Power Rangers Time Force

30th Century Blues: Jen’s teammates won’t let her stay depressed.
Complete / Standalone / Gen / Warnings: None / Note: Cowrite with TpTigger
Characters: Jen Scotts, Team
Words: 1877

Alex's Gift: The family might be together again, if Alex is willing to give up something important to him.
Complete / Series: Moving On / Het / Warnings: AU
Characters: Alex (Pullings), Colleen Scotts, Wes Collins / Wes Collins/Jen Scotts
Words: 13917

Different Assignments, Same Idea: A new, illicit drug is being sold in Silver Hills. Darien Lambert is on the trail, but Trip is drawn into the investigation. Does the drug have anything to do with Ransik, or is it the work of one of Darien's fugitives?
Abandoned / Standalone / Gen / Warnings: None / Note: Crossover
Characters: Darien Lambert, Trip Regis
Words: 1692

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