Kamen Rider W/Double

Hidari Shoutarou and partner Philip seek to save the city of Fuuto from Dopants, humans who can change through devices called Gaia Memories.

Bonded Automatons and Zombies: Sometimes Shoutarou wishes he wasn't bonded to Philip.
Complete / Standalone / Gen / Warnings: None
Characters: Hidari Shoutarou, Philip
Words: 694

In the End the Wild Card Comes: In the face of Raito's fate, Shroud thinks about his partner.
Complete / Standalone / Gen / Warnings: Late series spoilers
Characters: Shroud
Words: 404

A Little More Out of the Ordinary: Shoutarou wakes up one morning as Mick.
Complete / Standalone / Gen / Warnings: Minor end-of-series spoilers
Characters: Hidari Shoutarou, Philip
Words: 1063