're taking back the castle!

[There's not much left to do except head the way of Castle Fynn. Well, at least a familiar face is waiting for us at the stairs.]

Leila: Ye don't want to be hacking yer way deep into enemy territory without me!

[She rejoins our party, and we go and have fun securing Castle Fynn for Hilda and Gordon.]

Hilda: It's so good to finally be back. This would have never been possible had we not worked together. I thank you all. But one thing troubles me. Minwu left for Mysidia, but we haven't heard from him since. It pains me so soon to ask this of you so soon after winning back our castle... would you go to Mysidia?
[So, of course, we ask her about Mysidia.]
Hilda: Mysidia is a land of mages. Without the aid of their magic, defeating the Emperor will not be easy. I've heard that a spell, sometimes referred to as the ultimate magic, lies in the Mysidian Tower. Obtaining it requires two masks. The white mask lies beneath this very castle. You must speak an incantation to open the door that leads below. Forgive me, I'm afraid I don't know the door's location.
[It would really help if we knew the darn incantation, so we ask her about masks.]
Hilda: The words Ekmet Teloess have been passed down from antiquity.
[Okay, that helps, so we go talk to Gordon.]
Gordon: We could never have taken Castle Fynn without your help. But there is one problem. Minwu hasn't come back. Would you go to Mystida to find out what's happened to him? The Mysidian Tower is rumored to hold the Ultima Tome, a text containing the ultimate magic.
[We ask him about various things.]
Gordon: With his Majesty gone, nobody knows this castle better than Hilda. If she doesn't know... Paul just might. He is always calling himself the greatest crook in the world, after all.

[We know a hint when we hear one. Going off to see Paul! And checking out what random people have to say.]

The residents of Fynn are happy to be home.
(Not everybody in the game gets a portrait like Firion and the others do. But they're thankful for Our Heroes anyway.)

Person 1: We would never have recaptured Fynn without you. Thanks!
Person 2: Being able to live here again is a dream come true.
Person 3: I never thought I'd be able to come back to Fynn in my lifetime.

[Okay, now off to visit Paul.]

Paul: Firion, you old devil! How've you been? If you need to know about secret doors in Castle Fynn, I'm your man. I don't suppose you could tell me what's inside this secret chamber... just curious. A white mask? That doesn't sound particularly valuable. Nope, not interested. So I guess I'll tell you where the door is. Look in the far corner of the audience room, to the right of the throne. So, you're... collectors, too. Just what do you need a mask like that for, anyway?

[Um. Well. Let's just go off and get it now that Paul's told us the secret entrance, before he wanders off with what we need. We go through a few levels and pick up the mask, returning to the throne room to see if Hilda and Gordon have anything to say.]

Hilda: Take the mask with you to Mysidia. The mages there should know more about its purpose.
Gordon: The empire has been silent of late. But I have no doubt that the Emperor is hatching his new plot even as we speak. You must find the Ultima Tome as soon as possible.

[So, we head off to Mysidia to do something with the white mask.]

Mage 1: This is Mysidia, kingdom of mages. You've certainly come a long way to be here.
Mage 2: Three artifacts protect the seal on the tower.
Mage 3: A statue of a godess is enshrined beneath the city. She watches over the Crystal Rods.
Mage 4: Some time ago, a wizard named Minwu passed through town on the way to the tower. You'd best hurry after him.
Mage 5: So you want to break the seal on the tower? Yes, I agree this is the time... we will do nothing to stop you. You must first collect two masks, then travel to a cave you will find somewhere on this continent. Within you should find a crystal rod, an artifact you will need if you are to enter the tower.
Mage 6: A very small island in the middle of the sea. There you will find the black mask, the white mask's counterpart.

[Well, while we're here, we wander into the town library. Always useful! We 'ask' it various terms.]

On Mythril: Mythril is a strong, easily processed metal. Highly responsive to magic, it forms the basis of magical armaments.
On Airship: Recent technological advances have produced the airship. Should these technical arts proliferate, they could drive magic from the world.
On Sunfire: In a time before the world knew castles or kingdoms, a star fell to the land now called Kashuan. A man gathered flame from the star and built an altar to enshrine it.
On the Goddess' Bell: Once, long ago, a king ordered the making of an indestructable lock and key. The first was forged from friendship, the second from love, and the third from wonder. The sets forged from friendship and love were soon broken, but the third was forged from the wonder of a single pure note, and it held fast. That key was the Goddess' Bell. So pleased was the king, that he hid the bell away in a cavern of snow, where it rests to this day.
On Dragoons: The island of Deist was the ancestral home of the Wyverns. A knight named Haan visited the island, and over a period of thirty years, cultivated a bond with the Wyverns. Haan later became the first dragoon.
On Wyverns: A close relative of the dragons, the wyvern is a beast trained to serve as the airborne mount of the dragoons. Though smaller than a dragon, the wyvern's strength allows it to carry four to five people into the air.
On Mysidia: Fearing that the tremendous power they wielded might lead the world to destruction, the mages of old founded a settlement in Mysidia and dwelt there in seclusion.
On the Ultima Tome: In ages past, Pandaemonium, the palace of the lord of hell, emerged onto our land. The mages of old wove a spell of fearsome power and banished Pandaemonium, adverting the crisis. However, the mages feared that the spell was so powerful, that it could throw the world into chaos. So they constructed a great tower and sealed within it the tome with the spell's secrets.
On Masks: Make of the white mask a offering to the goddess below Mysidia. If thou art pure of heart, the doppelganger will cease to move. Fit then the black mask upon him, and both he and his defiled heart will fade.

[That's enough asking the library things. Based on everything, we should go and find the other mask on this island. Of course, we're not expecting there to be a village there, with a villager who gives hints as to where to find the mask.]

Villager talks to Firion.
(Nice background, horrendous dialogue. The guy in the green mask is a merchant, believe it or not.)

Villager: Black Mask our treasure. We keepy at bottom of cave. You keepy hands off! You no findy, you no takey. Kekekeke!

[Well, um, we need that mask, so we go find it and take it with us. Back to Mysidia, where we go and place the white mask on the statue ('make of the white mask an offering'), and then head off to the cave, where we find the doppelganger. He gets a black mask, fades out, and we chase down the crystal rod we need. After taking a break at Mysidia, we head off to go catch up with Minwu. But instead of being able to land straight at the tower, we're swallowed by a whale. As one guide puts it, welcome to Leviathan!]

Firion: Where are we? Leila? Leila's missing!

[Well, that's not good news. We wander through the place - it's pretty straightforward - and run across a bunch of people who also got swallowed.]

Man 1: We're inside Leviathan's stomach....
Man 2: Leviathan swallowed us all.

[There's a man blocking our way, so of course we talk to him.]

Man in armor: New arrivals, eh? So, who are you?
[We show him our crystal rod instead of introducing ourselves. So polite, we are.]
Man in armor: So you guys were after the Ultima Tome too, when you got swallowed up. Well, since we're after the same thing, we might as well team up. There's a boat up ahead, but there's also a tough monster standing in the way. Who knows? Together, we might be able to take it down.

[The man in armor, Ricard, joins our merry little band. And so we talk to more people.]

Woman 1: Right when Leviathan opens its mouth, there's a second we could escape, but there's just too many monsters.
Man 3: We were swallowed whole!
Sailor: This is just great, isn't it? Are we supposed to live out the rest of our lives here?
Woman 2: None of this ever would have happened to us if it weren't for the old man and his stupid crystal rod!
Guard: Ten years I've been living here. There's no way out, I'm sure of it. The sooner you give up and accept it, the easier it'll be for you.
Old man: Levithan is the beast that protects the seal of the tower. It looks like it swallows up anybody with a crystal rod. See? I've got a crystal rod right here!

[Well, that's enough talking. After some adventure, we run across the monster blocking our escape.]

Ricard: Here it is, a roundworm! Make it past this thing and we can get the hell out of here on this boat!

[We go and defeat the monster, get on the boat, and head to the tower. Many many floors later, we find Minwu.]

Minwu greets the others at the tenth level of the tower.

Minwu: I've been waiting for you, Firion. Though I've managed to reach the seal, the magic binding it seems to be extremely strong. I will concentrate every bit of power I have on the door. If it is enough, the seal should shatter. Everyone, stand back.

[Minwu breaks the seal, and collapses.]

Maria: Minwu!
Minwu: Go... through the door. You must... take Ultima. Do not grieve... this... this was my destiny.
Firion: Minwu!

[Minwu dies. Everybody grieves, because of course this is Minwu. Of course, the show must go on, so they get Ultima, leave the tower, and head... well, not back, because Firion and co decide to do something rather nice for Ricard and head back to Deist, even though we don't need to in order to win the game.]

Elina (child's mom): Ricard! You're alive!
Ricard: Elina! Where are Phillip and the others? Have they really all been killed?
Elina: They have... after you left, we lost the wyverns... and then it was just a matter of time...
Ricard: Elina, I want you to be strong. I'm here. And when the fighting is over, I'll come back. You and Kain look after Deist for me until then!
Kain (child): Are you really a dragoon?
Ricard: I am. The last dragoon. Your father was a good friend. I plan to get revenge enough for him and everyone else. Once the Emperor's dead, I'll be back. And once I am, I'll raise you... I'll raise you to be a fine dragoon.
Kain: Okay, I guess. All I know is, I want you to get that Emperor!

[Well, that was a nice reunion. Now back to Fynn, where not only Hilda and Gordon are waiting for us, but Leila is too.]

Leila: When the storm kicked up and the ship went down, I got seperated from ye. I thought ye were dead for sure. It's nice to be wrong now and again!
Hilda: The Emperor's foul magic can control even the winds. Poft, Paloom, Altair, Gatrea... all were destroyed one after the other. The Emperor himself is controlling the cyclone, I'm sure of it.
Gordon: The ultimate magic is in our hands, but what good will it do us? The cyclone will kill us before we even get the chance to use it. Unless we sprout wings and learn to fly, I don't see how we can get into that cyclone.

The Wyvern comes for the group.
(This is the wyvern from the egg we placed in the springs at Deist.)

[Luckily for us, we don't have wings, but we know something that does. Using a piece of dialogue that I unfortunately didn't get a screenshot of, we go up to a very big mirror and use the pendant to call the wyvern. And then we go to visit Paul and listen to his words of wisdom.]

Paul: Even an army of you couldn't help us this time. You're planning on going INTO that thing? You do realize you're quite mad.... Tell you what. I've been stashing some things away, and I want you to have 'em. Try feeling the wall beside my bed!

[So, we do so and score some useful things, and then go back to the castle. We could just go visit the newest dungeon, but let's stop to see Hilda and Gordon.]

Hilda: It seems you've a wyvern once more. A bit young, perhaps... I hope those small wings can withstand the power of the cyclone.
Gordon: They say that the winds of the most violent cyclone are a bit weaker towards the center.

[Now it's time to go off. And despite Hilda's worries, the wyvern drops us off perfectly well into the Emperor's castle. We battle our way through and then get to the Emperor.]

The Emperor: So, you've revived the wyverns and now... here you are. Yet still you are mere insects, unworthy even of being crushed under my foot.
[So... he tosses some enemies at us, we beat them.]
The Emperor: So you've some ability after all. Let's see how you handle this.
[And more enemies!]
The Emperor: Quite extraordinary, really. It would appear I've sorely underestimated you. You should consider what I'm about to do a great honor... I'm going to kill you personally!
[Well, he tries. But we kill him instead.]
The Emperor: No! I cannot die!

[He's dead. Let's go back to Fynn to celebrate!]

Hilda: Through your efforts, we've finally defeated the Emperor. Thank you. The world was bound in darkness, but the light of peace shines once more. Firion, Maria, Guy, Ricard... what more could we ask of you? The tales of your bravery will be handed down for generations. Now, let us celebrate. Many have come hoping to catch a glimpse of the heroes who brought down the Emperor. I wouldn't want to disappoint them....

[So, there's a little cut scene of Gordon, Hilda, Firion, and Maria, with a few other couples, dancing. Leila watches. But suddenly, the dance is interrupted.]

Inside the throne room, a soldier announces some terrible news.
(A soldier brings some bad news. Note who he's addressing.)

Soldier: My ladies, my lords. The Dark Knight, Leon, has declared himself Emperor! He's reorganized... the Palamecian Empire. He'll send troops. He'll slaughter... us all.... Unnngh....

[The soldier dies, and we go to a scene where we're talking to Hilda and Gordon again.]

Leila: The Dark Knight went and claimed the throne fer 'imself.
Hilda: Leon? The Dark Knight? But I thought he was your friend. Your... brother.
[That's quite an assumption on Hilda's part that it's Maria's missing brother. But we'll let it slide.]
Maria: I'll go to him. I'll make him understand... he must be acting under the spell of the Emperor. I know it!
Hilda: If he's ascended the Emperor's throne, there's only one place he can be: Palamecia. Castle Palamecia is a fortress situated high in the mountains. It cannot be approached on foot.
Gordon: Leon, the Dark Knight... do you really think you can fight Maria's brother?
Firion: This is our battle. You have to let us finish it.
Gordon: I had a feeling you'd say that. Just make sure you come back.
[Asking him about Palamecia gives us a clue]
It's an impregnable fortress. Luckily, Paul doesn't know the meaning of the word. I've heard him bragging about breaking in.
[So, let's ask Leila about Palamecia.]
Leila: Paul's alway braggin' about how he broke into that place. He'll talk yer ear off about it if you give him 'alf a chance. Less than 'alf, actually.

[So, let's go see Paul, since everybody thinks we should talk to him.]

Paul: Just when we get the Emperor out of our hair... the Dark Knight has to louse things up again.
[Well, we don't get a chance to ask him about how to get to Palamecia. Hey, Cid's in the house! Maybe he knows.]
Cid: That cyclone really did a... number on me back in Paloom. Oooh! My body isn't taking too kindly to moving around.
Guy: Cid okay?
Cid: I'm a mess is... what I am. But my airship got through without a scratch. I wanna... lend it... to you. That's LEND, you hear? I'll be wantin' it... back. Take good care... of her....
Firion: Cid? Cid, no! Hold on!
[Cid dies on us, despite Firion being a perfectly good White Mage/healer, because the plot demands it. So, we go back to Paul to commisserate.]
Paul: That was Cid's dying wish, you know. He knew he was dying, and he was ready. He'd planned on giving you the airship when the time came. He loved that ship with all his heart... and he entrusted it to you. Think about that.
[Actually we won't, because we're too busy finding out about Paul's exploits in Palamecia instead.]
Paul: The time I snuck into the castle, I used a kite to land on the roof. The only way in is from the sky. The sky! If there was ever a time to use Cid's final gift to you, I'd say now is the time, wouldn't you?

[So, we take Paul's advice and get into the castle via airship. After doing a lot of fighting, we make it to the throne room. And, unfortunately, the Leon in question is Maria's brother.]

Leon addresses the party.
(At this point in the game, Maria had twice her brother's hit points and forty times his magic points.)

Leon: I expected you'd come, Firion! Do you really think you can kill me?
Maria: Stop! Both of you! Why do you insist on fighting, Leon?
Leon: Weak words, from the weak. Do you know what rules the world? Power! Sheer power! The imperial throne is mine! The weak cannot survive without the strong to control them! How many lives did the rebels throw away when they chose to oppose the empire?
[You'd think we were heading for a boss fight, the way things are going. Of course, a surprise visitor shows up.]
The Emperor: Delusions of grandeur do not become you, Leon. Though I find the thought of you as Emperor deliciously absurd, it ends now. The world can have but one Emperor, and I am he!
Leon: You're alive! What are you? Not that it matters. The empire is mine now, and I have no intention of handing it over.
The Emperor: The empire? Ha! I have no need of such trifles now. All the world shall fall by my hand and the power I gained in hell. And your blood will be the first to spill!
Ricard: Call the wyvern! You can use it to escape!
Firion: Ricard, what are you doing?!?
Ricard: You may have a little trouble spilling the blood of Ricard Highwind, last of the Dragoons!
The Emperor: Pathetic insect! I will enjoy making you rue those words!
Ricard: May the spirits of the dragoons lend me strength.
Maria: Ricard!

[Well, the wyvern comes and scoops up everybody except Ricard and the Emperor, and we return to Castle Fynn, but not before seeing a strange castle rise up in the ruins of Castle Palamecia.]

Hilda: Firion! What's happened? You! You're the Dark Knight! You'd best start explaining.
Firion: The Emperor has risen from Hell....
Maria: Ricard... Ricard died so we could escape. Josef... Minwu... Cid... Ricard... all dead... I don't know how much more I can take.
Leon: While the Emperor lives, more will die.
Firion: Leon... Princess... let Leon join us. Please....
Hilda: The Dark Knight! A rebel? ...I leave the decision to you.
Maria: Leon! Let's fight the Emperor together! Please!
Leon: Maria... Firion... Alright.

[So, Leon joins the party. Now, we should be getting our marching orders, but we decide to strengthen Leon, check out a few places, and get ready to engage the Emperor. First, to Deist.]

Elina: Ricard's gone too, then. He was... he was a noble dragoon. I'm sure he was... pleased that he could d-die in the name of... honor....
Kain: What happened to that dragoon man? He's coming back, right?

[And then to Mysidia, since we need to pick up a spell or two for Leon.]

Mage 1: So Minwu is dead... he was a man who understood well his destiny. I pray that he may rest in peace.
Mage 2: The Jade Passage appears with the coming of the devils....

[Now back to Fynn, to find out where we need to go.]

The "learn" screen.
(This is us learning the keyword "Jade Passage". As you can see, we've learned a few keywords over the game.)

Hilda: Once, the monsters of Hell poured forth into the world. They entered using a path known as the Jade Passage. I've heard that there is a place in Mysidia known by that name.
Gordon: The castle that appeared at the time of the Emperor's resurrection... It can only be Pandaemonium, the fortress of the lord of Hell.
[Ask Gordon about the Jade Passage]
The myths and fairytales of Kashuan speak of a small lake in Mysidia. It's said that those who enter the lake are taken to Hell.
Leila: The Emperor's sold his soul to the Devil.
[Ask Leila about the Jade Passage]
Leila: There's a narrow strait to the east of Mysidia. That whole area is the Jade Sea.

[And a side trip to see if Paul has anything useful to say.]

Paul: Alright, this time you're going to Hell?! You must be the stupidest sons of Plook, just promise me that you'll come back safe.

[After that inspiring piece of dialogue, we consult the world map, and we have a pretty good idea of where the Jade Passage is, so we head that way. We find it with ease, and then go through the Jade Passage and enter Pandaemonium.]

Firion: This is the castle of the Lord of Hell, Pandaemonium!

[Thank you for that, Firion. We battle through quite a few levels until we reach the throne room and the Emperor, who now looks like a monster.]

The emperor makes his death speech.
(The Emperor kindly dies for us.)

Emperor: You have braved the bowels of Hell to reach me. But the hand of man, who deals in false justice and forsaken love, can never hope to defeat the lord master of Hell!

[Well, after a fight, the party wins against the Emperor.]

Emperor: Unbelievable. Defeated by insects like you... not once, but twice! Who... are... you? Ungaahhhh!

[He dies. Hopefully for real this time.]

Firion: It's done. Now let's get out of here!

[So, the party does, and heads back to Fynn.]

Hilda: It's finally over, isn't it. It was a long struggle... but with the Emperor gone we have nothing to fear. Thank you. With all my heart, I thank you.
Gordon: With the combined strength of Kashuan and Fynn, we will build the kingdom anew. Together, Princess, we will build a kingdom even fairer than the old. Though once a coward, I stand here a new man. I have all of you to thank for that. You have my deepest gratitude. I'm sure Scott is smiling down on me from above.
[Now, it's time for various and sundry minor characters to add things.]
Paul: Look at you. Do you realize what you've done? Who am I supposed to steal from with the Empire gone? You've put me out of a job! I guess I'll have to start stealing from you. Better watch your backs!
Leila: Ye sure showed 'em, Firion! You're every bit the bloke I pegged ye for! If ye ever feel like trying yer hand at piratin'... what, that not sit well with ye, Maria? Haha... looks like your next battle's already begun, Firion!
Nelly: You did it! I'm sure my dad's happy for you too, up above the clouds. I'm going to be working here, serving the Princess. I just wanna do whatever I can to help out!
[A ghostly image of Josef appears for a second.]
Firion: Josef?
[And now back to Hilda.]
Hilda: We must now dedicate ourselves to restoring what was lost. Farewell. Words cannot express my gratitude to you all.
[And finally, the party is alone.]
Guy: War finally over!
Firion: Yes.
Maria: We can live in peace forever. Together.
Firion: ...
Maria: Right, Leon?
Leon: For us, there can be no going back.
Maria: But... why? Don't go! Firion, stop him!
Firion: Maria... Leon is right. We've been through too much. I can't stop him, not now. Leon! We will meet again.
[Leon leaves. In front of the three original party members, four ghostly figures appear: Cid, Minwu, Ricard, and Josef. They fade again after a second.]
Firion: Well, we should be going, too. This is only the beginning!

The ghosts appear before the party.

[Ending narration, over a variety of scenes: the entrance to the Jade Passage, a peaceful Fynn, and an airship flying by.]
Their long struggle was finally at an end. The Emperor, Pandaemonium... the monsters plaguing the world... all had vanished without a trace. Peace had returned once more. The wounds of the war would mend, and the wounds of those bitter days would fade. But one thing would never be forgotten... that a band of young heroes had once saved the world.